Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Twins Turn NINE!!

On June 20th, Sadie and Rylie turned 9 years old.. their last birthday before double digits!! Wahhhh!! Jen prepared a beautiful birthday brunch and we all met up to celebrate!!

Everything was so delightful and delicious, as it always is!! 

Mr. Billy says I like taking pictures of people with food in their mouth.. maybe he has a point. Hahaa!!

6 month old Baby Adam!!

We all gathered around and told the twins our favorite things about them.. and then it was time for presents!!

Unbelievably, my camera quit working right in the middle of the celebration!!  I was only able to get a few more pictures from the party..  SO SAD!!  But this was definitely the hit present at the party - a  karaoke machine!!

We love you, you little girls!!  You were our first babies in the family and I cried and cried that I was on my honeymoon when you were born..  but I haven't missed a birthday since!! :))  

Happy birthday, girls, from the last 9 years!!

Hahaa, and here is an extra birthday shot of one cute little boy!!
Happy Birthday to our favorite twins!!  Rylie, you are the oldest - kind, helpful, and tender.  Sadie, you are funny, loving, and although second in birth order,  just as sweet and thoughtful as your sister.  We have loved watching both of you grow up and enjoy having our kids spend their childhoods with you.  You are both so wonderful and caring, girly but tough, lovers of Jesus and family and sleepovers with buttermilk pancakes. May each year bring you closer to Him and closer to each other.  What a gift we have been given in you both!!  Happy 9th Birthday!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy 2 Months, Baby Rhett!!

I am so sad to say that my camera would not work for the first 2 months that Rhett was home. Waaah!!  I told Wade that I'm going to have to have a good camera for the rest of my life, because it killed me to not be taking pictures!!  Here are a few shots I was able to get before my camera would quit working again.. ((And YES!!  Wadie ordered a new lens and I got back to clicking away as soon as I could!!))

Here is Baby Rhett's first bath!!  All of the kids climbed on the counters around us and helped. They just loved that he was naked in the wittle bitty baby tub.. it was the cutest thing!!

We celebrated Malachi's 2nd birthday when Rhett was just a few weeks old!!

We had doughnuts and coffee at 9:30 AM and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  I have to hand it to you, Shanny, that morning birthday party worked SO WELL.  Samuel thinks so, too. ;)

Hahaa, while attempting to work on my camera, I accidentally caught this cute little face!!  I just want to kiss it!!!

Here are a few pictures I got off of my phone:

My first time to catch his smile!!

Burrito baby!!

 At 3 weeks old, we took Rhett on his first trip to Toledo Bend!!  Even the plants were excited about his arrival, just look at those blooms!!

That pool life!!

 Hezzy brought these paint-by-sticker books and the kids LOVED them!!  Such a neat idea!!

I just love his chubby little sleeping face!!

Celebrating life with a little homemade apple pie. :))

I walked into Van's room one day to find this: Baby Rhett surrounded by his attentive siblings as Savannah read aloud and lullabies played on the iPad!!  Ha!!  I love these babies!!

I have the most precious video of Grant singing, "Got to sleeeeeep. Go to sleeeeep. Go to sleep, Baby Rheeeett...." so quietly and sweetly!!  They all just adore their littlest brother!!

 I had to laugh because this is what Rhett did as Andrew yelled, Savannah sang, somebody played the keyboard, and someone else raced their trucks around the room!!  Hahaa, he is used to our little circus already!!

After he and his sister learned to correctly unload a full dishwasher, Andrew is now learning how to wash dishes!!  Having older kids is SO GREAT, y'all!!!  Hahaa!!

The cutest little Salukis fan!! Grammie's Alma Mater - Southern Illinois University!!

Hahaha, this baby can sleep wherever and however he lands!!

First time to bring Baby Rhett to church at 6 weeks old!!

 What other man could take on graduate school while working a full-time job and coming home to a full-time family of seven??  Only my Wadie!!  So, so proud of my Rajun Cajun honey as he works on his MBA!!

And thanks to incredible grandparents, Vannie's room got an amazing upgrade!!

 Wade worked so hard to make Rhett truly smile for the first time... and he did it!!!  Just look at that sweet face!!

These morning snuggles are some of my most treasured times.. no rushing to catch a school bus.  No racing out the door to make it to work on time.  Just bed heads, sleepy smiles, and warm, cuddly bodies.  I'm going to miss these days where we all pile in together and quietly talk about what we dreamed about or what we should do today..

Because those slow mornings turn into non-stop, full-action afternoons, ha!!

My mom came over to watch the kids while I brought Rhett in for his 2 month check up and took these sweet pictures!!

Love my little NICU baby!!

Andrew came with me to help and took this at the doctor's office!!

And since Wade has the greatest job ever now, he was able to come meet us!!
Praise Jesus, we got such a good report  (can't remember any of his stats, how sad is that?!  Poor baby #5!!) and we celebrated with a trip to Marshalls!! Happy 2 months to you, Baby Rhett!!  You've made us all oh, so happy!!

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