Tuesday, December 12, 2017

An Afternoon with Samuel

We took school outside the minute the first cool snap came blowing through town!!  There is nothing like carrying your books and blankets outdoors and spending the day out in the fresh air and sunshine!!

Andrew is just a little whiz in math and it is the neatest thing to watch.  He is technically in first grade, but is already about 20 pages into his second grade math workbook!! I love that he is able to grow and progress at his own pace.  It's one of the best things about homeschooling!!  There's no moving on without understanding or waiting around once you've mastered the content.. it's such a natural and organic process and makes so much sense to me!!

One day, all the big kids were at my moms and Samuel and Rhett were home alone with me for the day.  While Rhett napped, I decided to do something fun with my little Mawmaw. We don't get much one-on-one time, so this was a sweet treat for us!!

I got out the paint and cookie cutters and Samuel went to town.

Samuel has been my most mischievous little man.  From standing in the wagon in the road getting the mail, to putting the running hose into Wade's lawnmower gas tank, to bringing my car keys to the backyard ditch, he is a nonstop handful, ha!!  When I talk to older moms or read blogs with older kids, they all share how so many of these rambunctious, adventuresome qualities can be sharpened into traits that we admire and desire for our sons.  I've taken hope that, one day, these traits will be virtues. He is strong, determined, innovative, and resourceful.  He is wild and wiry, tender and wonderful.  And while his curiosity and playful spirit can get him into trouble, I pray that he forever keeps both, using them to glorify God and draw others to Him.

A little man in the making.  Very much a little boy in this moment.. a boy that throws footballs in the house, writes on the walls, and stomps bugs that come inside.. but, I pray, a man of quality and character in the making.

At first, Samuel used the cookie cutters the way they were designed.. but quickly flipped them over to use the thicker side to make a more solid design.  I was so impressed!!

While I cleaned up the paint, I told Samuel to go jump in the bath.  A few minutes later, I walked in to see this:

Samuel had filled the entire tub with water and dumped out a bottle of bubbles.  He doesn't do anything halfway, that's for sure. Hahaa!!

He laughed and laughed at being able to blow bubbles in his Santa beard!
Oh, how I love you, my little Samuel Wade.  Your request after bath time every night for, "Rock me, mama, wagon wheel" alwaaaays makes me stop and smile.  As rushed as we may be, I simply have to scoop you up and sing a few lines while I sway you back and forth.  You love it and I love it and my heart once again thanks God for you. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Squirrel Hunting

On the last Saturday morning of October, Wade and Andrew went squirrel hunting with Alan.  They left while it was still dark outside and got home right around breakfast time.  Our three mighty hunters came home with three big squirrels and Andrew could not have been more excited!!

He was holding and petting and showing off those squirrels like they were pets, haha!!

So proud to provide meat for our family!!  Hahaa!!


I spy 3 dead squirrels, 2 adorable hunters, and 1 fall deck!! Oh, I just love this time of year!!

While the boys cleaned up from their hunt, I made bacon, eggs, and biscuits.. with hot chocolate to drink!!

Thank you, Hezzy Hez, for my new most favorite biscuit recipe!! 

Jelly mouth!!

That night, we dipped our leftover biscuits into Wadie's Squirrel and Sausage Stew.  Only Wade could make that look appetizing, ha!!  I hate to admit it, but it really was so good.
That squirrel-hunting, homemade-biscuits, fall-day all-day life, though.  It's my favorite!!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Library Grand Opening

As the fall ball season progressed, Andrew was getting more and more comfortable on the field - hitting off of the pitching machine and even working as third baseman occasionally!!

During one of his very last games, Andrew caught a line drive hit IN THE AIR!!  He just reached his little glove up and out and smack!! It was a solid catch, the third out was called, and even the opposing team clapped and cheered for Andrew with us as the teams ran off the field!!  IT WAS AMAZING AND WE WERE SO PROUD!!!!!

Way to go, our little Blue Jay boy!!

Three days later, the Sharbonos and Grammie met us at the library for its GRAND OPENING!!!

The cutest little nurse I ever did see was able to leave work early and come meet us, too!! Yaaayyy!!

Mrs. Pam, our storytime teacher for the past 8 years and manager of the new library, asked our kids to help open the ceremony by saying the pledge!!

We had lots of little supporters come and watch, too!! 

Starting the official opening..

..and our little children said the pledge!! So, so cute!!

As soon as the kids were finished, we went out into the general area.. and since it was Casey's birthday, we HAD to sing Happy Birthday!!  Out loud.  In front of everyone.  Hahaha!!

Thank you for coming, Caseyyyyy!! It was so good to have you and the girls there!!

We loaded up with as many books as we could carry out of there and headed home.  I'm not sure what I got busy doing, but I happened to look out the window and had to stop and get my camera..

With a wagon full of books, a sister who reads like the wind, and a captive audience, these five spent an afternoon sitting in the front yard taking in all sorts of new and wonderful stories.
I love that this was on a random Tuesday afternoon.  I love that our days are not marked by school bus schedules or car lines or homework.  Instead, they are filled with library trips, ball games, and slow afternoons of reading on blankets in the front yard.  This is such a rich and fulfilling life and I am humbled. Thank You, precious Father!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Meggie's Visit!!

In October, our favorite Mackey girls drove down to spend the day with Shan and me and our families!! Get togethers happen as often as we can and they are always so refreshing and encouraging.. the hours slip by so quickly, full of laughing and lounging and life talks.

Savannah is always so excited to see her little friend, Emory!! They get along like besties!!

Megan is precious and brought prizes for our new babies. All the boys loved reading their new books with Shan!!  (You NEED 5 boys, Shan.  Look how cute you are with them all!!)

Georgia was such a doll and a such a big helper!!

Hahaa, Samuel DID have to get a lesson in sharing on this day, though.

 I get this face every time I ask Malch to let me take his picture, haha!

Our girlies ready for dress up and tea!!

Levi and Rhett had some heart-to-hearts down on the floor..

3 month old Levi Thomas!!

G got down on the floor and laughed and laughed as she petted the babies, haha!!

Since it was almost Halloween, Meg brought cookies for the kids to decorate!!!!!

Everyone was so excited!! What a fun (and delicious) project!!

They did not want to leave a single sprinkle or squirt of icing behind, hahaa!!

Cookie?? What cookie??

We laughed that should we ever want to go out to eat in a public place, we'd need a table for 3 adults and 10 children, hahaa!!  But goodness, they make life so sweet, so fun, and so much better than it ever was without them.

Love these dear friends and our little babies!!

Wadie got home in time to play with Georgie..

..and Andrew had a baby in one arm and a football in the other!! Such a little man, ha!!

This was us just 5 short months ago..

..and here we are, just a few weeks away from Meg having her newest baby!!
Thank You, Lord, for these sweet days of pumpkin brownies, precious babies, and best friends forever.

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