Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Last of the Summer..

We love Saturdays when Daddy is home to rock baby brother all day!! Sometimes Rhett loves all the noise and commotion at our house.. but sometimes he looks like this, haha!!

Goldilocks boy, ha!! I don't know if we've ever needed a haircut more!!

One morning, I read the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water to the kids and then had them act it out. Andrew got to play Jesus first and I laughed so hard on how he "helped" Peter when Peter began to sink..  I'm not sure it was quite like this.

Switching it up!!  Here's our boat full of disciples..

And Jesus, complete with the white head garment, haha!!

Sloooooowly helping Peter out of the waves, hahaa!

And then they all went swimming together. ;)

 I love these silly disciples!!

Because we were waiting for Daddy to start school so we could all officially begin on the same day, we were still only doing a little schooling here and a little schooling there.  This was their science lesson one day from My Father's World.  We measured out a little piece of the yard and had to draw and write about all the sorts of things we found in that one small area. 

My sweet third grader!!

Happy little first grader, doing the same lesson as Sister!! I love that so much!!

How adorable is this?!  Savannah's Backyard Niche!!

In Social Studies, we learned how to read maps.  I hid things around outside and then drew a treasure map for the kids!!  Savannah had become a little grumpy about something, but this perked her right up!! Love when that happens.
 Also, I am horrible at reading maps. I don't know why, but they are so hard for me!!   Just ask Wade. But treasure maps to find cookies?!  Now that's something I can do!

Kurt and Mandy's boys were still in town and came over to finish our lesson for the day!! Here is our earthworm niche that we made from dirt, sand, and small rocks!!  Too bad that we dug and dug and dug and couldn't find a single worm to put in there, haha!

So thankful for my little momma that helps me so much with her brothers.  I wonder if that's why she looks 16 to me here.  :(

Happy Baby Rhett is 2.5 months old!!

The next morning, we set up the slip and slide and Wade ran to town for popsicles.. because what is life without them?! Ha!!

My precious parents braved the love bugs and planted landscaping around the deck for my birthday!! SO, SO BEAUTIFUL!!   Yaaayyyyyy!!!  I'm already looking forward to stringing lights on the trees on the corners for Christmas!!  Thanks so much, you guys!!

Sweet summer living.

The other boys were out playing with the water guns, but I somehow missed taking pictures of them.  Probably because I was busy making this homemade funfetti bundt cake!!

I made it to celebrate being with the Brinker boys, but since it was so close to my birthday, I stuck in candles..

..and made everyone sing Happy Birthday to me!! Hahaha!!

Trying to sneak bites, ahhhh!

Gavin was ready to eat that cake!!

All the fellas..

..and me and my girl.
Celebrating my birthday for all of August is my favorite and it was off to a wonderful start!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Texas Comes to Town

In the middle of August, Kurt and Mandy and their three sweet boys drove over to Pineville!!  We spent a wonderful afternoon together and the boys got to stay and play for a few days afterwards!!  My kids look so forward to seeing their Texas cousins.. it's always such a treat!!

Uncle Kurt and Baby Rhett got to meet for the first time!!

Beautiful Aunt Mandy loved getting some baby snuggles in, too!!

Heather drove in, along with Kate and Baby Adam!!

Our Simba baby, hahaa!!

Pops and Grammie and lots of their littles!!

We were just missing Jenny and her bunch!!

Why is Heather's 7 month old as big as my 2 year old??? Hahaha!!

Kate and her littlest cousin!!

These kiddos all get along so well.. it's so much fun and such a joy when they're all together!!

Jen got there and was so excited to see everyone!!

And it's a good thing that she did, because Heather had BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

After asking several question about pregnancy, Jen nonchalantly asked Heather, "Why?? Are you pregnant??"  Hez just smiled.  I said loudly, "Are you pregnant??"  Hez just smiled and made big eyes.  Now having caught everyone's attention, we all stared and screamed, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!?!?!?!"  Hahaha, Heather started laughing and nodding and we all started squealing!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Baby Adam HATED our squeals, though, hahahaha!!  He was terrified!!!

Telling us all about it!!!  Yaaaayyyyyy!!

We are sooooo happyyyyyy for our Hezzy girl!!!

Baby Adam and Baby Rhett won't be the babies for long!!!  Baby Kees #3 is coming in April of 2018!!!!!

Adam and Baby #3 will be built-in-buddies for life!!

We realized this was this first time we had all been together in a LONG time, so we just had to have a sibling picture.  From plays and picnics, volleyball and football games, road trips to the farm and vacations in the Smokies, Christmas card pictures in matching homemade outfits and first day of school pictures kneeling in front of the azealas, we've been friends for as along as I can remember. 
It was a sweet life growing up with these three and a blessing beyond measure.  Like Mom always told us, friends will come and go, but family is forever.. when it's all said and done, these are the ones who will still be standing there.  That is a rich treasure, a strong and solid and beautiful bond.  I am forever thankful.

Later on that afternoon, all the kids piled into Jen's living room for quiet time and a movie, hahaa!!  That's three sweet rows of snuggly babies!!

Besties. Always.

Somehow Samuel crept quietly away from the group and found us sneaking ice cream in the kitchen.  Of course, we had to let him join in so he would keep our secret!!! 

Shhhhh, Samuel.  Here, eat another bite.

Baby Rhett was sad to not get in on that Sweet and Salty Crunch, ha!!

Thank You, Lord, for so many wonderful babies!!

Rhett and Adam - 6 months apart!!

Beautiful Sadie with her big brown eyes!!
Our favorite days are when we are all together.

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