Friday, June 15, 2018

On The Road To Recovery

In January, Pops had a scary week at home before going to the hospital (in an ambulance!) to discover he had an infection that had settled in his spine. After surgery on his back just a few hours after arriving, Dad would spend a week in the hospital and then three weeks at a physical rehab center. Kurt came straight into town the night of the surgery and being all together through the diagnosis, the waiting, the surgery, and the recovery was such an incredible blessing. 

We took turns going to visit him over the next few weeks, bringing him crossword puzzles and m&m's and the cheer of 100 grandchildren, watching him slowly but steadily improve.. Thank God!! And one month later, he was finally well enough to come home!!!! 

And we threw a party!!

With all the colorful balloons, banners, and posters in hand, we waited outside in the road..
the road to recovery. ;)

And we were so excited when we saw the truck turn down the road!!

Yelling and cheering Pops and Grammie on!!

Soooo happy that they were back!!!!


Grant went running over to their house and fell on the way.. and was too cute laying there in that grass!!

Jenny brought over a prize, Mom organized Dad's meds, and the kids all took turns riding on Pops's new walker, hahaa!!
As difficult as the past month had been for Dad, we were so very thankful that he had been taken care of, that his back was healing nicely, and that he was finally home. Home to watch the grandkids play in the backyard, home to eat lots of Mom's vegetable soup, home to keep a hidden stash of chocolates and peppermints for all of his little visitors.

We love you, Dad, and are so thankful you're back!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mardi Gras Mambo

When it's Mardi Gras in Louisiana, you bake a king cake.

Better yet, you let Jenny bake you a couple of king cakes, haha!!

We were all so excited to indulge in this tasting party!!

This will be my piece, please and thank you.

We put on Mardi Gras Mambo and everybody danced for their dessert!!

Ohhhh, c'est si bon!!
You can take the girls out of south Louisiana, but you can't take the south out of the girls. ;)

Friday, June 8, 2018

2018 Superbowl Party

Wadie's beautiful chicken wings can only mean one thing..


Some were interested in the game, but all of us were interested in the food.. Just as it should be, haha!

The Folses, Knotts, and Reynolds are some of our most favorite people and it's always SO GOOD when we are all together!! (Shanny, where you at?!)

Wadie and Levi enjoyed some rocking together!!

And all the kids and moms enjoyed that half-time performance, especially when the Trolls songs came on, ha!!

They were so cute, singing and dancing and squealing together!!

The next morning, we put a little extra effort into breakfast after watching an episode of Kids Baking Championship. Van and I watched each new episode together every week and it was SO delightful to me.. I look forward to watching all of our favorite tv shows together!! This week's challenge was donuts, so we decided to whip up our own batch:

Glazed is the preferred donut of choice in this house, sorry my chocolate-donut-loving hubby!!

And the extra batter made sweet little muffins!!

While no baked donut can ever truly replace a deep-fried one, no one complained about these little cakes for breakfast!! What a treat!
Great nights and sweet mornings, this is what Superbowl weekends should be made of.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Emory Turns 5!!

On February 3rd, we drove to Meggie's house to celebrate our sweet Emory turning 5 years old!! 

We were a little late (an hour is just a little late when you have 5 kids, amiright?! ha!) And the kids were just beginning their Pirate & Princess themed adventure!!

Candace was the BEST pirate captain and kept the kids hollering, "Aye, aye, Captain!" and "Ahoyyy, mateyyyy!!' They were all fascinated!!

The kids dug for gold..

..hopped on islands through dangerous waters, walked the plank, and found gold in a cave!!

Cutest little pirate princesses I ever did see!!

At the end, there was a magical treasure chest!!

The kids had to chant a pirate riddle and march around the chest.. find tons of gold coins and magic wands and pirate treasure inside!! This was SO precious, Meg, you are the cutest!!!

And then the birthday girl and all her friends were ready for cake!!

Happy Birthdayyyyy, sweet girl!!

I saw Justin hugging on his girls and had to run over to take a picture!!

What a precious and blessed family!!

It was FREEZING the day of Emory's birthday, so we were very glad to get inside and get warmed up while we watched Emory open her presents!!

Hahaha, Georgia's face here makes me laugh so much!! Sssssneakyyy sssssnake!! She LOVED Baby Rhett - holding him, petting him, crawling after him. I laughed at her the whole time!!

Hahaa, ham bone!!


Why do grandmas always get the best cakes and cookies for birthday parties?! Aga brought these pirate cookies and I ate 3 all by myself.

Baby Rhett and Baby Deacon matched!! 5 months apart and already besties.

I love days spent with these girls!! We were just missing you, Shan and Alyse!!

I also love that 10 years out of college, this is what our hearth looks like:

Anybody else see Radar going in for a bite?!?!?!

Hahaha, poor Grant was so sad about his pizza!! We aren't used to puppies stealing bites!! He quickly ditched that piece, but sweet Aga brought him another, haha!!

This Mackey/Poole crew get along so well and always have such a good time together. I'm so thankful for all of these precious little people!!

As always, we LOVED our day celebrating Emory!! In case you needed a flashback to her actual birth day, here's the link!! 
Emory, we are so blessed by your huge smiles, your happy personality, and your giggling and girly, precious and pink self!! You are a delight to all of us and an absolute joy!! I am praying you come to personally know the true King at a young age, using your days to grow His Kingdom and delighting in Him for all eternity.  We love youuuuu!!  Happy 5th Birthday!!

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