Friday, July 20, 2018

Pops Turns 60!!

On March 21, our beloved Pops turned 60 years old!! After 2 months of back issues, physical therapy, home health, and doctor's visits, Pops was looking (and walking) as good as new. Just in time for his birthday!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!

The kids and I made up a basket of a few of Pops's most favorite things!!

These girls worked hard in the kitchen to make fried shrimp for our party..

Samuel was just silly..

..and Kate and I took pictures since I matched my 4 year old niece, hahaha!!

Savannah talks about the bakery she's going to have one day, so we make sure she (and her cousins!) get lots of practice in the kitchen.

Party time with Pops!! (We sure were missing our Brinker boys!)

After a wonderful lunch, we walked over to the property for dessert!!

Hahaha, Dad and his no-teeth face made me die!!

Awwwwww!! We love this grandpa!!!

We sang, Pops blew out his candles, and then it was an all-out war to get a candle, haha!!

Silly little friends.

Dad requested a strawberry jello dessert that my grandma used to make and Adam was loving it!!

Kate got some stickers in her foot, but thank God, we have our own personal nurse..

He always makes everything better. :)

As does Mom's Carrot Cake.

Oh, wonderful, wonderful day!! 
We all love you so much, Dad!! I could go on and on about how much your kids adore you, how we all want to be just like you, how you make life so good. I could tell about how hard you work, how you've always supported and loved us so well, how you're the backbone of who we are today.  

I could write all about your funny dad-isms, your love for cards, cokes, and cheeze-its, Parcheesi, poker, and peanut m&m's. I can recall the days of you teaching us how to drive, teaching us how to save electricity, teaching us how to love Jesus. You've been the best teacher, Dad. A faithful father. And a sweet friend.

I could tell of how you've changed the world, but then I'd never be able to finish.  I could write of all the lessons I've learned from you, how so many of us have learned so much by your example, but that would take days.  I could explain that the godly legacy you leave is one to take notes from, one to be admired and emulated, but anyone who knows you already knows that. 

So I'll just tell you that I love you so very much and hope you had the happiest of birthdays.. because you are 
the very best.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

First Spring Season of Pitching Machine!!

It's spring.. and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!

We were SO blessed with our same coach from last year's t-ball games!! We love Coach Cory and I'm convinced he's one of the best in the field! So we were super excited (and a tiny bit nervous) as Andrew got ready for his first spring season of PITCHING MACHINE!!

One of the absolute best things about Wade's job is him being off every single afternoon to make all of the ball practices and games. It was torture when he had to miss last year, so we are very, very thankful for his new schedule!!

Coach Wadie is the very best!!

Little brothers go to big brother's practices. It's what we do!

Back in the game and so very happy about it!!

So in school one day, we talked about the three R's of conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Unbeknownst to me, the kids had these empty juice containers and actually re-purposed them all by themselves!! I was amazed!! Van made hers into a flower vase..

And Andrew turned his into a rocket ship!! How neat!!

Sweet Livi had a cupcake kit and asked Savannah to help her make them. These girls love cooking in the kitchen!!

When you read stories like Old Yeller or Sign of the Beaver or James and the Giant Peach or My Father's Dragon, then you shouldn't be surprised when your boys use their wildly creative imaginations to make boats and sail away, ha!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! 

They used the shovel as their oar to paddle along, hahaa!! Oh, the incredible adventures that await in the ditch, a little boy's dreamland. And that little strip of land between the road and the ditch?? That's no man's land, the most dangerous territory, a wild frontier.. beware all who trespass here. (Ahhhh, love my little Indians so much!!)

First game of the season!! Here we go, big Drew!!

Kate loved watching Brother out on that field!!

And she kept us all entertained as well, haha!!

It was absolutely FREEZING outside, so Hezzy and Adam were such troopers to stick this one out with us!!

Ahhh, hahaha to Kate and Samuel!! I think they'd had enough.

Since we'd been invited to play in the Tioga Tournament, they thanked the boys for playing with a little medal!! Which is always the boys' most favorite part.

Such a sweet little team! Way to go, InSight!!

We love you, precious Andrew!!

I'm sorry, did I say the medal was their favorite part?? Oh no, scratch that. The snacks afterwards are DEFINITELY the reason why these boys play, hahaa!!
Watching Andrew play ball is one of our most favorite ways to spend our evenings and we are so excited about what the pitching machine season has in store for him!!

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