Monday, November 20, 2017

Cenla Fall Ball

In October, Andrew was ready to start playing pitching machine baseball with the Cenla Blue Jays!!  His baseball uniforms are his absolute most favorite things in the world to wear.. On game days, he counts down the hours until he can put them on.  It's given us lots of opportunities to practice telling time and counting forward, ha!! 

Such a sweet boy, absolutely thrilled to get that jersey on and play some ball!!

We are so blessed to have grandparents that can make it to so many of Andrew's games!!  Here are a few pictures from when Paw and Nan drove up to watch this little Poole boy play!! (And they brought prizes!!)

He played the first-base position again for this season and I loved that!! 

The night before his opening tournament, I found this on my dining room table. SO. STINKING. CUTE.

Hooray!! It's GAME DAY, boys!!

When I asked Andrew why he picked #99, he said, "..because you can't be 100." Hahaa!!

Can I just say that I think ball caps and white pants with belts are my most favorite thing ever?!  They're all such little men!!!

Family day at the ball park!!  These babies have spent LOTS of time watching big brother play!!

Getting a little coaching support from Dad!!

A boy and his bucket of balls.

Swing batter, batter, swing!!
It was so good to be back watching Andrew do what he loves!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fall Beginnings

Andrew joined the Cenla Fall Ball league in September and we enjoyed watching him get so excited to play ball again!!  He played with the pitching machine (which was a whole new ballgame, ha!), but he loved learning drills from his LSUA baseball team coaches.  It's 10 times harder that t-ball, so I'm glad his love for the game kept him going and interested.  It's so sweet to watch you play, Brother!!

3 big girls hanging out of the top of Pops's sunroof, ha!!

Teenagers in the making.

Love this picture of these two!!

I am learning new stuff all the time by homeschooling.. You realize how much your own education is lacking when you try to teach!  So this was a really neat experiment we did with ice.. we were reading about animals in the desert and how most of them burrow underground during the day and come out at night.. do you know why??

Because inside the ground is cooler than on top of the ground!!  And to prove it, we put ice inside of baggies..

..and we dug a hole!!  (Andrew was grumpy because he wanted the bag of ice that went in the ground, NOT the bag that goes on top.. We tried to use this as an opportunity to think of others before ourselves, but I'm not sure that stuck, ha! We are all very much sinners who need abundant grace!! Momma included!!)

Burying one bag in the ground and laying one bag on top.. and watching which one melts the fastest!!

After 15-20 minutes, we went to check on our two bags. The ice that laid on top of the ground is in the blue bowl and the ice that was buried in the ground is in the green bowl.  How amazing is that?!   
Sweet fall.  It's so very good to have you here.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Callie Turns 7!!

Happy Birthday to Callie, Nathan, and Mr. Billy!! All three celebrated their birthday on September 2 and Jen threw a nacho-licious party for us all!!

Singing happy birthday to our favorite 7 year old!!

Celebrating with good food and best friends!!

I'm not really sure how she gets to be 7.. three or four, maybe.  But definitely not 7.  TOO BIG!!!

The nachos theme was a huge hit.. so yummy and so fun!!

There was also strawberry cake from the neighbor and dirt cake!!!

Mrs. Theresa made a big, pink cake for Callie!!  How sweet is this?!

Casey was finally feeling well enough to get out and it was so good to see her!!


7 short years later.

What a sweet little bug you've always been, Callie!!

Happy, happy birthdayyyyy!!!

We love that Hezzy and Jase live so close and drive in to celebrate with us!!

Cutie Baby Rhett at 3 months old!!
Callie, oh, how we love you!!  You're sweet and beautiful and independent, a strong and determined woman in the making!!  We are praying that you walk with the Lord all of your life and know the fullness of life only He can provide.  May others see your good works and glorify Your Father in heaven, Calbug!! We love youuuu!!  Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

At the end of August, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.  I love the hurricane hype of tracking them, preparing for them, and hunkering down with the family to wait them out.  The night before it was to hit us (and I use that term loosely, thank God.  All we saw was some prolonged rain and a few gusts of wind), we decided to give baby Rhett a bath. Of course, all I had to do was take pictures. I have 4 happy helpers who are glad to do the work, ha!!

2.5 months old!!

Baby Rhett sure does love all the attention he gets from his adoring brothers and sister!!

Sweet boys!!

The morning of the hurricane, I cancelled school for the day and made cinnamon rolls instead.

Can we please start every day off with one of these..??

It rained and rained all day  When it stopped, there was no keeping the boys inside any longer!!  They had to get out and into that wet yard, ha!!  I walked out after awhile and saw their little set up.. When I asked what they were doing, Andrew said, "We're at the beach!!"  Hahaa, I couldn't stop laughing!!

When your flooded backyard becomes your beachfront paradise, I say your imagination is of the highest order!!

When they'd had their fill of splashing around outdoors, they dried off and came inside for a drink.

Precious Vannie had stayed inside and made hot chocolate for them!!

And the boys were most appreciative.

She had also made her very own cafe, complete with a sign, a menu, and food crafted from construction paper.
It's amazing what can happen when you cancel school, isn't it??  

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