Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kate's Recital

On Saturday, June 3, Kate Kees got ready for her very first dance recital!!!

A little ray of sunshine getting her ballet slippers on with a little help from Mommy!!

Besties for the resties.

Nothing like a little Firecracker by Mary Kay to make a girl ready to dance!!

Our little ballerina.

We drove over to Leesville High School and when the curtain went up, we were all AMAZED!!!  Look at that backdrop!!!

Kate's class was the second to perform and everyone looked SO darling!!  See the teacher in the middle?!  Kate is the second to the right!!

See Kate facing the front with her little arms up?!

Kate twirled and danced all over that stage to the song, "Beyond the Sea."  It was SO PRECIOUS!

And this was my last picture of Kate.. sprawled open in the middle of a leap, hahaa!!  She was the belle of the ball!!
I don't think any of us will be able to hear that song again without thinking about Kate and this sweet dance!!  It was a wonderful performance and we all loved watching our little girl!!  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baby Bumps!!

At the end of May, Megan planned a trip to Pineville to visit with Shannon and me!!  We were all pregnant (ahhhh!!) and needed baby bump pictures together before Baby Poole #5 came!!  We try to all get together every few months and it's always the most wonderful day!!

Shan splurged and made us these chocolate chip cookies with insanely expensive sea salt on top!!  Ha!!  But oh my goodness, we couldn't get enough!!  They were perfection.

We picnicked in Shan's kitchen and then headed out to Grammie's property!!

Although it was HOT, these little kids had so much fun!!

These sunny smiles are my favorite!!

Such cute little buddies.. they all play so well together!!

Vannie loves her Emory!!

We sat and talked while the babies played, spending a precious afternoon together.  Sadly, Malch got his first big bo-bo when he fell and Shanny had to leave shortly after.  But first, pictures. Haha!! 

Megan was 16 weeks, Shan was 31, and I was 37 weeks pregnant!! This is our one and only baby bump picture.. and since this may be all of our last pregnancies, it's one picture I'll love forever.
Being pregnant and raising babies with my besties is one of my most favorite things!!  Our group text is filled with hilarious pregnancy/momma/wife things and the day is not complete until we've talked.  This stage of life is one of the best and I'm thankful for dear friends to walk through it with.  The Lord has been so kind.

Monday, August 14, 2017


On June 1st and 2nd, we played our very last t-ball games.  We were 9-1 and had to win two out of our last three games to secure our spot as t-ball champs!!  Samuel helped Mommy make brownies for our last three big games!!

I think a face full of chocolate can't help but mean good luck! ;))

On Thursday night, we played in a downpour.  It was so gross, the field was sloppy, everyone and everything was soaking wet.. and the boys were having the time of their lives, hahaa!!  We LOST that game, ahhh!! I have to admit, it's addicting to win..  Games are just a little bit more fun when you come out on top, haha!!  So the next day, we had our final 2 games.. 

And Troy, Kelli, and Jack got to watch Andrew's last night of t-ball!!

We won our first game (and found out that we had pretty much cinched the first place spot!) SO EXCITING!! So the coaches let the outfielders play infield for our very last game and Andrew got to try out third base.. which made me an absolute nervous wreck, I like first base so much more!!! Ha!

Whew!  After awhile, he went back to being first baseman..

Andrew was the last one to bat for our team and ended his t-ball experience with a HOMERUN!!!  It was his absolute best hit of the whole season.. and I screamed the whole time as he rounded those bases!!
At the bottom of the last inning, he ended the game by getting the THIRD OUT!!  Watch these pictures:

In 3..



OUT!!!!!!   The game was over!!!  

High-fiving our friends..

..before it was time to CELEBRATE!!!!  

Bill Poole Products had pulled off the W and ended the season in FIRST PLACE!!!!!

It sure felt good to see that #1!!  Andrew had come so far from that first day of practice and I was so proud!!

All the boys (and their brothers, sisters, cousins..) taking a victory lap!!

The boys started laying down and making dirt angels.. SO CUTE!!

One of my most favorite pictures ever ever ever.

And amazingly, all of Andrew's grandparents were there to see it!!

Wrestling in the dirt, hahaa!!  I didn't think I would, but I love the messiness of boy life.  They throw mud, play in ditches, shoot their stick guns, and live with grass stains on the bottom of their feet.    They live to use their hatchets, dig for worms, and play ball.  I don't always appreciate the noise and dirt, or understand their obsession with boogers and poopy jokes, but I do love that they are filled with passion and fire, that they are strong and able, wild and free.

Congratulations, my Andrew baby!! Win or lose, we love you and are thrilled every single time we get to say, "That's my boy!!"
This was the sweetest group of kids, the greatest set of coaches, and the nicest parents to cheer with every week!!  Truly, our first time playing ball could not have gone better.  It was so far beyond what I had hoped for.  When I told the parents how wonderful this experience had been for us, everyone agreed.  Some of their kids had played on other teams before, but everyone said the same thing.. Our team had been special, this year had been different.  Now, you know, only the Lord could have done that. :))

Ward 9,
We will see you in the fall.. AND WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

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