Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fantastic Firsts!

This week held a lot of FIRSTS!! This was our first trip to the zoo, the first time I caught her REAL smile on the camera, Savannah's first out-of-town trip (Hello, JENA!), and the first time she took a bottle!! She is getting to be such a BIG GIRL! :o)
CHEEEEESE!! Her first big, real, wonderful,
heart-melting smile that has been captured on the camera!!

I love this gorgeous baby!
And no, Jennifer, I did not put lip gloss on her!!
That's just her natural pink shimmer. :o)

My little monkey getting ready for ZOO DAY!!!!!!!!!

This was her reaction when I told her Sadie and Rylie were going to the zoo with us!

Aunt Jen clapping for HER little monkeys!

Poor Sadie got jipped (sp?)..... Stinking Rylie called shotgun.

Sadie....wishing she had her own stoller like Savannah....
Rylie....wishing she had more birthday cake to eat....
Savannah....wishing she was home in the air-conditioned house.....

Savannah's FIRST bottle and she took it like a CHAMP!
She's still a breastfed baby, but we wanted to make sure she could take a bottle for those days when Mommy will be out shopping...... :o)

Daddy's first time to feed the was PRECIOUS!

Savannah's first trip to JENA!
She and Grandmonty snuggled for hours. :o)

After bath time....
I had to take a picture of those HUGE eyes!

All snuggled up like a bug in rug....
I'd snuggle up with this bug ANY day!


  1. Hey

    Uncle Tom and I look at your blog several times a week and it is such a highlight for us! I know it takes time to do and we appreciate it. I love these smiley pics so much.

  2. Ohhh boy, I sure do love me some Savannah! She looks so different from last week! I think she is starting to look like her momma a little bit :)

  3. hahaha...i love this post. You forgot to say how much we loved the snakes and spiders at the zoo because they were air-condioned. :) Savannah is so, so one would ever believe she belongs to you and Wade.:) are both ENORMOUSLY pretty people. Can't wait to see all the firsts that this week will hold!
    Love you!

  4. Great job on the bottle! If she is like Stella, she will suck on anything with milk in it. And the smile is beautiful! You go, Mommy!


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