Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy One-Month!!

Yayyy!! Savannah was 4 weeks old on Sunday and to celebrate, Wade and I took Savannah out to an old LSU walking trail and had a family stroll! It was sooo nice to get out of the house and since Savannah LOVES to be outside, we had a WONDERFUL time....until a friendly man who possibly escaped from prison sat down and began making bird calls at the passing cars. At that point, we packed up and headed home. It was DELIGHTFUL.... :o)

I love her face in this picture...
she probably can't even see anything past her car seat,
but at least she pretends that she can!

Our sleepy baby getting used to the weird bird-call man...

SOOO happy to be out and about!
Oh, and I was Princess Pocahontas for her birthday.

Sweet daddy strolling with the baby!

Sleeping Beauty.
She doesn't look like it here, but she really DID love her shades!

Yeah, we are still wondering about her too, Savannah....
Savannah LOVES her Minnie Mouse and plays with her at EVERY diaper changing!
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who is the finest baby of all?
(Jennifer and Heather, don't make fun!)

Savannah!! Did you steal Pops' belly?!?!
ha, Just kidding, Dad!!

I have tons more to post, but Savannah is hollering....that's my cue!
But I PROMISE to post them soon, Poppa T! :o)


  1. Oh, so many things to say....
    First, I love the braided pigtails. It's a lovely look for you, Anne with an e.
    Second, your mirror was lying. It meant to say R-Y-L-I-E and S-A-D-I-E.
    Third, has Wade been doing P90X?? I mean, he looks just like Tony!!!!!!
    So glad we got to play today...loved the oatmeal cream pies!!! Hope you get some sleep tonight! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  2. Love them new pics Lissi...keep them coming Poppa tee can't get enough of them..I hope I get to see her this week sometimes. She looks like the stroller swollowed her up but you can tell she the outdoor type.. see some pick cammo in her future..LOL just joking.
    Love Poppa T and Nanna

  3. I love this little family!! Savannah is adorable! I can't wait to come and visit again! And I agree with Jen, I never knew that you were Melissa Annie. Haha. But I really thought the pigtails were cute. Hurry up and post some more!! By the way, do you think the bird calling man might have been Richard?? Remember Richard??? Haha. He was coming to meet Savannah!!

  4. So cute Melissa! She's growing up already! Ah, it's scary! She looks like she has long legs!! And, I can't believe she can scoot herself already! She's so smart! Raegan is 4 months and she has NEVER scooted herself. Maybe she's too fat lol. :) It was nice seeing pictures of her! Hope all is well!!


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