Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sadie and Rylie's First Birthday!!

I know these pictures are slightly out of order, but Jen hollers at me if I don't update the blog often enough, so I decided to stay up late and post these pictures! :o) Sadie and Rylie had their very first birthday party and they could NOT have been cuter!! They had such a wonderful time and it was clear to see that they will want CAKE for every meal instead of gross peas and carrots! Savannah was simply the best baby in the whole world....just ask her Nana!! She slept most of the time, but I have a feeling that this time NEXT year, she'll be helping Sadie smear icing all over Rylie and running away with all the presents.....
Savannah also went out to a public restaurant for her very first time! It was sooo much fun and I was SOOOO proud of how well-behaved she was.....yeah, yeah, she was asleep the whole time, but STILL....she was VERY well-behaved!! :o)
Savannah in the car on the way to Texas Roadhouse....
I would LOVE to know what she was thinking!! HA!
I LOVE this picture!
Can you tell how proud Papa T and Nana are of this sweet baby??

She slept the entire time!

Thanks, Mrs. Dixie, for the PRECIOUS outfit! She looked like a doll baby!
This is us getting ready to go to the Sharbono's for Father's Day!
I think we are ready for the Kentucky Derby, Dad. :o)
Haha!! I love my goofy family!

Savannah snuggling with Carson.....

Sadie and Savannah's FIRST HUG!!
You can tell they already love each other.
Watch out, Rylie.

In deep prayer and meditation....Hey, Grammie!
This looks just like you when YOU are in deep prayer and meditation! HA!

Sadie and Rylie in their very first CAR!
Does it get any cuter than this????

Jen and Hez setting up for the birthday party.... my sisters.

Savannah in her PARTY dress...
TOTALLY a princess, already...

Please notice how all the labels face outward...
and there are the same amount of each...
and the colors are alternating...
I am SO proud.

Sadie and Rylie had their own personal birthday cake to enjoy....
My birthday presents for the girls!! I LOVED THEM!

Opening their presents...

One EXHAUSTED birthday girl :o)
Loving on her daddy...

Look how high she can hold her head up!!

Daddy telling her she was not allowed to date until her 80th birthday.

HAHAHAHA!! Savannah's face says it all.

Playing with our cousins!! Oh, how we love them!


  1. AGHHHHHHHHH!!! I totally loved all these pictures!!! It was such a wonderful day, and I'm so thankful Savannah was here to share it with us...(ok, ok, and you too :) ) I don't think you, me, or Hez can actually comprehend how blessed we are to have one another. Sadie, Rylie, and Savannah will get that same joy!! Thank you for being such a special part of our big day!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. OHHHHH my goodness. Melissa Ann Brinker Poole (whew!) You are doing SUCH an amazing job keeping up with this website!!! (which, has btw, turned into my new addiction that I check EVERY single morning JUST to make sure I'm updated with the latest Poole Party happenings ;)). I cannot even BELIEVE how big Savannah is getting already!!! I LOVEEE the pic of you and her in her bedroom, and the one of her in the pretty pink dress (she really looks like a little princess!!!) Of course your commentaries really bring them all to life though, so by the time I get to the end of each blog I'm dying of laughter haha. I miss you guys so much and can't WAIT to meet little Savannah! OH, and those Sharbono girls are STYLIN now in their new wheels ;)I wish I could be up there too for all of this, but THANKFULLY with all these wonderful pics, I feel like I have'nt missed a second of it ;). Love you Mel! You and Wadums and Savannah are absolutely precious :*) love ya'll!!! - Lulu ;)

  3. The OCD candy display is very much something I would do.

  4. Sure enjoyed the weekend with Savannah!! She is such a good baby girl.. She was a hit at the Poole reunion.......
    Love Paw Tee
    Enjoyed visiting with Melissa and Wade too!!


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