Monday, July 20, 2009

Not ALL Nurses Are Sweet Like DADDY!

Last week, Savannah had her 2 month shots....and it was HORRIBLE!!! My sweet, precious Savannah didn't have a clue what was coming! She was a trooper though and slept VERY hard the rest of the day! I totally would have taken her out for ice cream....she had only to ask! She weighed in at 10.4 lbs and was 23 inches long. That's about a pound and half gain per month! Now if only Mommy could be LOSING a pound and a half per month....... :o)
Getting ready for her big day!

Completely unaware of the trauma that awaited.
I am THAT mom that takes pictures of EVERY moment. Sorry. :o)

Her first vaccine that she had to drink.....strawberry flavor??

I think not.

Oh gosh, I'm reliving this traumatic experience all over again!
If you're not sitting down...SIT.

Ahhhhhhh!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! My heart is RE-breaking.

She turned PURPLE because she was crying so hard and couldn't catch her breath.
Now is YOUR heart breaking????

After crying every single last drop of tears she had, Savannah went to sleep.
So Nana and I decided to go visit DAD at work!
Now, this is MY kind of nurse... ;)

My sweet friend Brittany with my sweet baby!
The Poole Family!

After taking off her blucky Bugs Bunny band-aids and realizing that she really would survive her first shots.....I realized just how proud I am to call her MINE.


  1. Poor thing! It doesn't get any easier, Mom, but once you can scoop them in your arms and love on 'em the tears don't flow quite as much. Savannah is so precious! I know you are enjoying every second with her.

  2. Those were the saddest pictures ever. I think I'm going to story-top you and put pictures of Sadie's lip that she JUST busted on the floor. It's a bloodbath around here. :(
    Why are you not helping with VBS??????

  3. In her last picture it looks like she is telling the whole story about her day at the doctor. So so cute.

  4. Grammie and PopsJuly 21, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    I love my little Savannah and her sweet family!! God has blessed and blessed and blessed!!!!

    Love, Grammie and Pops

  5. Poor heart! Shots are the worst...too bad we can't just take them for them! :( I can't believe I haven't seen her in person yet. Y'all need to come down for a visit! Brock wants to meet cute little Savannah and get some practice in for when his baby comes in February! ;)


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