Monday, August 17, 2009

Ponca, Arkansas... Population: 14

Savannah went on her very first vacation last week to Ponca, Arkansas!! She was SUCH a little trooper and slept the entire 8 hours there and back! She was a regular mountain woman! We had such a wonderful time and look forward to our next adventures in the whoever would like to take us, we are ready to go!! :o)

"Alright, Mom. Let's get this show on the road already."

Beautiful Aunt Magic with her favorite niece.. ;)

Mommy and mini-Wade!
I think she looks like a Funfetti cupcake...
Ha, I could gobble up THIS cupcake!!
So we passed this 18-wheeler with MILLIONS of chickens flapping around with their feathers flying everywhere and screeching and bopping around and if that wasn't strange enough....when we passed it, we realized it was a TYSON truck!! The chickens were going get packaged up!! Don't look at this picture too hard or you might recognize some of the chickens on the shelf at Walmart!!!

8 hours later...we reached our cabin!!
Here is Aunt Magic and Sadie(?) doing crossword puzzles like
80-year old women.

Soooo excited to be on our first family vacation with ALL the little munchkins.

BRANSON, MISSOURI: Here we come!

Looking like mountain people in The Shepard of the Hills gift shop!

We stopped at Sadie's Smokehouse..and OH. MY. GOSH.
There was a buffet of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy = Wade's heaven.
......And apple, peach, raspberry, and cherry cobbler = My heaven.
Rylie and Sadie were the hit of the restaurant!
Everybody wanted to kiss on these sweet monkeys!
The Titanic Museum in was AMAZING!

Waiting in line to go inside the Titianic...

Twins??? :o)

The view from our cabin. Stunning.

Ponca has nothing on Pineville..... ;)

Rylie and Sadie loving on the baby!!
Savannah clearly looks very pleased about all this new attention! Ha!

Rylie and Savannah had their very first hug! It was absolutely adorable.
Sadie was more interested in stealing Savannah's pacifier
.....and her diapers......and her toys.... ;0

Savannah and Pops catching some ZZZZZZs!
Like grandfather, like granddaughter.

POPS and his 3 favorite girls!

On our way home! The Ozark Mountains are GORGEOUS!
I don't know if you can see what's written on the truck, but
I thought it summed up our trip nicely:
"To God be the Glory!"

Finally home and all tuckered out.
Vacationing is very hard work. :o)
Thanks, Grammie and Pops, for such a WONDERFUL vacation! We can't wait for the next one! LOVE YOU BOTH TO PIECES! :o)


  1. Precious little post, but you may want to correct that error up at the top....Savannah is the THIRD favorite niece. Top two spots are already taken. :) Love my Pooles!

  2. Love the pictures and the memories are so precious!!! God is so good to give us each other and His love. To God be the Glory!!

    Love Grammie

  3. Oh my gosh...they have a Titanic museum? That would be MY heaven. Love the rustic Pooles. That baby gets prettier and prettier!


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