Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Plethora of Pictures!!

When is opening day because I am READY!
....sikeeeeeeeee. Mom won't let!
Nana and Vana at Paw's shop!
Here's a shout-out for Bill Poole Products!! :)
We are ready to go to work, Paw!!

Someone with ice cream must have walked in......

Pops and Savannah waiting on that nice person
to share their ice cream!! :)

Savannah!! How big you've gotten!

I promise I did not set this shot up!! I was stirring her yummy rice cereal and when I turned around, she had my purse strap around her arm! Uh-oh, Paw Tee. I hope you are ready for this!! :)
Haha, COACH purses seem to make her VERY happy!!!!!!!
PS...Please notice that she is grabbing her FEET!
She discovered that she had them on September 20th!! Yayyy!
So where is the GPS on this thing????
Three last sweet family.
(And PS....Wade says I should have put "Three last cutie." HAHAHA!

The sunset out at Jen's house!! Isn't it STUNNING??
Jesus is the best artist EVER.

This is the second-rate magic carpet ride, Princess.
Apparently, you have to pay money for the ACTUAL carpet at Aunt Jen's house.

To Infinity....and BEYOND!!!

A close-up shot of Rylie's face from the previous picture....
and I'd like to hear your thoughts on what this caption should be!! HAAAAAA!!

And please be impressed that I am now on my way to make a Lemon Meringue Pie...ahhhhhh!!!

Giggly Girly!

There is nothing better in the world
than hearing giggles from this sweet girl!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The SHOTS Heard 'Round The World....

SHOTS: ROUND TWO! Savannah had her 4-month shots and check-up today!! She is now 12.8 lbs and 25 inches!! The pediatrician says she has the height of a 5 month old!! However, she better start eating up if she wants to stay ahead of 10 pounder, cousin CARSON.... And I have to give credit where credit is due....Witty Wade came up with the clever title! ;)

Wade: "...this is for just in case something happens...."
It's SHOT day!!
Is this a baby doll?
Or a real live Savannah girl?!?!?

I told her to ROAR like the lion on her dress!
What an advanced baby. :0)

Daddy got to come to the doctor with us today!
He felt so sad for his teeny-tiny baby girl.
Here we go! Shot ONE:

SHOTS 2, 3, and 4: PRESS PLAY!

As SOON as the camera shut off, Savannah STOPPED crying!!
She is either quite the trooper.....or quite the actress!! ha, little stinker!
Poor, pitiful, puny Savannah could not let go of Daddy :(

There's no one quite like Dad.

At least we have 2 more months before we have to do this again!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

**Carson Allen Brinker**

Carson Allen Brinker has arrived!!!! Yayyyyy!! And at 9.7 lbs, he is quite the little man! He is absolutely precious and we are so glad that he is FINALLY here! I will let Kurt and Mandy post the majority of his pictures on their blog, but I just had to post a few on here too! Thanks, Kurt and Mandy, for adding another GORGEOUS addition to our family!! :o)


9.7 pounds of pure adorable-ness.

Kurt finally has somebody to share his remote-control cars with....
wait, who are we kidding?? Kurt ain't sharing!! Carson - get your own!!

The proud new parents!!
You were such a trooper, Mandy!

We can't believe he is finally HERE!

Savannah actually took off all her pink and donned BLUE in honor of her new cousin, CARSON!

Grammie bought Carson his first PONY!!
And Rylie looks TERRIFIED of the horsey, ha!

Pops got lots of sugars from Vana while waiting for Caron's debut!
I don't think Savannah could be any happier....

I had to zoom in. This face = SOOOOO happy.
Savannah clearly ADORES her Pops :o)
(Just like her Momma!)

Here is Sadie after learning table manners from her mother.....

Savannah and Uncle Kurtie.....
please notice the socks, Nana!! Those are for YOU! :o)

Sleepy bears.

Savannah has learned that her fingers taste MORE YUMMY than a pacifier.

Kurt, we look like little kids.
Now we have little kids.
Oh my.

Give me an L.......L
Give me an S........S
Give me a U........U
What's that spell????

I would cheer for this tiger ANY day of the week!

Daddy and his biggest fan....besides Mommy. :o)

Here is another delicious little cheerleader with Pops!!!

Can you tell how much Grammie and Pops love their grandbabies???

(PS....Sadie's smile here is A-stinkin-DORABLE!)

Since Savannah is OFFICIALLY 4 months (on Carson's birthday!!), we let her taste organic rice cereal and some carrots!! BOTH were a hit!! She GOBBLED it right up!

She ate an entire jar of carrots!! I'm hoping she won't turn orange... :/

Hey Mom! WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!?!?!?

Carson - get all your sleeps in now....... We have some MAJOR playing to do!! :o)

We love you and are SOOOOOOOO happy you are here!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

1 Lake + 2 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches + 3 Poole's = One Perfect Picnic!

Thanks to Uncle Kurt's smarts and Aunt Mandy's cookies, our computer is VIRUS-FREE! That means more updates on the blog more often! Yay!! We had our first picnic a few days ago and it was WONDERFUL!! We went out to Beulow Lake, and with PB&J's and Sonic drinks in tow, we hid ourselves away in a corner where the brothers who were also there would not disturb the baby with their loud racket! Ha! We had a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!

Are those the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen or what???
The most wonderful husband in the whole world brought these flowers home for his hard-working wife and his beautiful baby!! Oh, how I love Wade Poole!

It's PICNIC time with this beautiful man! :o)

Friends, Newlyweds, and Parents.....
How far we've come!

Sleeping Beauty......oh, and Savannah too.

It's always POPPING with the Poole's! :o)

Our precious picnic spot!
Hey, big eyes!

I love you, a bushel and a PECK!
The cutest little chick I've EVER seen.

Ready to go to church!
Ha, I love her face in this one!

Here is the cruelest trick in the world!
Rylie desperately needed some water....
and this is how mean Aunt Lissie gave it to her!!!!!!
Rylie eventually gave it up!
Score ONE for Aunt Lissie!! HAHA!!

Little Twinkies playing in the autumn-ish weather!

Sadie poking Buttons's eyes out.

After blinding the cat, she decided to eat some dirt....
Sounds just like her mother.

Sorry, Jen, for ending this blog on such an outrageous note..... :o)

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