Saturday, September 12, 2009

**Carson Allen Brinker**

Carson Allen Brinker has arrived!!!! Yayyyyy!! And at 9.7 lbs, he is quite the little man! He is absolutely precious and we are so glad that he is FINALLY here! I will let Kurt and Mandy post the majority of his pictures on their blog, but I just had to post a few on here too! Thanks, Kurt and Mandy, for adding another GORGEOUS addition to our family!! :o)


9.7 pounds of pure adorable-ness.

Kurt finally has somebody to share his remote-control cars with....
wait, who are we kidding?? Kurt ain't sharing!! Carson - get your own!!

The proud new parents!!
You were such a trooper, Mandy!

We can't believe he is finally HERE!

Savannah actually took off all her pink and donned BLUE in honor of her new cousin, CARSON!

Grammie bought Carson his first PONY!!
And Rylie looks TERRIFIED of the horsey, ha!

Pops got lots of sugars from Vana while waiting for Caron's debut!
I don't think Savannah could be any happier....

I had to zoom in. This face = SOOOOO happy.
Savannah clearly ADORES her Pops :o)
(Just like her Momma!)

Here is Sadie after learning table manners from her mother.....

Savannah and Uncle Kurtie.....
please notice the socks, Nana!! Those are for YOU! :o)

Sleepy bears.

Savannah has learned that her fingers taste MORE YUMMY than a pacifier.

Kurt, we look like little kids.
Now we have little kids.
Oh my.

Give me an L.......L
Give me an S........S
Give me a U........U
What's that spell????

I would cheer for this tiger ANY day of the week!

Daddy and his biggest fan....besides Mommy. :o)

Here is another delicious little cheerleader with Pops!!!

Can you tell how much Grammie and Pops love their grandbabies???

(PS....Sadie's smile here is A-stinkin-DORABLE!)

Since Savannah is OFFICIALLY 4 months (on Carson's birthday!!), we let her taste organic rice cereal and some carrots!! BOTH were a hit!! She GOBBLED it right up!

She ate an entire jar of carrots!! I'm hoping she won't turn orange... :/

Hey Mom! WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!?!?!?

Carson - get all your sleeps in now....... We have some MAJOR playing to do!! :o)

We love you and are SOOOOOOOO happy you are here!


  1. You did a fine job posting all the pictures. I know you spent HOURS putting them all on here. Our girls are A-stinking-DORABLE...we have been blessed!!!! Is it because they look like their daddies??? No, COULDN'T be!! :)
    Love you!

  2. Thanks for posting up the pictures Lissie, with all the spare time I have now i am amazed that i haven't updated ours yet......

    I will get around to it hopefully tomorrow or the day after.


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