Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Plethora of Pictures!!

When is opening day because I am READY!
....sikeeeeeeeee. Mom won't let!
Nana and Vana at Paw's shop!
Here's a shout-out for Bill Poole Products!! :)
We are ready to go to work, Paw!!

Someone with ice cream must have walked in......

Pops and Savannah waiting on that nice person
to share their ice cream!! :)

Savannah!! How big you've gotten!

I promise I did not set this shot up!! I was stirring her yummy rice cereal and when I turned around, she had my purse strap around her arm! Uh-oh, Paw Tee. I hope you are ready for this!! :)
Haha, COACH purses seem to make her VERY happy!!!!!!!
PS...Please notice that she is grabbing her FEET!
She discovered that she had them on September 20th!! Yayyy!
So where is the GPS on this thing????
Three last sweet family.
(And PS....Wade says I should have put "Three last cutie." HAHAHA!

The sunset out at Jen's house!! Isn't it STUNNING??
Jesus is the best artist EVER.

This is the second-rate magic carpet ride, Princess.
Apparently, you have to pay money for the ACTUAL carpet at Aunt Jen's house.

To Infinity....and BEYOND!!!

A close-up shot of Rylie's face from the previous picture....
and I'd like to hear your thoughts on what this caption should be!! HAAAAAA!!

And please be impressed that I am now on my way to make a Lemon Meringue Pie...ahhhhhh!!!


  1. "ahhh i want pie!! and mommy never puts clothes on me and post my naked photos for all to see and lets my aunt do it as well!!!" - - Rylie

  2. I want to fly tooooo! Please give me a turn like Savannah!

  3. What are we going to do with two hungry ice cream lovers!!! Ha

    Pops is going to love taking Savannah for ice cream cones!!

    Love you all, Grammie

  4. She is saying, "Please leave my house because you eat all my food, use all my bibs, burn all my electricity, and don't pay for any of it." hahahahahahahahahahaha
    But I DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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