Monday, October 26, 2009

Festivities in the Fall!

I know it has been 234987192834798 million years since the last update....but with a flourishing 5 month old, my spare time is extremely limited and I like to just sit and breathe in the quiet....for the few seconds that it lasts. Ha!! Savannah is doing WONDERFULLY! She eats all of her fruits and vegetables....Squash and applesauce are her favorites, so feel free to send them by anytime! Ha! She has been watching A LOT of football with Dad, as well as watching Mom do LOTS of online shopping...hey! Christmas is right around the corner, ya know! It is sooooo much fun shopping for all the bunchkins and I am LOVING every minute of it! :)

Savannah has also said, "DAH DAH!!" At first, I refused to believe when Wade told me this....but I finally heard it for myself on October 24! She will be punished later for not saying, "MAH MAH" first....... :) Juuuuuust kidding.

On our way to church! Oh, how we love JESUS! :)
Rylie came over to play and
THOROUGHLY enjoyed playing with Savannah's toys!
As you can tell.....

Why is Daddy eating ice cream and I'm not?????? Hmm????

Daddy, home from the woods....
Mommy, home from shopping...
Baby, just glad to be home. :)P.S. Scuze the messy house. :)

Savannah playing with Shannon and Tamera at LC!!
I think we have a future WILDCAT on our hands!!

Hail Mary, Mother of God.....
Hahaha, sorry, Grammie!



Getting ready for the LSU party!
Like I said, we have been watching LOTSSSSS of football. Ha!

With the glorious fall weather, we have been snuggling around the fireplace....drinking coffee....
and watching these sweet babies flip over the back of their chairs from getting TOO excited about it all.....hahahaha!! Poor Sadie. Unfortunately, I missed that shot.... I was out talking in the hallway and when I walked into her room, THIS is what greeted me!! She had pulled down the bumper pads to see what was going on!! NOSY ROSY!

This is my TOTAL pride and joy. :)

Look for Halloween pictures to come soon!!!!! We had a trial-run in the costumes today with the may just have a heart attack from ALL the cuteness. :)

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