Saturday, November 14, 2009

**Baby, It's Cold Outside!!**

We are finally SIX MONTHS OLD!! Savannah can sit up by herself for about 20 seconds before she bites the dust and is constantly "swimming" on the floor! We can feel a little toothy coming up on the bottom...which makes "Ma Ma Ma Ma" very sad! My little snuggle bunny is growing up! We celebrated her 1/2 year birthday with 1/2 of a birthday cake....that her daddy and I quite enjoyed! ;) She has learned several consonant blends, and her favorite is "brmmm, brmmm, brmmm" and we hear it ALL day long! Wade says she is calling for the "Daddy-mobile..." Ha! Her giggles are still the best things in the world and she gives kisseys with her mouth open and her tongue out!! Ohhhhh, how we love our sweet Savannah!!

Savannah had goosebumps and Aunt Magic was very concerned and made something up about heat escaping from the head....and decided to put on EVERY hat Savannah owns!! Then I could NOT resist capturing this snuggle bunny on camera!!
I would snuggle with this bunny ANYDAY!!

Ohhhh myyyy goodnesss.....
This picture is worth a thousand KISSEYS!!

Savannah had her first fever... 100.3. :(
Good thing Daddy is such a great NURSE!!

Waving to everyone, asking for you all to send money to help pay the doctor's bills!! HA!! :)
Aunt Lauren came to spend the weekend!!!!
I can not begin to tell you how excited we were to have her come stay!!
Best Friends Forever. Literally.

Hunkering down with Daddy....
Wide awake one minute...

Sound asleep the next.....
Daddy is ALWAYS the best pillow! :)

My toasty, roasty, baby ghosty!!

Hey!! The ghosty stole your bow!! :)

Daddy's Cabela's cap is the closest that this little girl will EVER come to hunting!!Hopefully, the next blog will have pictures of her SITTING UP! I can't wait to see what this month will bring!! Being a MOM is the GREAAAATEST job EVER!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

< Tutu Cute! >

Yayyy! Here they are...the Halloween pictures we've all been waiting for!! We had a spoooooktacular Halloween! We went to the church's Halloween party, where everyone was roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, riding on the hay ride, carving pumpkins, and walking the candy trail! It was soooo much fun and Sadie, Rylie, and Savannah had the greatest time playing together...even though I have to admit that it was kinda embarrassing for me to walk around with Savannah's trick-or-treat bag, begging for candy, when we ALL knew the candy was most certainly NOT for Savannah. haha....buuuuut everyone was gracious and pretended not to notice the 23-year-old mom that was swiping the kids' candy. :)
****** ANDDDDDDDD, I just want you all to know that you are on the blog site of a RENOWNED pumpkin carving contest WINNER!! Who even knew I had such talent and skill in pumpkin carving???? Certainly not Jennifer, as she came in SECOND, and was devastated to lose out on the cash award. I think that was my favorite part of the whole night!! Haha! Sorry, Jen! Better luck next year! ;) ******
My beautiful ballerina!

I just wanted to give you an idea of how big her tutu was....
and she absolutely LOVED it!! ;)
Tutu tutu tutu tutu tutu precious!!!!!!!!!
My bear. His bunny.

Our new friend, Justin, with the "bell-arina of the ball!" Haha, get it??

Wishing somebody would give her some dab. Or is it dap?
You know, where you hit knuckles....what's that called again???????
Doesn't it look like she really is dancing????

The cutest little LADYBUGS in the whoooooole world!!!!!!!
"Wait! We only get ONE handful of candy??
But we have TWO kids!!!!" - Jen and Nathan :)

So we all the cousins met up in Lafayette to take Halloween pictures and since there are 4 grandchildren ages 1 and under, the pictures below only capture a small piece of the CHAOS that ensued! Haha, it was HYSTERICAL!!!

Savannah LOVES her new cousin!!

Good job, Sade! You smiled.....even if nobody else did!
Extra apple sauce for you!!
I'd give A MILLION pennies for her thoughts right now!!!! :)

I believe this pic is a close representation to the one actually chosen for the Halloween card.
It was just tooooo good to pass up. :)

2 months old and is OFF THE CHARTS, weighing in at 13.9 pounds!!
Carson, I mean....not Jen. ;)

Sadie loving on Carson.
Get ready, kids! You get the next 80 years to grow up together!
There are LOTS of pranks to be pulled!!!!! ;)

Rylie, Sadie, Carson, and Savannah.
The joys of our lives.
Just finishing up our BOO-LICIOUS Halloween dinner....
Halloween was sooooo much fun and I am so looking forward to watching all of these sweet babies grow up! How interesting it will be to see their Halloween picture in 10 and even 20 years!! Ha, it will be even more interesting should they try to get back into these same costumes in 20 years....... ;) LOVE YOU ALL!!

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