Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ho-Ho-Hope You Have a Merry Little Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

First off....Happy Birthday, Jesus!! Thank You for loving us so much and for being born in this world to save sinners, unworthy of both Your grace and Your mercy, and redeeming us so that we may spend an eternity with You. I love you and want to honor and glorify You EVERY day of my life.

Second, we have a new neice!! Abigail McKinley Arabie was born December 20, 2009! She is absolutely gorgeous and we can't wait to watch the little dumpling grow up! We have A LOT of playing to do, little girl! :)

Lastly, this Christmas was the best one EVER because of Savannah Grace Poole. She is the grestest blessing, the biggest reward, the sweetest daughter, and my ultimate joy. God knew that Wade and I needed her and I am just so thankful that he chose US to be her parents. Next to my salvation and my husband, there is nothing I am quite so thankful for than her.
She is my heart.
Ahhhh...ok. Time to get a tissue and move on with this post! There are A LOT of them, so I hope you have some time! Here is a tiny snippet of our Christmas holidays! ENJOY! :)

Our 2009 Christmas Picture!
Our Precious Poole Party!

My hunny bunny....looks like he's ready to take on the wilderness with that beard!
What a manly man.... :)

Santa Baby!

My very sweet friends, Heather and Alyse, who came to visit for the holidays! Is there anything more fun than visits from old friends??? I could do it EVERY day!! :)

Going shopping for our first Christmas tree!!! Unfortuntely, we could not find any that were PINK for the princess.....so we went with green. ;)

It has to be juuuuuuuust right!!

Helping Momma make sure that every branch was perfectly straight, the trunk was the right shade of brown, the tiny leaves were unbent, and the bottom branches were very full...
Does everybody have this much trouble when they pick out a tree.....or is it just me?? :)

She was so happy that we picked exactly the right tree!
It was FIR-FECT!!!
Haaaaa....get it??

A girl and her dad are not easily separated!!
Just a fair warning to all you toddler boys out there.....

The Christmas Cuties at Nanny's house!!

Talking to Jesus.....

Hello, Jennifer Brinker!

Helping Momma do laundry....can't wait til she wash and dry it, too!! Ha!
This is actually where she pulled up for the SECOND time!! :)

Jen and Sadie getting ready for The Most Beautiful Pageant in Jena.....
Someone PLEASE make fun of this!!

The Sharbono SHOULD-HAVE-BEEN Christmas card!!!
I tried to get her to send cards out, y'all, I reeeeeeally did!!
But really.....does this just make your day or what?!?

Savannah's last time in her baby girl bathtub!
She also has 2 teethies that I was trying to take a picture of....
but apparently I'm made out of pure sugar and just tasted TOO sweet!! :)
(Jen and Hez - No comments are needed from the Peanut Gallery.)

How many kissey's could you put on THIS baby doll???

Trying out the "Rylie and Sadie" clothing line....

So this next succession of pictures I saw a MILLION times this Christmas....
And it made me laugh...(then cry when I had to re-wrap it!)....every time!!

Heading to the "City of Lights" with the cutest babies in all the world! Aunt Magic made sure that we all looked like runway models before heading out to Natchitoches! Thanks, Aunt Magic!

Ha, I actually forgot to take a picture of our Christmas tree....
but here's one shot where you can see it the back! I absolutely loved it!

My precious friends, Candace and Megan, played in Natchitoches with us! Keep in mind that this picture is after 4 hours of freezing weather, rain, sleet, snow, hail, ice, rain, fog, smog.....ok, ok, it wasn't thaaaaaat bad. But the weather really was fonky, so please excuse my very rough look.
"It's just the lighting!!" - Megan! Ha!

Savannah LOVES her baby cousin, Carson!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of baby Abigail. :(
Buuuuut, here are a few pictures from Christmas with Paw and Nana!
Here is Savannah....with the Savannah Doll!!!
Who knew the little bunchkin already had a doll named after her!?!
She must be something VERY special! :)
Savannah......and Savannah!
Gifts? No thanks! I'll take the tissue paper and ribbons, please!!

Nana and Vana!!!

Paw and Nana's Christmas tree!! Isn't it GORGEOUS?!?!
Back in Pineville for the Brinker Christmas....
Get ready....it's going to be LOUD!! haha!
Here is Aunt Jen's living room after Santa came by....what a pretty sight! :)
Snow Angel Bunny!
Going for a stroll in the wintery air with Nanny and Grammie!
How sweet are these faces!?
Nanny in red, Sadie in pink, Rylie in blue = A whole lot of FUN!! :)
Grammie and Vana going for a walk!
There's nothing like a GRANDMA! :)

Scrub-a-dub-dub, three babies in a tub!!!
Bath time was HYSTERICAL as you will see in the video below....
Cousins are such glorious fun!! :)

Our new Christmas Eve tradition....for the next few years at least!! :)

So I tried for HOURS to get this Santa Baby to smile.....and this is the best one I got.
Apparently, Mrs. Claus has more important things to do besides take pictures!
"Who is that handsome man???" - Pops :)

Thank you, Jesus, for such wonderful grandparents!

On Christmas night, Uncle Nathan built a bonfire and the whole family bundled up and headed out to sit in the below zero weather....ok, maybe I exxagerate just a little....ha!
We made s'mores, sang 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' a million times, and laughed at Pops' jokes underneath the huge, starry sky! What fantastic memories!

Rylie clearly did not enjoy Pops' jokes as much as the rest of us did.
Please enlarge this so you can see up close....I promise it is worth your time!! Haha!!

Snuggle Bunnies!

Playing with Uncle Nathan! He always makes her LAUGH!
........But, hey......looks aren't everything. ;)
We love our Uncle Nath!


If I had to pick one Bible verse to summon up this Christmas season, I think it would be Psalm 34:8 - "Taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man that trusts in Him."


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