Wednesday, December 2, 2009

^^^ Our Little Turkey! ^^^

My goodness, what a buuuuusy holiday season! Visits to Grandmonty's for Thanksgiving, trips to Thibodaux, shopping ALL OVER the state, decorating for Christmas, and keeping up with our active SEVEN month old have made this past month FLY by!! Our highlight of November is that Savannah is officially a SITTER!!! :) She sat up be herself one day and hasn't toppled over since!! The second big news is that Savannah also has her first tooth! After one night with a fever, we awoke to find Savannah's first pearly white peeking out! It can also BITE....just ask Sadie and Rylie......
We are having an absolute BLAST getting ready for Savannah's first Christmas!! Her PINK Christmas tree is up in her nursery....she cried when she saw it the first time but they have warmed up to each other. We also went as a family and picked out her "Big Girl" Christmas tree.....those pics will be coming SOON! All in all, it has been a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, albeit a very busy one! We thank Jesus everyday for our Little Turkey and are so thankful that He chose us to be her parents.... We could not have been given a sweeter, more precious gift.
Like I said, we have done A LOT of Christmas shopping....
Thank goodness, Savannah is the BEST shopping buddy in the world!
She NEVER tells me 'That's too much" or "You need a bigger size....."

Daddy built us a fire in the outside fireplace.....
and it was the BEST fire I have ever seen!
Way to go, Boy Scout! ;)
(Errrrr, I mean, football player....)

Snuggling with Daddy's Snuggle Bear.
We could not love this little girl MORE!!
Grammie and Vana are Best Friends....

The Three Amigos...
The Three Muskateers...
Ehhh, I kinda like The Three Stooges. ;)

Carson and Savannah...sitting in their favorite place in the world.

RyLeS!!! Eating her very first peanut butter and jelly sandwhich!
What a big girl!

It's OFFICIAL! Savannah can sit up without any hands....
And here is the picture to prove it!!
My love bunny....
with the sweetest little eyes EVER!

Although she HATED it when she was younger, Vana LOVES being thrown into the air now. So Daddy has perfected his throws to include a 360 degree, triple-axle jump, with a counter turn spiral deluxe....
Hey...figure skating was the only thing we were allowed to watch when we were kids!
(Jen, Kurt, and Hez..... A little Kristi Yamiguchi, tonight??? ;) )

"She loves her Aunt Jen more than ANYBODY!!!!" - Aunt Jen :)
My Best Friends in the WORRRRRLD!!!!

Heading out for next round of shots.....
Doesn't it seem like we are ALWAAAAYS going to get shots??
Brave Daddy leading the way....
Practicing her Miss America wave...
I think she's got it! ;)

We sit in our big-girl high chair now!!
This is what happened when I told Savannah to put her feet in the holes.....

Like I wasn't a big hit at first...
"Vana! Here come the lights!!" - Me
Plugged in the lights......

Meeting Mrs. Tannenbaum.
Finally!! Mrs. Tannenbaum is Savannah-approved!
While out shopping, Aunt Jen found a GIANT Minnie Mouse!!! Look at Sadie's face!! We can't wait to take all these little girls on their FIRST trip to Disney together!! If this is any indication of the responses we will get, I don't think there will be enough cameras in the world...
Mickey's turn!
.Best Friends.

They SHOPPED til they DROPPED!!! :)

Our sweet tiger cub.
Here comes Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus!! Right down Retreat East Lane!!!!!! :)
We can't wait to celebrate Christ's birth with our precious Savannah girl....
The holidays have never been quite so SWEET!!!!


  1. I think this is my favorite post thus far. I LOVED all the sweet pictures of the kids. Even though I was around for most of these, I sit here grinning like a big ole kid who has never seen babies before. My heart is so full of love for our three girls and one glad we have a lifetime to share together!!!!

    I love you, Lissie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Next time I buy an outfit for the kids, I'll keep in mind that the kids will get a GGGOOOOODDD wear out of it. Every picture i see the twins in, i see the tiger outfit haha. j/k. I could not be happier that I'm Aunt Magic to these 4 little muffins. Everytime I see them laugh and giggle and make funny noises, i can't think of anything but how blessed I am. I'm never gonna be able to move awayyyy!!! Love you Lissie and Wadie!

  3. im pretty sure she is fond of me as well!!


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