Friday, December 31, 2010

A Dazzling December with my Darlings! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Christmas with your sweet families!!
We had an absolutely INCREDIBLE month together...
Ladies from our church got together and made cookies and blankets for the homeless...
My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary...
Wade and I were engaged 4 years ago this month...
And Savannah becomes more and more hilarious!!
Here are a few of my favorite memories from this month::

Wade: "Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow...."
Savannah: "Noooooo!! Daddy, stay!!!!.......
(Begins waving)
"Bye bye, Mommy."
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hahahaha!!!!! So SO funny!

Me: "Savannah, don't do that!"
(I forgot what the crime was, but she instantly did it again!)
I stand up and start walking toward her...
and she KNOWS what's about to happen..
so she saves me the trouble.
Savannah spanks herself, says, "Corner!" and sets herself in the corner!!
Hahaha!! Smart girl!

Savannah (as she hands me a book): "Read!"
Trying to teach her to say, "Please," I reply: "Read what?"
Savannah: "Read this!"
Me: "Read this what??"
Savannah (getting frustrated) : "Read this book!!"
Me: "You have to say, 'Please!'"
Savannah: "Read this book, please!!!"....
She then walks away, leaving the book behind....

Me: "Savannah... did you know that you will have a brother soon?"
Savannah walks up to me, hugs my waist, kisses my belly and says, "Hi, Andew."


My 20 month old!! Where is the time going?????

Last time in the crib....

...and first time in the toddler bed!!!
This has been Savannah's most favorite thing ever!!
(Crawling in and out is MUCH easier than FLIPPING in and out!! Ha!)
We walked in one night just to check on her before we went to bed...
and found her snuggled up with ALL of her toys in the bed
that were NOT there when we put her to bed! Haaaa!!
I have to say, though, that I LOVE when she comes in our room
and crawls in the bed with us around 7 AM....
It's the best. :)

Aunt Hezzy and the girls making Christmas cookies!!!!
So so so so so sweeeeeeet!

My precious pink boo boo girl.
With one boot on and one boot off.... ha!

Kurt, Mandy, and Carson drove in!!!!
This DEFINITELY made Christmas perfect!!!
My bears.

My beautiful Mommy!!!
Kids are always a joy...
but there is something so special about them at Christmas time!
I am SooOOooOOoo happy to be a mommy!!!!!!
Stuffing our twice baked potatoes!!!
Pretty Jenny!
Hezzy working HARD!
((Had to take a picture... it's THAT unusual.))

Tah dah!!!!
Christmas dinner!!!!
I love that my family loves to cook!!!
It makes life SO delicious. :)

Hezzy and her favorite thing ever -
Chicken and Dumplings!

So I forgot the name of this...
but you can just call it:

Chocolate ganache...
On top of Cheesecake...
On top of a praline filling...
On top of a graham cracker crust.
Greatest. Thing. Ever.

Merryyyyyyy Christmasssssss!!!!!.

Grammie's stocking: Coffee and Almonds...
Pop's stocking: Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy's, and Mentos...
Can Grammie and Pops be described any more adequately???? Ha!!
That's what makes them PERFECT together. :)
A Brinker Christmas!!

My sweet brother and his precious son...

Perfect. :)

All the Brinker babies together!!!!

Can you believe that next Christmas there will be
THREE more children added to this picture??
Callie, Andrew, and Baby Brinker... welcome to the family!

Vannie's Sissies. :)

Ready for church!

Hello, blue eyes!!!!!

Savannah thought it would be really fun to get BACK in the tub
AFTER she had already been bathed, diapered, dressed,
and was MINUTES from having to go to bed!
At first she thought it was funny.....
...then she realized the water was VERY cold
and that the joke was on HER! Hahaaaa!!!

Christmas at PawPaw's house!!!
How sweet is this???
Vana and Paw!!
Priceless! :)
Petting her first reindeer..
She's too scared to pet the REAL ones! Ha!

Present timeeeeee!!

I wish I knew what was so exciting here!!!
Savannah and cousin, Abigail!
Meeting Santa Claus for the first time....
Nana trying to teach Savannah that the red button on the bottom
means that Santa will dance and sing to you!!!
At first, Savannah was scared of Santa...
after a few times of watching him though,
she eagerly ran and STOMPED on the button to start the music!! Ha!
I can't seem to post it now... but I caught her on video TWIRLING with Santa..
Absolutely ADORABLE!

My favorite part about Christmas dinner??
Dessert. :)

Abigail turned 1 on Dec. 20th!
Savannah decided Abigail needed help with her birthday cake... ha!
Soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

My love.
"Peek a boo, Mommy!!"

Ha, Savannah found a baseball and they quickly
became best friends. :)

I absolutely LOVE this picture for some reason...

My sweet girl.

Is there anyone in the world as great as your dad???

Now that we are DAYS away from Andrew making his debut,
we thought it might be a good idea
to get his clothes washed and organized...
Here is the proud big sister!!!

Putting Andrew's precious crib together!!
Hopefully the room gets finished within the next few years... ha!

38 weeks pregnant. :)
((This picture had to be cropped this close
because the room was THAT messy! Ha!))

My due date is January 9th, so we are getting veryyyy close to meeting our SON! Pleaseeeee pray that the delivery is easy, Andrew is the healthiest little thing ever, that he gets Wade's eyelashes, and that he waits until JANUARY so that he can have a fun birthdate... 1/11. :)

Can't wait to blog again.... because that will mean
Ahhhh, can't wait!!!
Love you all!!!!!!!

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