Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Snow* and .....Sand......

I'm going to skip over the obvious fact that I haven't blogged in over a month and we are going to just move right on.... ((I'm so sorry! I'm trying, I really am!))

Savannah is now over 9 months....can that even be real???? Where did my teeny-tiny baby girl go...the one that I had to take outside to sit next to the air vent to get her to sleep, the one that stayed right where you put her, the one that loved getting rocked all day?? :( I will miss those sweet days and cherish those times forever... They were truly wonderful!!

However, as much as I loved Savannah's "baby-baby" stages, I am absolutely having a blast watching her grow up and develop, learning how to do new things every day! She is now a very active little bunny who is crawling all over the house, pulling up on everything, and can even shake her head, "No." ((Uh-oh.....!!))

She is the highlight of my day and I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I am to be able to stay home with her! I have such a delight in "training her up in the Lord," and am so thankful that I get to do that throughout the ENTIRE day and not just at bed time... She is my pride and my joy and getting to spend every moment with her makes all the carrots in my hair and all the slobber on my clothes TOTALLY worth it. :)

Thank you, Wade, for being the greatest husband in all the world and letting my stay home with our poonyas! :) I love you!

My sweet potato!
Minnie Mouse?? Is that you???
Aunt Megan, already teaching Vana how to SHOP! :)

This is what we woke up to one morning....
Can you say, "SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!" :)

The backyard...

So I wrote this out to Wade in the backyard as a surprise for him to see when he got back from work.....but when he got in the next morning, it had already melted and he never got to see it.... What's really funny is that he wrote the message in the next picture out in the FRONT yard for me to see, never knowing I had written him a message in the BACK yard!!!! Ha!
I love Wade Poole, RN. (( Haha!!!))

How sweet is this?? What a great way to wake up in the morning. :)

Anybody from Thibodaux High 8 years ago recognize those shorts??? Haha!!

My creative way to show you how deep the snow was!
Considering this is Cenla....that's DEEP!!!

My car!
((I really wanted to drive it and see if I could get to Jen's house,
but Wade wouldn't let....something about blocked vision???))

Baby Bear, Momma Bear, Papa Bear. :)

Our Christmas tree..... in February. Hahahaha!
(Thankfully, Jen still had her Christmas lights up at this point, so I was NOT the most tacky person in the family.)

I bet you know what I did as soon as Wade snapped this picture!!! ;)


We loooooooove SNOW!!

Our neighbor's snowman.
We started to make our own, but never realized how hard it is!!
So we just stole our neighbor's snowman instead. :)
That was definitely wayyyyy easier.

One of my favorite pictures from the day....

Since I am actually a real angel, I decided to leave my outline in the snow. :)
It was AFTER I left this impression in the snow that I realized I was in someone else's yard....OOPS!! Haha!
Vana's first SNOWBALL!!! ;)

This family LOVES the snow!!

After a few days in the snow, we packed up our bags and headed towards warmer temperatures....Thank you, Jesus, for GULF SHORES, ALABAMA! :)
Since Daddy BARELY drives the speed limit, Savannah decided to help him speed it up a bit. ;)

Good morning, BEAUTIFUL!

Pulling into our resort......

Tah-Dah!! Welcome to the Perdido Beach Resort!!
Our view from Room 303. :)
We hired a NANNY to come for the weekend!
Aunt Magic was SUCH a trooper! This was Savannah's first trip to the beach!!
There is no one in the world quite like my Wadie Boy....

Is it even possible to go to Gulf Shores WITHOUT going to Foley's Outlet Mall...??
Yeah, I didn't think so, either.....

Me and my Hezzy Bunny....thanks for coming!

We went to Lulu's!! Has anyone else ever been there?? It was soooo cute and such a neat experience. I got the Jerk Chicken Salad Sandwich....not my favorite. But Wade and Heather's meals were DELICIOUS! :)

"I can fit more than ONE puff in my mouth at a time, ya know!!!"
Happy Valentine's Day!!
We walked the beach at sunset!!
We apparently reeeeeeally like writing messages out on the ground....??? Ha!
Our TENTH Valentine's Day together!!!

Day Two: Getting ready to travel to Fairhope, AL!
My favorite picture from the whole trip!
I love my bear!
((Mom - this one goes on the refrigerator!
Dad - don't fuss that Mom is using up all the ink. ;) Ha!))
Beautiful Heather Girl!
Doesn't she look THRILLED to be sitting in the back with screaming Savannah????
Our very, very, very, very, very, very handsome chauffeur. :)
First Family Outing to Fairhope!
Wade first saw this place on the Food Network Channel where Guy Fieri on "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" filmed one of his shows here! It was OUTSTANDING!!!!
If you are ever in Fairhope, you should totally go! It's worth the drive!
The framed newspaper on the wall from when the Food Network came to town!
Guy's picture with Panini Pete's staff!
If you can't read what he wrote, it says, " To: The Rockstars of the Panini Palace! - Guy"
((Pete is 4th person from the right...I know because we met him :) ))
This is right after Pete said, "Ahhh!! She is soooo cute! This table gets a free meal for having the cutest baby!!!!" Haha...ok, maybe not. But he really did say Savanah was adorable!! :)
Wondering why Panini Pete didn't say WE were adorable....????
My Panini Burger!!
And apparently, the potatoes sit in water until you order them.....they are super fresh and totally STOMP McDonald's french fries....and that's saying A LOT! Ha!
They also make HOMEMADE Mozzarella Cheese!!! It's INCREDIBLE!!!
Savannah's first Mardi Gras Parade!!! Who knew they had more parades in Gulf Shores than in New Orleans???? Thankfully, this was just a children's parade.... we stayed for a whole 2 minutes before we had had enough and got back to shopping. :)
Wintzell's Oyster House!
If you haven't been to Gulf Shores recently, Ruby Tuesday's has been replaced with Wintzell's Oyster House.....and it is WONDERFUL!!! Here is Wade with his Oysters Bienville!
I'm not crazy about oysters....but the ONE that I did eat was reeeeeally good!
My Grilled Shrimp Salad.....SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!
And I forgot to take pictures of the desserts, but they were as big as the plates!!! Even if you go to Wintzell's just for dessert, it would totally be worth it!!!

Day Three: After hitting Lambert's, we were finally on our way home..
This is right before Mommy took over the wheel and drove 80 instead of 65. ;)
We LOVED our beach trip....
But there is no place like home. :)
Now that I am going back through and looking at all these pictures, our entire trip consisted of EATING!! Haha!! But it was absolutely WONDERFUL and we are already talking about our next trip!! Marion, Illinios, anyone???? :) Time to go visit Grandpa!!!
And hopefully the next time that I blog will be BEFORE Savannah's first birthday!!

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