Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a MIRACLE.... I BLOGGED!!! :)

Due to some friendly (and some not-so-friendly) reminders that I haven't blogged in a very long time, HERE IT IS!!!!!!!! :) Both of our computers have crashed, so I am borrowing Heather's right now to blog. And since she is charging me by the minute to use her computer, I better get on with it.

Savannah is a month away from turning ONE. Can that even be real?? I know I say this in every blog, but it is as though time is just evaporating and my sweet hunny bunny is turning into such a big girl... Wade and I constantly remind each other to love and cherish every moment with her. I'm trying to capture lots of the memories on the video camera...but I just want to freeze today and live it over a million times before moving on to tomorrow. Does every mom feel like that?? I just want to hold and treasure each moment and have every day memorized so that I never forget her at any of these precious stages that fly by so quickly. ((Thankfully, the video camera is my back-up for when my mind does fail me in 80 years...for when I can't quite remember how many splinters Aunt Jen let her get or how many times she hollered, "Savannah Grace!!! Put Rylie down! NOW! :))

As for Wade and I, we have fallen more and more in love with each other everyday. It's funny that at 14, you think..."Wow. I can never love you more than I do right now."

Then at 21, you think....."I thought I loved you then??? I love you just so much more even now!!"

And now that I'm 23 and we have a beautiful daughter together, I think...."I'm positive that if I loved you any more, my heart would burst!"

I can only imagine how much I will love my Wadie in our next 80 years. Everyday just gets sweeter and sweeter together and if I spent the rest of my life thanking Jesus for my Wadie Boy, I still wouldn't have said it enough. He is my heart.

Now....onto the last few months. So many things have happened!!! Savannah is crawling and pulling up....and has even stood up and just stood there without holding on to anything several times now!! She hasn't taken any steps yet....but they should be coming soon. Jen says to get ready because once she starts walking, she will NEVER sit again!! Ha! I'm excited to see what the next few months will bring!! Wade and I have also gotten really involved in our church...and are LOVING every minute of it. (Even when stuffing 2,200 Easter eggs....Ha, I really DID enjoy it. Does that make me weird?? Haha!) We have both grown tremendously in our walks with the Lord and it is so encouraging to be surrounded with such Godly people on a daily basis... I love all of you and thank you for loving Jesus so much.....it shows. :)

Also, two of my very dearest and best friends got engaged!!!! Megan Wilkie and Candace Gillette are both planning their weddings for this winter...and I FINALLY get to be a bridesmaid...TWICE! Haha!! We have had several wedding planning days and this was what I brought for our "stupid love" sessions like Alyse likes to call them..... Haha!! I love you both and could NOT be happier for you! God has given you the other half of your heart....is there anything more wonderful in the world???? CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)
Almost time to switch to real MILK!!! (Our bank account is VERY thankful.) :)
Gooooooooo Cats! I actually summed up some school spirit and we went watch the Lady Cats win a championship!! Or a tournament?? Or a game?? Something like that. :)
I spy two muffins that should be sleeping.......
We went meet PETER. Peter at the Park! (Those of you who get that....shame on you.) Haha!!
Once the weather finally warmed up, we went play at the park!! The older kids ran Savannah over....but she really did love the slide when she got to slide it....the whole ONE time.
Wheeeeeeee!! What a precious picture!!
My love bug IN the lady bug. :)
I've been trying to get her to say, "PINK" as her first word.......
Ssssssssneaking around!
Learning to stand up.....in her high chair.
I need a safe-parenting class, I know.
Tah-dah!!! This is the first time she stood up without holding on to anything!!!!
What a smart girl. She takes after her Momma. Ok, ok, and her Daddy, too.... :)
Here we are at Logan's....she is definitely a Daddy's girl. She asked to order a steak. I told her if she wanted to get married one day, she better eat salad. So salad it was. :)
My whole world. Minus the ketchup.
Shanny bunny!! You made the blog!!! :)
PROFILE PICTURE it! This is just TOO sweet!
I get to look at these little feet everyday and watch them grow....how lucky am I????
Trying to figure out where to pinch Mommy for not having green on for St. Patrick's Day....and I'm SERIOUS!!

This is JEN'S laundry, not mine.
Mom - this should make you VERY proud. Haha!
Happppppppy Birthdayyyyy, Pops!!!
You are the greatest in all the world...and we can't wait to scream and throw tantrums and do back flips out of high chairs in Olive Garden with you again for the NEXT 52 years!! :)
Our family corner in the bookstore :)
I think it's kind of funny that most of the pictures on my camera are from the girls shopping at Sam's....and they are all from different shopping trips. Jen - - does that mean we go to Sam's too much??? ...........Nahhhh.

Ha! Here are the girls during ONE of those trips to Sams.
Rylie: "Heyyyy! Who are you busting up in the middle???"
Sadie: "Should I slam her face into the buggy now or should I wait until we go outside???!!"
Savannah: "Princesses need to be treated a little more delicately, please!!!!"
Hahahahahahahaha!! I love my family.
Couldn't you EAT those cheeks???? Ha, here is one half of the picture.....
And another half of the picture...... I could kiss those little noses ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!
Annnnnnd the complete picture.... Sadie and Rylie are wondering why Mommy is leaving them sitting in the aisle while she looks at cookbooks....and Savannah has her hand in my purse, probably looking for the 12 pieces of gum that she already had started chewing....

Life with these monkeys is such a crazy adventure. It's completely glorious.... :)

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