Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sit Down...This May Take Awhile!! ;)


Can you believe it?!?! One year of eating every three hours, one year of changing 60 million diapers a day, one year of uh-oh's, hi's, and waving bye-byes!! Ahhhh!! I am just so so so happy for her and just a little sad for myself.... Although it's had it's ups and downs, this year has been the most rewarding and fulfilling year of my life!! I was MADE to be a MOM! :)

And we have some BIG NEWS!! On May 13, Savannah took her FIRST STEP!!! :) It was absolutely perfect!! Wade and I were playing in the kitchen with her after dinner one night, and we watched as she stood up and stayed there for several seconds before gently sitting back down. I picked her back up and set her on her feet and let go, while Wade took a few steps back and held out his hands for her... We watched her think about it....and think about it....and FINALLY take that first step, straight into Daddy's arms!!!! It was PERFECT!! Wade and I were both there to see it and it has quickly become one of our most favorite family moments together!! The expression on Wade's face was priceless.....shock, excitement, and mostly PRIDE. Pride in his little bear bear that had just become a little more grown up....

Savannah Grace Poole, 1 year old!

May 2 - Savannah's Birthday Party
"It's a Sundae on Sunday Celebration!!"

These are a little out of order, but hey.....
I have a one year old now and time is limited. ;)

How is that they always like the tissue paper and boxes waaaaaaay more than the actual present??? Haha!!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE!!!

This was about as messy as she got! There were 6 icing flowers on her cake and she picked up each one by color and ate them all individually!! Haha...she was so neat and dainty. She is DEFINITELY her mother's child. :)

Is this sugar?? Oh wait, I've only had this a million times already, thanks to all my very bad AUNTS who have fed me chocolate, diet coke, whipping cream, cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, vanilla ice cream....need I go on?? Haha!!!


Vana baby and her FIRST bike, thanks to Grammie and Pops!! You should see this monkey riding her can't wipe the smile off of her face!!! :)

Savannah got her first WALKER! ((THANKS, Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin!!!)) She holds onto it and just constantly walks from one side of the house to the other. Needless to say, we have all the sounds and songs memorized and are close to pulling our ears off.... :)

What one year old has a HOT PINK CHOCOLATE fountain at her party??
SAVANNAH!!!!!!!!! :)

Since our theme was SWEETS, we created a whole candy buffett!! I am honestly most proud of the peppermint trees!! Thanks to Jen and Hez that unwrapped 23423498249 TRILLION peppermints for me!! Ha! But get ready...we are SO doing this again for Christmas!!

Sweets to the Sweet! :)
Our favor bags!

One very happy baby that is very thankful to her mom for throwing her party at naptime....

Mr. Billy Sharbono - - you are the GREATEST!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo incredibly much for my precious pink LOLLIPOPS!!! They were absolutely PERFECT!!!!
Thanks to every single one of you that came to Savannah's first birthday party and made it SUCH a wonderful day!!! You all mean so much to our family and I can't thank you enough for your love, support, and sweet friendships. We love you all!!!
We had some very dear friends graduate from LC and I am so glad I was able to be there to watch you all walk!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
The lovely MEGAN NATION!!

Shanny Bear, BSW. ;)

Shan - I have lots more grad pics for you....
I'll e-mail them to you!! Don't let me forget!!

Hooray for Shanny!!!!!

MISS EMWEE!!!!! So glad to see you!!!!!! :)

Wade and Savannah's sweet cousin, Abigail!!!

Granny and Vanny!!
Can you tell how much this family loves each other??

Savannah and Abigail being VERY serious....


My very sweet, very precious husband planned a SURPRISE trip to New Orleans for Savannah and I to celebrate my SECOND Mother's Day and Savannah's actual birthday!!
What a FABULOUS man!! :)
We stayed 2 nights and 3 days at the Baronne Plaza Hotel.... It was delightful ((even though it was 30 dollars a NIGHT to park, 10 dollars a night for a refrigerator, and so on....! Ahh!))
It was right off of Canal Street, so we were able to walk around downtown and truly see New Orleans.... What a crazy, overwhelming, and totally exciting place!

We found it. Parked. Checked in.
Mission Accomplished. :)

Baronne Plaza!!

Ready for our first day of fun!!!!! :)
See the hand on the light..... yeah, people in New Orleans don't really obey them. And since I am very much a rule-follower, it was kind of hard for me to learn to dart in and out of the cars. But it eventually got easier and easier, and I learned to quickly ignore all the honking.... ;)

We aren't in Kansas anymore!!!
Beautiful Canal Street!

What does a girl do on the morning of her very first birthday??
Eat beignets at Cafe du Monde, of course.

We LOVE family vacations!! :)

Jackson Square, named in honor of New Orleans hero, Andrew Jackson.
But we like to think of it named in honor of Jackson Preuett. ;)

Totally gorgeous.

My sweet boy.
Here we are at the RIVERWALK!! This was actually one of my most favorite parts of the weekend!! It was such a gorgeous day and there was fun, happy music playing while you walked by the river. We enjoyed watching the older people stop walking and start dancing down by the river.... Wadie and I will be back in 80 years so all the young kids can watch US dance... rightttttttttt, Wadie???? Righttttt???? ;)

Happy Birthday, my LOVE!!!!!!!
My most treasured blessing.
What else do you do in New Orleans besides shop and sight-see??
And that's something this family is good at!! Haha!!
Here we are at Deanie's Seafood!
Wade saw it on the Food Network Channel, so you know we had to try it!!!!!!
Wade's fried fish, fried oysters, and fried shrimp. Healthy.

My Crawfish Duo: fried crawfish and crawfish etoufee. YUM.
I didn't have my camera (ughhh!!) but we got to eat at Byblos, a Greek Restaurant, with Heather and Matt Preuett, as well as Jackson and Olivia! :) It was WONDERFUL and we look forward to going back with you guys!!

Here was one spontaneous decision we hadn't planned on...but are SO thankful we did!!!
We went to the WW2 museum!! It is truly incredible. Words can't describe how you feel when reading about the sacrifices and the pain of the American soldiers... I read letters that soldiers wrote to their wives and children, trying to explain why they couldn't be home for Christmas.... a letter to a mom letting her know all 5 of her sons had been killed.... the last entry in a diary before the soldier was shot...
It was overwhelming, to say the least. My grandpa, Donald Brinker, fought in the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest.... I researched it and found it was an extremely thick forest along the Germany/Belgium border, roughly 50 square miles. "It was described by those there as a 'weird and wild place.' Here the near 100-ft tall dark pine trees and dense tree-tops gave the place, even in daytime, a somber appearance which was apt to cast gloom. It was like a green cave, always dripping water, the firs interlocked their lower limbs so that everyone had to stoop, all of the time. The forest floor, always in perpetual darkness, was devoid of underbrush. Add to this gloom, a mixture of sleet, snow, rain, cold, fog and almost knee-deep mud . This was to be the setting of the most tragic battle of World War 2"....where 33,000 American soldiers and 28,000 Germans soldiers were killed. It became the longest battle on German ground in WW2 and the longest single battle the US Army has ever fought in its history.
I found a quote describing the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest... "If ever there were a group of Americans for which a tear should be shed, this would be the group."
Saying I'm proud can't appropriately describe how appreciative, how thankful, how amazed Iam by the incredible men who gave their lives for our freedom. How do you even begin to say thank you?? It's quite humbling.
To my grandpa, my dad, my uncles, and my brother, and all the other military men - Thanks. Thanks a million times and then a million times more. I could not be more proud of you.
You have done more than you will ever know......

Here are some of the advertisements posted around the time of WW2...
I thought they were interesting... see the Nazi insignia falling behind the children?? Creepy.

Do with less - so they'll have enough!
((I so didn't know that's why they created rations!!!))

"Something made me look up and there, not 10 feet away, was a Jap charging towards me with his bayonet. My hands were empty. I was helpless... Then shots chattered from all sides of me. My men hit the running Jap in a dozen places."
- 2nd Lieutenant John Chapin, 24th Marines, 4th Marine Divisiom

Marines slog through the mud..... can you even imagine??

I forgot what this room was called....
I was too distracted by the beautiful man and the sweet baby.... ;)

The Higgins boat. Named after Andrew Higgins (who was from New Orleans, hence why this D-Day museum is established there). President Harry Truman said, "Andrew Higgins is the man that won the war for us." These boats allowed the men to land on the open beaches, which is one huge reason why we won WW2.
What can we say??
We, South Louisianians, are pure geniuses. ;)
Hahaha.... apparently Savannah is going to need a few more years before she can really appreciate all this history.... ;)

Seeing as how the WW2 museum was only a few blocks from our hotel (or that's how it looked on the map, at least!), we decided to just walk there instead of drive. BIG MISTAKE. Haha!! On our way home, we picked up sno-balls to give us energy for the million-mile walk back to the hotel. And OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Mom's Sno-balls on Baronne Street in New Orleans are SPECTACULAR!!!! If nothing else, the sno-balls are worth going back to NOLA for!! Hah!!

Ok, so I have been BEGGING everyone I know to take me to the aquarium for the past 23 years. FINALLY, FINALLY, my precious husband took me!! I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was!!!!! Here we are in the parking lot, while I am secretly DYING to get in to that aquarium!!!

Here we comeeeeeee!!!!

Oh, hey, SHARK!

"Fish are friends, NOT food."

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy.....

Could you imagine this adorable animal trying to EAT YOU!?!?!? Ahhhh.
I wonder if this was what Jonah looked like....
Minus the baby. :)

Me and my sweet girl, playing with sharks and fishies on her birthday!


Jonah....swalled by a SHARK!!! Eeeeeks!

2 words: FISH FRY!!!!!!!

So, seahorses apparently are faithful to their one little spouse through one entire season! How precious is that??? Here is MY little seahorse!!! :))))

Look, Mom!! I'm horse-back riding!!! Haaaaaa!
(Heather - I would love to see your facial expression on that cheesy joke!!! Haha!!)

Aunt Jen!!!!! What are YOU doing at the aquarium?!?!

Big fish. Little fish. What a precious POOLe. :) Get it??
Wade's favorite part...the mighty, white gator. ;)

This totally makes my heart SMILE!!

I spy TWO pearls!!! :)

Oh, this is just me, petting my friends, the STING-RAY'S!!!
We call them "Lil Ray."
((Kayla Courville - - that is for YOU!! haha!!))

Savannah's favorite part...the PENGUINS!!!
They sat and talked with each other like old friends - - totally adorable.

Wade's brick at the aquarium!!!!!! Haha, Wade's Granny bought him a brick, along with his cousin and his sister, years ago.... We searched forever for this thing, probably looking like some crazies. But Wade found it!!!!!! And I was so proud!! Haaaa!! If you go to the aquarium, look for it. It's in the P section. ;)
Overall, May has just been an incredible and delightful month. My pookie is one, I can scratch "Go to the Aquarium" off of my Bucket List, and we made it out of New Orleans alive.
I would call that quite successful. :)
Love to you all!!

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