Monday, August 30, 2010

A Summary of the Summer!

Blog? What blog? Oh, this blog?? Oh yeahhhhhh..... Now I remember!! :) This Poole Party has been keeping very busy this summer, from watching Savannah meet sweet Grandpa Richey for the first time at the farm in Illinios to going camping with the TWO YEAR OLD Sharby-barbie twins at Lake Fausse... from crawling around in Thibodaux to running circles around the house at Gulf Shores, AL... from "Mama-ing" and "Dada-ing" to a full vocabulary of "Cheese!" "Cracker!" "Milk!" "Paci!" and the all-time favorite, "POP!!" We even have "Bubba" down.... which is super important, especially because Vana is having a BROTHER in January 2011!!!!! :)))))))) We are sooooooo excited and look forward to adding another one to this precious party! We haven't nailed down a name yet, but hopefully we will get that figured out before he arrives!

Overall, this has been a completely FANTASTIC summer!!!! Savannah was dedicated in church on Father's Day and that was so so special (even though I win the award for worst mom ever since I forgot the camera for that!!!) She has also learned some of the sounds that animals make... ask her to do the chicken. She "bwak, bwak's" while flapping her arms...definitely our favorite thing ever!!!! She looks just like her Aunt Jen when she does that, we can't help but laugh. ;) Oh!! And CALLIE MARIE SHARBONO is going to be here in 3 dayssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how Savannah acts with her new "sister...." It's going to be such a sweet time getting to know our little Cal-girl. ;) We can't waitttttttttttt!!!!!! And THAAAAAAT will definitely be the highlight of this 2010 summer!!!!!

Ohhh, and one last thing... some of these pictures are ones that only a mom could love, such as decorations for showers and Music Camp...I really wanted to post them for my mom to see, so feel free to scroll quickly through those... :)

What do you get when you have a hungry Wadie and a pregnant Lissie at midnight??
A Homemade Lemon Meringue Pie. :)

Savannah and I went camping with the Sharbono Family at Lake Fausse in New Iberia!!!
(Poor Daddy was haaaaaard at work! Boooo!)
This was the view as we pulled up to the campground!!!!

Heather!!!! I didn't know you were at Lake Fausse, too!!!!!!

The Deville-ians!!!!!!!!!!

Going hiking!! With views like this, I don't mind all the sweating.
Welllll.... maybe just not as much. ;)

Don't ask me where the other twin is!!!!

There are actually FOUR people in this picture... :)

Lake Fausse!!!
Sunset on the Lake...


Our trail!!
It's not everywhere that you can walk on trails that are on the edge of a lake!

WE WERE CHASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! By 400 horseflies!!!! They ate at our legs and we had to run for MILES... barefoot... with no help in sight!!! (A tad dramatic... but only a TAD!!!) We really were traumatized!! It stinks being made of sugar, sometimes. ;)
My bunny boo boo baby bear!!! :))))

Getting ready for slumber party time!
The next morning, we found a water park!! Minus the water.
But it was so fun just playing with these cute little fountains!! How fun is this frog???
Later, Gator.
Jonas has the right idea....
Have Rylie pull and Sadie push!!! :)
Thanks, Nanny and Poppa, for the wonderful camping adventure!!!
Same time next year??? :)
Showing off her new hair!! See how long it's growing?? Yayyyy!!
A day on the town with Grammie is ALWAYS fun!!
Reagan and Savannah playing in the nursery at church!
Scandalous Sadie is in the background! ;)
Savannah trying to play peek-a-boo with Ireland.
He didn't really want to play...

In July, we hit the beach!!! This is our condo, Turquoise Place!!
It was totally FABULOUS! There was even a lazy river that Savannah enjoyed... for a whole 15 seconds!! Ha!! That Poole girl is NOT a pool baby!
That's my girl. :)
FINALLY playing in the sand!! She loved it for a little while...
until it got into her hands and mouth.
Good thing we shut the camera off for those because it was NOT pretty. ;)
Our Poole Party... until January!
TAR BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We actually did pick up a few of these for souvenirs on the first day,
but the cleaning crews did a great job of keeping the beach clean and clear!!
It was so so nice and was such a great get-away!
The empty beach... :(
Nice for us.... not so good for Gulf Shores.
Khloe and Karlie loved taking care of Savannah!
They were such great babysitters!!!
Gulf Shores has a zoooooo!!!!
How sweet is this guy?? And he loooooved Savannah!
Just being best friends. :)
Snake Pit...
Hahaha... Everything is always more fun with Daddy.
Sunset on this ghost town. :/

Nana made sure my bear was all covered up before hitting the beach!
How cute is this???

I loveeeeeeee my Poole boy. :)
A great example of what usually happens EVERY time I try to take our picture!
Haha.. my sweet Savannah.

Thank you, Jesus... My cup overflows. :)
My precious girl... right before the Paci-Fairy came and took all the pacifiers with her.
Savannah actually has done really well with that.. I'm so proud!
Jen, Hez, and I helped run Music Camp at our church this year... and this is a picture of the reception after the production Friday night!!! I thought I had posted a picture, but apparently I forgot too... but the favors on the table were holding trail mix and said, "Taste and see that the Lord is good! - Psalm 34:8!" The whole theme was camping, so we thought this fit in very nicely! :) Mom - aren't you impressed?!?!
Heather's school bus!!!!! Not the one she rides....
The one she MADE!!! :)
Waterfall, mountains, forests... who knew all this existed in Pineville????

One of my nearest and dearest friends in all the world, Megan, is getting married in 5 weeks!!!!!
Here are a few pictures from her bridal shower!!!
(Mom!!!! Loooook!!!! What do you think???)

The sign-in table!
Ahhhhh!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!
Megan and Melissa!!!
6 years as best friends... forever as sisters! :)
All the GIRLS!!! Thanks for comingggg!!!!

Megan and her Mommy!!
Getting pinned.
Almost as important as her nursing pinning... rightttt??? ;)
Me and my Hezzy Girl. :)
BFF's..... and ever. and ever. and ever.
Savannah watching Callie wiggle around....

Like mother, like daughter..
Or are they twins..... ??

Hahaha.... my little monkey... :)

I love you so much, Savannah Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are my pride and joy... especially with your rock-star glasses. :)

Hopefully, now that we have a BRAND NEW COMPUTER, thanks to my genius brother, updates will be more often than every 3 months. HOPEFULLY.
Love you all!!!

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