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Ohhhh, October....

I guess I can blog just once a month... if I can put an entire month in one blog!!

October has been an AMAZING month!! We have watched two beautiful couples get married, traveled to the MS and AL beaches for some much-needed getaways, watched Hezzy walk on LC's Homecoming Court (pics coming later!), cried when Rylie got stitches, visited with our Jena relatives and celebrated Halloween, er, Reformation Day, by dressing up in our pj's while we gave Savannah breathing treatments for her CROUP! Ahhhh!! October has been so busy, but so full of wonderful memories!!

Here is a few snapshots to capture our month.....

Before Megan's wedding, we decided to take off for a
Bacherlorette Beach Bash in Biloxi!
Here is big momma and baby Andrew....
At this point, I had 25 weeks down, 15 more to go!
At the Hard Rock in Biloxi with the Besties!
Megan Wilkie became Megan Mackey.
Truly one of the greatest days of our lives...
Every moment was perfect and priceless and completely unforgettable!!
Since it takes this site so long to put up pictures,
here are just a few of my favorites from the wedding day!
((I'll post all of the others on facebook, Meg - - PROMISE!!!))

BFFs since 2004.... and '07.
That's for you, Shanny. :)
My precious Meggie!
This is the night before her wedding day...
Can you tell that she is GLOWING?!?!
So, we thought it would be a good idea to see Megan in her dress BEFORE the ceremony so that we wouldn't all burst into tears DURING the ceremony.
Nice thought.... didn't work.
We sobbed every minute we saw Meg in her dress...
Could she be more beautiful?????

HOURS away from being Mr. and Mrs!
Our wedding day MUST-HAVE....
Matching flip-flops.
Because who can get ready for their best friend's wedding without them....???
Signing the guest book....
The front of the chapel.... AHHHHHH!!!!
Meeting my sweet family before the wedding!!
My heart jumped when I saw Wadie standing there with our baby...
I love my groom. :)
Quite possibly my most favorite picture in all of the world.
This is my heart.

Vannie and Meggie!!!
Megan is going to be SUCH a great mommy!!
It's almost TIME!!
Here comes the BRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is moments after Megan became a MRS!

Back at home, Aunt Hezzy loves to come and play...
She teaches Savannah how to read...
...and how to crawl into pots!!!!!
Haha, one of my favorites!

On October 6,
we drove over to Pensacola, Florida to spend a few days with my Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl!! Our sweet cousin, Greg,
was marrying his beautiful bride, Katie, on 10/10/10!!!
Here are a few pictures of the precious Mr. and Mrs. Conte!!

They are such a sweet couple and
it was an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding!!!
While we were in Pensacola a few days, we stayed at this beach house....
Thanks a million times, Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl!!
Definitely one of our most favorite family vacations YET!
Here is the front...
Home Sweet Home. :)

The back of our condo...

The view from inside...

Savannah LOVED our 3-story mansion...
Now we are just waiting for Daddy to build us one!!!! :)
Family get-togethers
are ALWAYS the best. :)
((And VERY loud!!! haha!))
This Poole girl LOVED Pensacola!
Vannie and her Grammie!
There is NOTHING like waking up on the beach...
Ahhh, I'm ready to go back!!!
Going on adventures with their "pretend" grandkids!! :)
Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl are going to be GREAT grandparents!!!
Beautiful Hezzie Baby!!!
Trying to pretend this wasn't awkward....
Hilary Duff?????
Ohhhh, noooo... it's just POPS with Heather's celebrity shades on.
Dad = Best Friend. :)
My boo boo bunny bears!!!!!
Back on the farm a few months ago,
Aunt Cheryl taught the girls how to beg for "WATER!!"
This is "waterrrr!!!" in action...
it's STILL one of our favorite tricks the girls do!! :)
The three most beautiful little girls in the world...
I like Nathan in this shot, too, though. :)
The girls quickly learned that Pops throws you in the air
and feeds you ice cream...
He is definitely one of their most favorites. :)
Nathan, Rachel, Jen, Wade, Uncle Tom and I
walked the Pensacola Fishing Pier!!

The Sharbie Barbies.
I like how JEN is picking NATHAN up. Hahaha!
Is that youuuu???
((Jen - thought you might appreciate that one!!! :))))))
We also got to visit the Naval Air Station...
SUCH a neat experience!

Who wants to ride with this pilot???
She may not know to fly FORWARD, but at least she's cute!!!! :)
Ahhhhh, ADORABLE!!!!!
"Mommy! Mommy! Fly! Pleeeeeeeaseeee!!!"
Threeeee pilots for the price of ONE!
And what precious pilots!!
Good shot of her TWELVE teeth, though!! :)
My favorite. :)

And then we had had enough....
"Mommy. Out."
Beach babies!!
Sweet Sadie bug looking sassy in her swimsuit!!
Haha! Not looking very happy right here...
But they really did LOVE the beach!!!!
Can't wait to go back next year!!!!
Look at what I caught!!!
The cutest little beach bum in the world!!! :)
Back at home again, we ran up to Jena one day to visit with Grandmonty, Poppa, and Aunt Monty!!! While we were there,
we visited 2 of Wade's family cemeteries...
SUCH a neat experience!!
What was NOT so neat was seeing TWOOOO of these....
Savannah loves when Aunt Monty reads to her...

...and she loves teaching Grandmonty the color YELLOW!!
Riding the golf cart with Daddy and Mommy
is the best in the world!!

Soooooo pretty!!!!!!!!
Wearing Grandmonty's hat...
and looking VERY ready to head to the Kentucky Derby!!
(Hint hint, Daddy!!)
A southern belle.....
Or just a sneakyyy snake....??? :)
Grandmonty's pretty flowers...
BEFORE Savannah picked all the petals off.... Ha!

Who knew wind chimes could be so much fun??

I told y'all that was a CURL and NOT a rat tail!!!!!!! :)))
"Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! BUBBLES!!!!!!!"

How come I can't catch them????
.... stupid bubbles.
Moving on to more fun things...
like riding around with Poppa!
He lets me drive!!!!!
We had SUCH a fun day down on the farm!! :)

When we got home, I cooked some spinach along with dinner.
Savannah ate her dinner and when I tried to give her some ice cream for dessert, she said,
"Noooo!! That!!!" and pointed to the spinach...
Can I just tell you she GOBBLED the spinach???????
What child picks SPINACH over ice cream????
Haha, but I bet Grammie would have been proud!!! :)
October 17 - - Callie's Baby Dedication Day!!
Savannah wore the dress SHE was dedicated in...
and Callie wore the dress the twins were dedicated in!
Look at us... just being all dedicated to the Lord in our dresses! :)
Beautiful Callie!!
Grammie was so proud of her babies for loving the Lord!! :)

During October, I literally STOCKED our pantry with canned pumpkin...
We have been baking nonstop around here.... Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake, White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, just to name a few....
(Needless to say, we won't be eating pumpkin for a little while... HA!!)
But this is my FIRST Pumpkin Roll!!!!!!
The picture was on the back of the Libby's Pumpkin Can
and it looked so pretty,
I just had to try it!!! I was SO proud!!!!

I think ERIC is the greatest part about this picture!!
October 19th...
With the fall weather coming in,
you would think it would be a nice day for a trip to the playground...

Things started off sweet enough...
"Mommy!! Turtle!!"

This was her first time to slide be herself!!!
Then, it was Sadie's turn....
...And now Rylie's turn!
Unbeknownst to us,
this would be her last picture without a bo-bo on her forehead!!
After a very traumatic time of seeing blood pouring down her face,
racing her to the ER, and watching as our sweet Rylie got 5 stitches put in her forehead,
I think she is STILL so perfect!! What a tough cookie!!
That was one expensive trip to the park!!!))

When I cook, I let Savannah just play at my feet.
One day, this is what I turned around to find.... :)))
Aunt Magic with Callie!!
She is quite the snuggle bunny!!
To get into the holiday spirit, Megan and Shannon carved pumpkins at my house...
And CONVENIENTLY forgot them here!!!! Ha!
So this was the front of our house Halloween night...
M for Mackey... Smiley for Savannah... S for Shannon. :)
Sadly, instead of dressing up as Minnie Mouse, Savannah had to dress up in her pj's and get breathing treatments.. She had a 103 degree fever and was "barking" when she coughed... all symptoms of CROUP! :( She was one very sick little girl, but we were thankful she tested negative for strep, flu, and other bugs passing around. She has had to stay inside and away from people for the last week... even Callie and "Band-ahs." :( Buuuut, since she hasn't had a fever since taking her medicines, the doctor thinks she is no longer quite as susceptible to pneumonia and the flu... which mean LOTS of play time with the twins towards the end of this week!!!!!!!! She (and I!) can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although the end of October ended on a sickly note,
we are up and running around and ready for NOVEMBER!!!
See y'all in a MONTH!! :))))))))))))

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