Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nifty November!

Here it is...
Our life during the nice and nifty month of November!

Savannah turned 18 months during November!! She can finally keep up with Sadie and Rylie and has a new best friend:: Callie!!! All Savannah can talk about is "Callie, Callie, Callie"...
Savannah just wants to kiss and hug all over her...something that Callie doesn't always appreciate!! Ha!! I think this means she is going to be a GREAT big sister. :) I am 35 weeks pregnant today... and feeling VERY overwhelmed!! Sometimes ignorance really is bliss... but now that I know what's coming, I can't help but start panicking!! We will be a family of FOUR!!! How is that even possible?? But then I get really excited about all the sweet snuggle times ahead... and realize that it's all worth it.
Andrew Paul Poole - - Mommy can't wait to meet you....
Just remember our discussion - - you want a JANUARY birthday.
Don't forget. ;)

Here is my beautiful hubby
out playing some softball with our lifegroup!!
He's a HOMERUN on my scoreboard!!!! :))))))))
Uncle Nathan was the pitcher!!
And Aunt Jenny was.... the pretty one.
Ooooooh La La!!!! :)
So Savannah LOVES animals...
but Mommy and Daddy have neither the space
nor desire to purchase her a pet right now...
So here we are at the Pet-Smart to let Savannah play with her pretend pets.
We are bo-bo parents, we know.
November 5 - Aunt Hezzy turned 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is her chocolate cake...
on top of cheesecake...
on top of chocolate cake.
Quite possibly the greatest thing we have EVER eaten!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Hezzy with her 2 best friends, Trey and Junior! :)
The flowers were from her precious boyfriend, Jason!!
Cutie Patootie's. :)
Heather was also on the LC Homecoming Court!!!
and she definitely had the greatest outfit in all the world.
(Which you all know is MOST important.) :)
I love my family!!!!
Heather and Jason -
One of the most beautiful couples EVER!!
Heather's LAST LC Flag Football Intramural Game!!!
She was Number ONE!!! (No, seriously...)

Gooooooooo, Aunt Hezzy!!!!

Heather and her biggest fan! :)
Scratch that - -
Heather and her TWO biggest fans. :)
Kissy kissy!

So I thought I would flash back to Thanksgiving of last year...
Here is Savannah in November 2009.
I know she loooooks petrified...but she wasn't.
That face is fake.
She looooooooves being tossed in the air!
I think.
Thanksgiving 2010!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with Wade's family in Jena on November 24th
(Also, Aunt Meggie's birthday...ahhh!! HAPPY 25th, Aunt Meggie!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Nana made a carrot cake and asked Wade to ice it.
Wade took it icing a cake to a whooooole new level...
Not only did he ice the cake, but he made swirls on it,
AND added a pecan and cherry design on top!!
Not every wife can say this about their husband!!! Haha!
I really was SO proud!!!
Here is Chef Wadie!!!!! :)
The most beautiful carrot cake in the whole entire world!!!!!
On Thanksgiving Day, we all got together at Jen's house,
including my dad's brother and niece, Uncle Honk and Makenzie!!!
It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
Here is Heather. She wanted credit for making SOMETHING. So here it is...
Aunt Hezzy with Corn Maque Choux.
Totally delish.
What pretty slaves we have.
Grammie and her girls!!!!!

Our Thanksgiving Feast... Ahhhh!!!
And if you listen to Heather, she made all of this. Even if she had only stirred,
it still meant she got credit for that dish.
So here you go... All of this, courtesy of "Heather:"
Baked Potato Casserole, Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole ((greatest thing EVER!)), Corn Maque Choux, Green Beans, Andouille Spoonbread, and Smoked Turkey. What you can't see here is the Sparkling Grape Punch, Pumpkin Pies, Cream Cheese Pumpkin Roll, Cranberry Ring, and Homemade Wheat Bread...with your choice of homemade Plum Jelly or Apple Butter.
My mouth is seriously watering.
Giving thanks on Thanksgiving. :)
The wagon will work for now... until Grammie gets us a pony.
What every mom likes to walk in and find...
The drawer completely emptied out and their child hiding in the bottom...
Ha! But it did make me laugh!

"Hezzy. Sleep." - Savannah
Girl time in the crib.
Pahty in da crib.
Since Savannah had been so sick (first croup, then pink eye!),
we kept her out of the nursery at church and instead,
kept her in the cry room in the back of the sanctuary
so as not to infect all the other kiddies.
Did I mention that she can climb...??
I think she spent half of the service like this...
That's how much she loves Jesus. :)
Jen - you should take notes on my awesome parenting. Hah!!!

There is nothing better than a date with Daddy!!

Yummy green beans!!!
My precious girl. :)
Uncle Wade, his favorite girls, and fries...
Can a Friday night get ANY better???

MYYYY Grandpa plays in a BAND!!!!! :)
Paw came up to play at a Pastor's Conference here in Alexandria...
and they were FANTASTIC!!!

Our new favorite thing is to have the girls walk into church together...
Because this is what they do::

Absolutely precious.

Here is Savannah during November of 2009.
Has she changed much??

Here is our family tradition of going to Lowe's together
to pick out our Christmas tree...

Like daddy, like daughter.

Here is Savannah picking out our perfect tree last year....

One year later...

SO hard to believe my little girl is not quite so little anymore.
Follow the Star at LC!!!
Savannah got to pet a donkey, goats, bunnies, and a pony.
I have to say the pony was her favorite...
Grammie - - you should be proud! :)
Love love love.
Hope you all had an incredible November!!! See y'all in December!!!
Don't forget to tell someone about Jesus!
After all... He really IS the reason for the season! :)))


  1. Didn't expect to be in here so much. And I DID cook all that Thanksgiving myself!! Bare foot! Uphill! Both ways!

    Love, Aunt Hezzy

  2. YAYYYYYY, I absolutely love these posts, even if they are ONLY once a month!!!! Loved seeing everything that happened in November!!! It is so crazy seeing how much Vana baby has grown since last year!! Last year, she was just a baby! This year, she is a toddler! Crazy!! And I'm really glad that you remembered the most important part of this birthday!! :) Love love!! See you in a few days!


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