Sunday, December 5, 2010

Proof That My Kid is Being Raised Right!! :)

Ok, so I am working on my massive once-a-month blog for November... but had to write what happened this morning while I was getting ready for church
so that I would never forget it!!

I asked Savannah, "Vannie, are you ready??"
She looks at me... then points to her shoes and says, "Shoes!"...
points to her bow and says, "Bow!"...
then walks to the door and says, "Bye bye!!!!"

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Hahah!!
As long as we have our shoes and bow on, we're ready for anything!!!!
I'd say that that is definite proof that I'm raising my kid right!! :)

((We're still working on understanding the need for clothes....))

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh, my little niecey is SO SOOOOO smart!! I love her!!!!!! Clothes are definitely not necessary...just a bow and a good pair of shoes! Haha.


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