Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Babies.... One Grand Life!

ANDREW PAUL POOLE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, finally, finally!!!! 8 days past my due date, on January 17, 2011, Andrew Paul made his debut!! I checked into the hospital at 5:30 AM, was induced at 6:30 AM, and Andrew was born at 9:41 AM. I can't tell you how thankful I am for such a short, smooth, and easy delivery!! I told Wade that if all of my children are this easy to deliver, we will be having 15 children.
((His eyes got VERY big. Haa!!))
We came home on Wade's 25th birthday, January 19...
I would say that was the best birthday present Wade has ever had!! :)

I'm adjusting to being a mom of two UNDER two.. it's actually not as hard as you would think. Savannah had a harder time adjusting to sharing mom and dad's attention... but about a week after Andrew was born, she finally realized he was here to stay and has since come to looooove her little brother. She always wants to help feed him or sleep by him and we've even caught her just holding his hand.... which makes our hearts want to burst with love and joy and just pure excitement of having two babies that are best friends already. :)

I've been trying to keep a record of some of Savannah's funniest moments so that I can always remember them. I'm trying to memorize every moment with her,
especially since she seems so grown up lately...

Here are some "Savannah-isms" from the past few weeks::

I was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal one morning
when Savannah walks up and says, "Bite!!!"
Me: "No, Vannie... Mommy will get you some later."
She then looks up at me and says: "Mommy.... Share! Share, Mommy!!"
................. I think you can guess who got the rest of the cereal. :/

Savannah, with hands folded, and ALL by herself::
"Dear. Jesus. Love you. Amen. Yayyyy!"
((Perfect. :*) ))

Savannah has a little pink pony that she loves to ride and it has this fluffy white hair that will sometimes (usually) come out (gets pulled by her crazy rocking). Wade comes home and sees some of the white fuzzy hair on Savannah's clothes and says to me,
"Oh, Savannah was playing with her p.o.n.y???"
(Spelling it out to me, in case you didn't get that. Ha!)
And before I can respond, Savannah says, "Yes, Daddy... Pony."
Ahhhhh!!!! We freaked out. Savannah can spell. Haha!

While eating breakfast one morning, Savannah notices a bug flying around
and that it is getting closer and closer to her tray...
She starts shaking her finger at him and says,
"No, no bug. NO, NO BUGGGGG!!!!"
Haha - - if only it worked like that....

((And she now thinks that every birth mark/freckle is a bug.
I have a freckle on my nose, so she is constantly pointing at my face,
and saying, "BUG!!!" ....Thanks, Van.))

Me: "Vannie, do you want to sleep in Mommy's big girl bed tonight??"
Savannah: "That's Daddy's big girl bed."

And finally, her latest...
Wade: "Where are you going with all of Daddy's change??"
Savannah: "Feed the piggy, Daddy!!!"
She then marches to her room and starts shoving Daddy's money into her piggy bank.
((Ahahaha!!!! That's my girl. :))) ))

And nowwwww... PICTURES!!!

This is the day before Andrew's arrival!!
Here is beautiful CALLIE MARIE!!!!
Isn't she sweeeeeeet!!?!?

The big sister-to-be... in 24 hours!!!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE MY VANNIE!!!

Our Poole Boy. :)

Love at first sight.

My precious friends that I can always count to be there
when I deliver my babies!!
Can't wait to do that for you all!!! :)
(Hint, hint, MEGAN!!! Haha!!)

My bear.

Our NEW Poole Party!!! :)

Loving on her new toy.... err, brother.

What I get to look at EVERY day...
how BLESSED am I???

Ha!! Savannah is definitely a girl after Grammie's heart!
I looked up to find Savannah letting her pony share her apple... HA!!!!

The pony took too long. Savannah ate the apple.
((And don't blame me for this outfit...
Daddy must have had "jammies" duty this night.. ))

Getting ready for his first doctor's appt..

"My son, my son, my beautiful son."
: ))))))))))

How GREAT is our God?!?!

Ahh!! Our favorite couple with our favorite kids!! :)

As sweet as this looks,
I was only able to snap the picture before
Savannah started pushing and politely said,
"MOVE-Y, ANDREW!!!!!!!!" Haha!!

Savannah DEFINITELY thinks Andrew is one of her dolls....

Callie and Andrew = 4-1/2 months apart!

Andrew's first BATH!!!!
(And yes, he has to use Savannah's pink tub.)

My little piggy!!

Savannah's sweet smiles = the BEST!

My little lady.

Valentine's Day flowers from my sweet Valentine!!!
We've come a long way from our first
Valentine's Day date ELEVEN years ago, Wade!!!
I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!!!!

My two favorite men.

...And my 3 favorite girls!!

Rylie and Vannie thought it would be fun to dig out
ALL of the ashes from the chiminea.
And it was fun.
For them.
Ha, but they sure do look cute even if they are one big hot mess!! :)

Is this an orphan?? Ha! Nope!
It's just my precious little Vannie.

Wade: "Savannah, tell Mommy what you had for breakfast..."
Savannah: "Pickles. And fries."
Wade: "No, you didn't!!!! You had eggs! And cheese!!"
Savannah: "CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!" Haha!

Ahhhhh!!!! In other big news, WE HAVE A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!
We drove the old Explorer until the wheels fell off.. literally. Well, almost.
And here is our NEW Explorer!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!! :)

Wade has appropriately named her, "Dora."
Get it???????????? Hahahaha!! :)

So now you're all caught up on January AND February!!
Whoooo!! Love you all and see you in MARCH!!

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