Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Time flies when you're having fun!!
Or when you're a mom.
Thank goodness, I'm BOTH!!!

Andrew is almost 8 weeks old...
and Savannah is 9 weeks away from turning TWO!
Ha, and I have to say...

Being a mom is the greatest. JOB. ever.

It's hard to imagine that I will miss these days of
dinner burning because I'm wiping up the spilled breakfast off the floor,
laundry piling up from the explosions of spit up and overfilled diapers,
having to stop every 2 minutes to kiss Savannah's
that is SURE to be hurting and will soon be bleeding or falling off,
finding ink marks all over my white chairs from a pen
I left laying around on the table (ughhh!!),
finding our printer jammed up with crayons and diapers
(thankfully, unused ones)
and instead of waking up to Wade's face...
I wake up to see Piggy, Dolly, and Rella. And they are the ones on my pillow.
I usually get to use the nightstand.


In the words of my mom::
"You're investing in their eternity."
To teach them to love Jesus is my most important job and it starts now.
At birth.

Even though it feels like all I'm doing is changing diapers and wiping noses,
I know that I'm creating such sweet relationships with my kids
that will help me to
teach them, mold them, love them.

I'm so thankful for my Dad, who worked 12 hour days at a job 45 minutes away because he knew how important it was
for Mom to be there when we got home from school.
Instilling values, teaching character, portraying Jesus.
Teaching us how to cook. Showing us how to plant petunias.
And listening to us play our scales on that darn piano! :)

I'm so thankful for my in-laws, who raised such a sweet man to have the same desire that I do: that I stay home with the kids. They taught him to cherish his wife...
To be an amazing provider and a precious father.
You raised an incredible son and you should be SO proud. :)

And finally, I'm so thankful for my Wadie Boy. Thanks so much, my sweet husband, for understanding how important it was to me, to you, and to our kids that I be the one to discipline, potty-train, and spoon feed our babies. To be the one who teaches them how to count. To teach them their animals and colors. And most importantly, to be the one who gets to tell them about Jesus all day, everyday.

Being a mom is the greatest. REWARD. ever.

All that to say this:: life really has been CrAzY, but so so sweet around here!!
Savannah is LOVING being a big sister. No, really.
She wants to help do everything for him. She covers him with the blankets,
watches him while he sleeps, helps to hold the bottle while he's eating,
and pours the shampoo on his head when he takes a bath. :)

Just today, Andrew was taking a nap in Savannah's crib
(since he can sleep, Savannah can play, and I can read...
err, watch them both all at the same time in the same room)
and I looked up and said, "Savannah!! Are you sitting on Andrew?????"
And she says, "Yes!! Sitting on Andrew!! Good girl, Mommy!!"

My two lover bunnies. :)

"Terrible Two's???"
Nooooo way!!
I'm determined to turn this frown upside down
and make this the "Terrific Two's!!!"
I mean, that IS how it works, right????

Our precious church, The Gathering Place, had a Snow Day for all of the younger kids!! It was a BLAST!!!!!! Decorating gingerbread snow houses, playing in snow, making snowman crafts, eating snowman, drinking hot (ok, cold) chocolate, playing in a snow "town"... this party could not have been cuter or more creative!!!! So thankful for such a sweet church family!!

Here is Jen and Rylie playing in the snow!!!

Smiling and sledding!

Here is the sweetest dad AND "Kunkle Wade" ever!!

Melissa working, Heather eating.
Oh wait, no...
That's Rylie working, Sadie eating.

I have no idea where she gets all that girly-ness from!!!!
Ha!! Her hands make me laugh...
she really did NOT want to touch that snow!!

Nor did she think her dress should touch the snow.

Helping Vannie decorate her gingerbread house!!
Please note the icing on Savannah's mouth!! Ha!!
All she wanted was to eat the 'mellows!
Apparently, she helped herself to come icing, as well! :)

One proud dad.

So you know how I'm obsessed with taking pictures of the food...
and the food at this party was SOOO cuuuuuuuute!!!!
I just loved everything!! I didn't put up all the pictures, but here's a small taste!

The Louisiana Snowman. :)

White Chocolate and Snowflake Sprinkled Covered Pretzels - DELICIOUS!!!!

Hello, big eyes!!

Cutest innkeeper EVER!!!
(And Snowed Inn - - haha!! I told you it was creative!!
I think one of the buildings had this sign on it::
Owned by: Willy Melt and Betty Won't!! Pahhh!!)

It's so good to see Heather back in church again.
Hahahahaha!!!! Kidding, Mom, kidding! :)

Aunt Jenny helping Van make her Hot Chocolate Milkshake!!
Needless to say, getting sprinkles with a fork took a VERY long time
and the camera died shortly after....

Thanks, TGP, for such a special party!!!!!!

Here is Callie Marie!!
6 months and just a few days shy of sitting up AND crawling!!
What a big girl!!!

Can you say, "Sneakyyyyyyy????"
Ha, I love that sneaky snake!!
(And P.S.... the band-aid is just for fun. We love to play with band-aids.
It's like a sticker. Only it sticks way better.)

Such sweet cheeks!

Both of my boys...

This was seriously our conversation::
Me: "Where are you going???"
Savannah, as she looks at me, nodding her head and
pointing her finger towards the car:
"Burger. 'Donalds. Ok, bye bye, Mommy!"

Helping Daddy work on his NEW bike!!!!!!!


So excited to teach her how to ride her OWN bike in a few years!!

Truly DEVASTATED when Daddy went riding by himself.
Ha! Doesn't this break your heart????

Who needs a wallet??
This is where you SHOULD be keeping your debit card.

The following pictures were one night when Savannah
decided to have a little fun with her chocolate pudding...

My heart smiles with this one. :)

(I have a PRECIOUS video of this... but that's for another day!)

Pops and Cal-Bug!

Such. Precious. Faces!!!

New profile pic, Jen!!
Isn't she gorgeous?????????

Dad!!! This could be YOUR new profile pic!
If only you had a facebook........ :)

Learning how to brush her own teeth!!

Look what I found... in the DRYER!!!

She definitely takes after her Mommy...
laundry is her favorite chore and boy, does she love to "help."
Emphasis on those quotes. :)

In Savannah's words:: "Anju-ju!!"

Ahhhh!!!!!! This is my favorite little boy ever!!!!

I love Andrew Paul!!!!

ZOO DAY!!!!!!
With this gorgeous weather we've been having, we decided to take our little monkeys to the zoo!!! It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! We had such a great time and Savannah l.o.v.e.d it!!!!!!!!
She was a little shy at first....

But soon started to have a blast!! Here she is, feeding the fish!!
(Yes, those very gross and disturbing fish that swarm the shore and make
gross sounds while they fight over the food... blyuck!!!)

However, Savannah enjoyed every minute of it....

Savannah saw a baby reindeer here and started
motioning for him to 'come here.'
" 'Mon, Bambi. 'Mon!!"
I have a video of this, too!! Again... for a later blog. :)

Van: "DUCKS!!!!! Kack, kack, kack!!"

Savannah: " 'Ello, Duck!"
Savannah: "Daddy!!!!!!!"
Ha, precious.

Love this face!

Time for a rest. (And by the looks of that face, a nap, as well!!)

"Turtle!! Mommy, ohhh, turtle!!!"

As much as she loves animals, she is not so fond of touching them.
Here is a picture of the only animal she even attempted to touch...
a wooden bear. Ha!

I told you she didn't like to touch animals!!!! Look at that face!
And those hands!!! Haha!!

While Savannah may be afraid to touch animals,
animals are NOT afraid to touch her dad!! :(
They actually like the taste of him!!
Here is ONE of Wade's wounds from his encounter with a dog down the road...
We're on the look out for rabies.
Seriously, how sad is this????

All in all... What a great month.
I am blessed.

Hope you guys had a Fabulous February and are having an even More Marvelous March!!!
(Ha, can you tell I looooove alliteration??)

Love you all!!
Keep loving Jesus!!!

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