Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggstra-Sweet Easter!

Happy Easter!!!!

It's an Easter miracle!!
I blogged the DAY after an event
instead of a MONTH later...
You are welcome.

I hope everyone had a egg-cellent Easter!!
I know we had a hopping good time!
It was an eggstra-sweet day with our little bunnies!
We also got to hang out with our peeps!
Ok, I quit. :)

We really did have a precious Easter weekend!!!!! Saturday, April 23rd, was our church's Easter Egg Hunt out under the gorgeous pine trees at LC. We spread out blankets and had a picnic lunch while watching the kids decorate cupcakes, make Easter crafts, etc! (SO SO thankful to be involved at such a precious church!) The kids had a blast... (And it thoroughly wore them out, so we got some great naps in, too.
That's how we do. )

Here is my favorite Easter bunny!!

And my favorite Easter kitten!
(Just what Jen needs...
another cat around the house!!)

Andrew Paul ... my baby bunny!!
(I thought about putting "my little chick"
but thought that might not be appreciated by Andrew later on...)

This is what happens when there is
only ONE toy in the Cheerios box....

Sweet Sisters.

Here comes Peter Cottontail,
hopping down the bunny trail...
(You would never know that most of the children started
shrieking and crying in terror of these two...
that video will come later. Haa!!)

Two love birds with two Easter bunnies.

Seriously. Petrified.

Andrew was brave! What a man!

And this is Easter 2011.

Meeting the man behind the mask...

It's just a SHANNY BABY!!!

My boo boo bunny bear boy!

Wade... you are SO busted!!! Ahhh!!

Vannie loves her "Callalilly."

Such a sweet day!

Wait, what was William and Kate doing at our picnic?????

Soooo, I love "before and after" pictures...
and since I found some Easter pictures from last year,
I thought I would share.
Here is how we found our eggs in 2010.

And this is my big girl in 2011.

My hunny with our bunnies.

Grammie's girl!!!!!!!
She looks like a natural! :)

Our sweet friend, Jackson Preuett!!
I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!

Here is Savannah and Jackson (and Ireland!)
discussing life in 2010:

All grown up in 2011!

To give you an idea of how much our church nursery has grown,
here is a picture of the kiddies from 2010:

And here they are in 2011.
(Should I mention that there are several missing
and more on the way?? And these are all 2 and under??)
Our children's minister has her hands full! :)

My sweet Preuett family that I'm trying to convince
to be my neighbors. :)

Raegan and Sadie... so cute!

Shannon: "If we did that, would be cute??"
All: "Ohh, wayyy cuter!"

Saturday night was also "Get-To-Know-Jason Night."
I don't know how much fun it was for Jason,
but he was such a good sport!
And if you're wondering...
he passed. :)

Easter Sunday!!

I LOVE EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!! I love going to church every Sunday, but there is just something eggstra (I can't stop.) special about Easter morning!! Jesus is alive!!!!!! And I think that makes ME feel so alive! And joyful! And enthusiastic!!! Just ask Wade how many times I sang in my loudest voice, "Up from the grave He arose; with a mighty triumph o'er His foes! He arose a victor from the dark domain and He lives forever, with His saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!" Sunday morning. I think Savannah even knows the words by heart now and I'm not even kidding!! You should try singing it when you get ready for church!!
It makes for a very fun household. :)

Andrew Paul's first Easter!!

Every girl needs hot pink nails on Easter.

Happy Easter from the Poole Party!!!!!!!!!

After church, we headed out to Jen's for an amazing Easter dinner!!
Here is Savannah before we got real and
realized that at Aunt Jen's, clothing is only optional.

Y'all know we can't have an event with food
and me not post pictures of every dish!!
Let's just start with the best part: DESSERT!!
Here's is Jen's masterpiece:

Totally fabuloussss!!!!
(Oh, and the cake is nice, too.)

My two favorite parts of every meal:
Dessert and punch. :)
Heather made Strawberry Shortcakes that were just incredible, but sadly, I forgot to take a pic! Recipe is on the back of the Bisquick box, though....

This was PHENOMENAL!!!!

If you are not interested in our Easter dinner, that is okay.
Just scroll quickly through the next 100 pictures.
We eat. A lot.

It's not Easter without HAM!

Whole-wheat bread that I am determined to learn how to make!

Stuffed Mushrooms...

Onion Breadsticks...

Chargrilled, I mean, Grilled Carrots. :)
(I feel it is appropriate to insert my favorite carrot joke here.
"You know how you know carrots are good for your eyes??
Well, have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses???")
Didn't laugh?? Please ask Jen her crab joke, then.

Pasta Salad...

Fresh Green Bean Casserole...

Deviled Eggs...

Chive Potatoes...

And Wade's roast, carrots, and potatoes!!
Everything was simply SUPERB!!

Then it was time for our Family Easter Egg Hunt!!

All done????

Yayyyy!!! All done!!!

"Ummm, we're still missing 3..."
Guess we'll get those next year. ;)

Could he look any more like a BOY????

One final "before & after" shot...
Easter 2010

Easter 2011
We have a great Father who knows how to give REALLY great gifts.

Happy Easter, everyone!!
Be sure to tell others about Jesus!!
He is the only thing that matters!
Easter Sunday made ALL the difference...

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