Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Lovin!

What month are we in again...??

You'll have to excuse me. I am tired. Very, very tired.
It is rare that I get more than 4 or 5 straight hours of sleep between the sweet little boy in the bassinet on the side of my bed and the sweet little girl in the next room who begs to sleep in Mommy's big girl bed every night... and consistently tries to sneak in during the very early morning hours.
VERY, very early hours.
But I'm not complaining.
Snuggling with my bunnies is worth every minute of lost sleep.
I truly treasure it.

Andrew Paul is 4 months old (seriously????) and will start eating rice cereal soon!! I have seen him roll over both ways, but he especially enjoys rolling from his belly to his back. He is so curious and is absolutely fascinated with Savannah. All she has to do is look at him and he starts grinning. Should she poke him in the chest, he is all giggles... They are SO sweet together.
I caught them "talking" to each other today,
just the two of them...
and I think my heart melted into a big mushy puddle.
They are sweet. They are friends. Life is good. :)

Savannah Grace TURNED TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I pulled out her baby book and had her sit in my lap as I read her whole birth story. (Lucky her, right?? Ha!) I showed her her sonogram pictures. I put her hand over the clay handprint she had made for Father's Day last year. We looked through all her newborn pictures. I'm not sure how much fun she had through all of this... but I had a ball!!
I cried. I laughed.
I held her very, very close.
So thankful that she is all mine...
I don't deserve her.

We are celebrating her birthday with Sadie and Rylie!! It will be a TRIPLE celebration!!
They are turning 3 on June 20th!!!
(Can it really be 3 years??? They start school in 2 years.
Cue the water works. How did my little girls get so big??)
On June 11, we're meeting out at Jen's for a water slide and cupcakes,
so bring your swim suit and your sweet tooth!
We are SO looking forward to it!!

Our sweet and precious friend, Allyson,
took some pictures of the girls all dressed up!
Here is just a sneak of my favorites!!

I can't imagine that I ever did this.
Right, Mom??? ;)

On April 2, Wade participated in an Adventure Race out at Kincaid Lake here in Alexandria!! Since Nathan was in this same race, Jen and I and all the kids were able to watch our boys!!!
We had a blast!!
Especially Andrew.
As you can see here::

All geared up and ready to go!

Team AB&W
(Don't you think we should get t-shirts???)

Figuring out the game plan.

Annnnnnd, they're off!!!!

2 hours later...

Jon Jon and his favorite girl!!

Beautiful Hezzy.

3 hours into it...

The very proud, very cute, very hungry fans.

And the winner is::

6 hours total!!
I was one proud wifey!

This is how our babies sleep in the country...
outside. :)

My first ever homemade crust...
with homemade chocolate pudding...
with homemade meringue.
5,000 calories + 3 hours to make =
1 VERY happy husband.

This picture should be in the dictionary beside the word:

My. Cutest. Copycat. Ever.

Being a little brother is very hard work.

I know this picture is really close-up,
but his lips were so perfect and his eyes were so big,
how could I not share it?? :)

Pool partyyyyyy with almost all the Brinker grandbabies!
(Actually, now that I think about it...
once Gavin gets here, this will only be about
HALF of all the Brinker grandbabies..... Ahhhhh!! Ha!
What can I say?? Life with babies is just MORE FUN!!)



and Savannah!

Kurt's idea of a bubble bath.

Savannah: "Me hide in tent, too!"

The Brinker/Poole boys!
Not to be mistaken for "the Brinker's pool boys"...

With Kurt for your dad, you know life is FUN!
(Even though I doubt Mom is laughing...... ;)

We discovered that Savannah L.O.V.E.S. flying kites!!!
This is a picture of her running through a field
holding on to her own kite!!!!
(I LOVE this shot!!)

Does life get any sweeter?

This is the face he makes when we finds out
we're on our way to Jenny's house!!! :)

All ready for church!

Jen and Heather -
isn't it cute how much they love to play the piano now???
Give them 10 years.

Sigh. Flowers from my sweet and most precious husband.
Just because.
Have I mentioned how much I love my hubby??
I do.

For Savannah, Sadie, and Rylie's birthday present, Jen and I brought them to see Disney on Ice in Lafayette!! Ahhhhhhh!!! It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! Getting to see their reactions to all the Disney characters was PRICELESS!!!! We will be back. Every year.

Here is Savannah,
learning that we are about to go see MICKEY!!!!!!

Andrew was not quite as excited.
Can you tell he takes after the males in this family???

Finally there!!!!

Mickey Mouse time???
Yes, please!!!!!

Van's expression didn't change much during the entire show.
She was pretty much in awe from start to finish. :)

I'm not sure why Wade and I are the only ones
who look happy in this picture....
I PROMISE, we went to Disney on Ice for the kids!!!!
(....right??) Ha!

Soooooo... maybe you've heard.
There was a royal wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nooooooo, not MY royal wedding.
That was almost 3 years ago, silly!! (Eeks!!)
Nooo, Prince William married Katherine Middleton and even though we do not personally know them (shocking, I know), our lifegroup girls decided that we needed to celebrate this HISTORICAL event in a big way. (I had to explain to Wade, even though he was sleeping and had to get up for work in a few hours, that this wedding was indeed HISTORICAL, and that it was very important that I watch it!! At 4:30 A.M. With the volume ON. Can I get an amen? :)
So, even though I watched it live, all of the girls got together 2 days later to watch it again!!! We had almond tea and scones with clotted cream and lemon curd...and strawberry chicken salad sandwiches with British flags sticking out, of course... and cupcakes and
salad and crab & avocado sandwiches... get the idea??
It was fabulousssssss!!!!!!!!
Everyone was also supposed to wear a big floppy hat and gloves.
However, I have neither. So I had to wear a beach hat and my bare hands.
Hence the reason why there are no pictures of me at this delightful party.
My contribution was
Yes!! Jen helped me make them and we were SO proud!
(Should I mention it took us working TOGETHER
a total of 3 hours to do?? But at least we had fun...?? Riiiiiight, Jen???) :)

Here is our labor of love for the happy couple:

Cutting out the heart shapes...

Picking out the pretty ones!
(Because, obviously, only the best will do!)

Pink shimmery glaze will make ANYTHING look good.

Very, very, very proud of ourselves!!!!
Next royal wedding, I will make them again!!
Until then.... not a chance. ;)
(I kid... they honestly weren't hard to do!! Just time-consuming!)

Also big news::
Savannah, Sadie, and Rylie are celebrities!!!
Pineville celebrites.

They were all featured on a commercial for Splurge,
a frozen yogurt place here in Pineville!!!!
Jen is also in it and looks ADORABLE!!!!!!
Be sure to tell her so. :)

Here is the morning before filming::
Mommy loves her baby!!

Soooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha... one of my faves!!!!!
I'm not sure when the commercial starts running, but Jen or I will hopefully be able to post it in blog world so that all of who don't live in Pineville will get to see it!!!!
(Or you could just move here...!!) :)

May 7th was the Cenla Police Safety Expo where policemen, firefighters, the FBI, etc. all come together and show Cenla.... umm, different safety things...?? (Honestly, we were there for the free stuff. And to see Nathan and meet any other state troopers that we may need to be friends with for future reference. ;)

Here are the girls in the back of the SWAT truck!!!

Savannah meeting the K-9 dog!!

Since her party will be in June, we only did a very small celebration for Van on the the actual date of her birthday, May 10. Nana and Paw had balloons delivered to the door... definitely one of the funnest surprises!! Savannah had a blast with them!! Then, we went out to Jen's for Mickey Mouse cupcakes, swim time, and Mary Poppins. Unfortunately, all of those moments were on our "for real" video camera and so I have no more pictures of her birthday to post. #badmom

May 14 -
It's so hard to believe, but Heather graduated with a Christian Studies degree and is now heading off to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.
How is that possible?? She is just a little pork chop!! A kid! The FATS!!!
I seriously just don't think about it, because I can't imagine a life without Heather being right there. And by right there, I mean the middle seat between me and Wade. :)
Heather, please, please, please DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because you may miss this::

We're so so proud of you, Hezzy! Congratulations!!!!!
(And I promise I took pictures, they must just all be on Jen's camera!)

Here is a picture from a magazine that I thought was the cutest idea EVER!!!
Chocolate Mousse and whipped cream...
with a Reese's, Ghiradelli Chocolate Bar, and black twizzlers on top.
Seriously??? How cute!!!
I'm definitely saving this idea to make for your MASTER'S graduation, Hez!! :)

Heather's post-graduation party!!

And no blog would be complete without sweet
and random shots of the kids::
Idk why this is so grainy, but I just LOVED this picture!

Awww, sweet boo boo love muffin pookie bear boy!!!

Insert your own caption here...

And finally, on May 17, we went to the splash pad in Alexandria!!!
It's AMAZING!!! It's fun!! And best of all, it's free!!!!!
The girls had a blaaaaast!!!

I'll leave you with this shot:
Feel free to burst into song.
Specifically, "You are My Sunshine." :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!!!!!!

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