Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jumping June

June is turning out to be a very big month for this Poole Party!!

On June 10, our NEWEST addition to the family, Gavin Dean Brinker was born!! And what a birth story he has!! We can't wait to drive over to Texas to meet him... we should be going in just a week or so!!!!! HOORAY!!! Expect LOTS of pictures from us when we meet our handsome new man!!!

On June 19, Andrew Paul was dedicated at our church, The Gathering Place. It was SO perfect because it was Father's Day... and Andrew's dad and both of his grandfathers were there to watch him!! Baby dedication is always such a sweet service to me. It's not claiming salvation for the babies... it's just committing to raise them up in the Lord, to promise to show them Christ through our lives and teach them all about Him on a daily basis.

It's neat because one of the reasons we named our son, "Andrew Paul," is not only because it looks pretty written on paper, even though that IS a good reason. Haha! BUT we also chose this name because it means, "humble warrior." And that's our prayer for Andrew - that he be a warrior for Christ, humbly sharing the Gospel through his words and his life.
Setting the foundation for him to learn about and love Jesus as his own personal Savior starts now and baby dedication is just a reminder to all of us - his parents, grandparents, friends, and church - that a personal relationship between Andrew and Jesus is the ultimate goal.
What a sweet, sweet day!

On June 20, our sweet cousins, Sadie and Rylie, turned THREE!!! The first grandbabies, the only twins, the little NICU babies who couldn't wait for Aunt Lissie and Uncle Wade to get back from the honeymoon to be born, have turned 3!! I'm going to post Jen's status from Facebook to put on here so that it is saved for forever::

Three years ago, I cried as two three-pound babies were born and whisked to the NICU. Today, I'm sitting with those girls drinking coffee milk and eating cinnamon toast. To God who is the Giver and Sustainer of life, thank you for these miracles. To my girls who have infinitely changed my life for good, Happy Birthday from the most blessed mom around. I love you!!

You can't say "Happy Birthday" any better than that! :)

Here's a few (ok, a TON) of pictures to recap June so far::

I wanted to post a few more pictures from the girls' birthday party
1.) because it was so wonderful
2.) in honor of Sadie and Rylie's actual birthday!!

Here is our little Poole boy!
He was very excited about Sissy's party. :)

Paw and his little man!

Would it be okay to order another one of these??
To eat by myself??

I LOOOOVE this picture!!
Nanny and Sadie!!

My sweet and precious friends
with my sweet and precious son!

Cutie little Rylie.

The 3 amigos. The 3 musketeers. The 3 sisters.
(No, Kurt!! Not the 3 stooges!!!)


Have I mentioned that I have the
GREATEST friends in the whole world??
Because I do.
Really, really.

My boo boo boy!!!!
Oh my goodness, how I love this sweet face!!!

9 months old and pulling up, standing up,
and close to taking those first steps!! Ahhhh!

Okay, I have to say going back and looking through these pictures on the water slide and seeing everyone's facial expressions was absolutely hilarious!! You may or may not need to click on each and every picture to get the full shot of everyone's face! Soooo funny!

Hahaha, Megan, can't you just hear Shannon saying,
"Ewwww!!! DIRTY!!!!!"

Whoooooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahha!!

Jen - hilarious!

If you can't take the girl to Disney World,
bring Disney World to the girl!!
This is how we do that in Deville. :)
Savannah LOVES her Rella!!


I would love to know what caused these faces!!! Haha!!

Q - How many eggs can one little girl
break at one time?
A - As many that can fit in a carton.

Haha, as mad as I was, I couldn't help but laugh...
She looks SO proud of herself!

I LOVE MY HUBBY!!!!!!!!!
Always have. Always will.
Mommy and her girl...
And Daddy and his boy. :)

So this is a flashback of a picture I took
when Andrew was just a few weeks old...
I love how much Savannah adores her little brother...
And I'm sure this is just the first
in a lifetime of pictures
of the funny situations they will find themselves in!

(With a paci! And putting bubba in her buggy!!)

One really great thing about our church
is that there are TONS of kids.
Seriously. TONS.
In a 12 month period,
TEN babies have been added to our church family!!
And to count all the children 5 and under...
well, it would take a very long time. :)
One of our sweet friends, Claire, was born just 16 days after Savannah and we were invited to her Lemonade party!! It was absolutely adorable!!! We look so forward to watching her grow up... (and attend all of her really cool birthday parties!!!) Ha!

Andrew and Callie, ready to par-tay!!!

The spread...
I told you it was ADORABLE!!

One really great thing about a sister
is that you ALWAYS have a friend...

"Promenade with our Lemonade!!"

They all INSISTED on riding together.
And we wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Warning:: This is super, super classy.
How to create your own FREE POOL!!

We are frequent faces at the Splash Pad in Alexandria!
Here are the 4 girls... (Callie is hiding in the last swing.)

I know this is a little late,
but that's because Shannon needed to post this
big news on her blog first...
Here are the two little love birds.

When did Shanny get so grown up???????

SUCH a wonderful surprise!!!!!!!
Ahhhh, can't wait for all the fun planning times, Shan!!
(They really ARE fun!!! Fun. Fun. Fun. Riiiiight, Shan????) Haha!

Andrew's Baby Dedication!!
Could he be any sweeter??

Andrew with his Paw and Nana!!

Shanny and her 2nd favorite man.
(Or is Nathan number 2 and Andrew number 3?? I forget. :) )

Praying for our family.
Love this.

We are SUCH proud parents!!

This summer is NOT slowing down, either...
birthday parties, weddings, showers, vacations, adventure races,
and possibly becoming home-owners.... Ahhhh!!
This means blogger is going to need to upload pictures a LOT faster. :)
Love y'all!!!

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