Monday, June 13, 2011

Poolin' Around!


Triple the trouble,
Triple the fun!!
It's a TRIPLE celebration!!

We had as much fun as could be
As Savannah turned 2
And Rylie and Sadie turned 3!!!!

It was one of the FUNNEST days we have ever had!!
Tons of people, loads of great food,
one gorgeous cake,
and three beautiful birthday girls
made for one FABULOUS party!!

We had such a great time and appreciate ALL of our sweet friends who were able to come!! ((And for those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you!!))
Here's a quick recap of our fun-filled birthday party!!

I wanted to start off where it all began::
May 10, 2009.
Without a doubt, this was
one of the happiest days of our life.

The baby girl of our dreams.

June 11, 2011::
This is how we found Savannah the day of her party. Ha!!
Apparently, she had already started partying during the night....

Luggage from Nanny...
for our Disney vacation next year!!!

We're ready for Disney now.
Mmmk, thanks, bye.

The top of the EXTRAORDINARY birthday cake!!!

The top was a double layer of chocolate cake
with old-fashioned fudge filling.
The bottom was a double layer of white cake
with butter cream filling.
Pretty much a tiny slice of heaven.

Daddy and Uncle Justin working the water slide!!!
What great men!
The girls were only too happy to keep them very busy. :)

Wade's face = hilarious!!

I can't blog without throwing in a little "Before and After" shots...
Vannie and Aunt Meggie a year ago...

Vannie and her sweet Aunt Meggie this year!
(Who she really truly loves and calls be name!
It makes me SO happy that Meg is such a huge part of Savannah's life!!)

Shanny Baby last year....

And Shanny Babyyyy this year!!!
Another sweet friend who makes such an awesome effort
to be bff's with mine and Jen's kids...
Life is just sweeter with our Shanny Baby.

The spread...
I CAN'T believe I forgot to take a picture of
EVERY food item like I always do. :(
But I bet Jen can remember everything for you...
She truly outdid herself!!!

In 2010, she needed help eating her cake...

In 2011, NO help is necessary...

After singing, "Happy Birthday,"
Van quickly indulged. :)
I'm guessing it was GOOD!!!

Ha, LOVE this one!!

So serious, but oh! So sweet!

My Vannie last year....

And my Vannie this year!!

My precious little girl.

I love documenting Savannah and her sweet friend,
Jackson Preuett, growing up!!
How did they go from this....

To this??

Besties from birth...

Now turning TWO!!!!!!!

Aunt Meg taking Savannah down the water slide!!
Can't wait to do this with HER little girl!!

Jen and Shannon...
Living on the edge. :)

Hey Pops... where do you think she learned this from??
I think I know!!!!!!!! :)

One last "Before and After"...
Happy First Birthday!

And Happy SECOND Birthday to my precious little girl!
Jesus - how can we say thanks???
There are no words that can say it adequately...
but I love you and THANK YOU for the glorious blessings
you have given and STILL give to this Poole Party...

Love to all!!


  1. Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl! Looks like an amazing day filled with so much love! She is so precious and looks like such a sweet little love. Yall truly are blessed:)
    P.S. We went to the splash pad, it was awesome!!!!

  2. Ahhhh....such a sweet post. It really was a phenomenal day. The girls really do make life such a grand's a party EVERYDAY with them! :o) Thanks so much to all who came to love on them and celebrate their lives with us. You make our hearts sing!!!

  3. Awwww, I love this post!! I love the difference in the pictures from last year! It's so crazy how fast time flies! I was thinking earlier about how we came down last year and Justin had to help put those big lollipops into the ground! Haha!!

    Y'alls families make my life SO wonderful!! I love y'all!!

  4. love it!!
    why am i alway around food in photos and why is vannie so cute and andrew so neglected?
    loveyou lissie!

  5. Grammie and PopsJune 15, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    Oh, Melissa, I just love the way you have last year's pictures and this year's! What an amazing thought of how much has changed and how quickly the babies grow. You are doing a wonderful job raising Savannah and Andrew and investing in their lives. It will pay a rich dividend, I promise you! Thank you, JESUS!!
    Love, Grammie and Pops


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