Sunday, July 31, 2011

If You're Happy and You Know It, Shout Hooray! HOORAY!!!!!!!

Before we begin, I need to warn you....  
Get your scrolling finger ready!!
July has been crazy wonderful and crazy busy.
To put things into perspective, 
Wade and I have put 9,000 miles on our car in 5 months.  
And it feels like half of that has just been this month!  

We've been from west Texas to east Alabama and all throughout Louisiana this month...
We've loved every minute of travelling through the South, but one thing we've learned::

We're definitely looking forward to August - 
First, because it's my birthday month and you know that means 
we'll start celebrating the minute that August begins!!!!!  :)
And secondly, because we'll be spending some much needed time at home, 
enjoying our last few weeks in this rent house!!! 
 There has officially been work done on our lot!!!!  Yayyyy!!!
  I can't even begin to tell you what my heart did 
when I saw that our lot had been cleared...  
Actually, I can.  
It stopped!!!

Haa, it's one of the greatest feelings in the world to know that people are working on YOUR land, cleaning it up and clearing trees away so that they can build YOUR home...  where you'll plant YOUR flowers and cook YOUR meals and watch YOUR babies play.  
It's AMAZING...  
And if you've never felt like an adult before,
you kinda do now.

But I'm saving those pictures as a surprise for the very end of this post.
So you have to look through everything else to get to the good stuff.

I'm smart like that.  :)

Sooo, anyways, these pictures are a little out of order...

On July 29, this little Poole party met up with the Mackey Millionaires and the soon-to-be Reynolds Wrap Remix (trying to hard...??  Haha!!) in Natchitoches for lunch and to visit the Alligator Farm!!!!  Ohhh  myyyy gooodnesss!!  Can we say the most perfect day EVER???  It was SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!  We ate at this precious place called, Merci Beaucoup, and then drove down to the Alligator Farm. And let me just say that if you have never been - YOU MUST GO!!!!  Seriously, it may even be better than the zoo...  It was SOOO neat to see all the alligators randomly pop up out of the water and start licking their chops for any fingers poking through the wire mesh.  (Cue the"Tick Tock, Tick Tock" song right here!!!  Haa...  obviously, I've watched a little too much Peter Pan. Does anybody else know what I'm talking about??  Anyone??!!)  They also have goats and deer and even a mule for the kids to pet and feed!!  And if you're ESPECIALLY wealthy, you can take a picture holding an alligator!!!  (No, thanks, we'll keep our 7 bucks and just watch.)  #cheapskates

Vannie ready to meet...
and EAT.. some gator tail!!! 
 ((Also, I've recently learned how to make the pictures big, 
and since you all know how much I adore super, super close up pictures, 
I'm clearly LOVING this feature.
Sorry if your index finger is broken by the end
 of this from having to roll down so many times...))

Who wouldn't want to ride to school on this bus????

 Meeting AL! The gator.  Get it??  ;)

Uncle Justin - that's the best 50 cents you've ever spent!!  

The restrooms...  
Thoroughly enjoyed these!!
The doors, I mean. Not the restrooms themselves.

Isn't this how everyone chooses their mate?!

Holding this alligator:: $7.00
Taking a picture of this alligator::  Free

No matter what we do, we ALWAYS have such a good time!!
So, so thankful for such sweet, sweet friends!!

Shan!!  Skip grad school!
We've found your calling...

Hahahaha!!  Can we please use this as one of your engagement shots??
I'll have it framed and up for the wedding.  Perfect.

Paintings of the plantations in Natchitoches!  Sooo pretty!!!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock....  ;)

We found an iguana...  and guess what it's name was.
And in Savannah's words::  "Ewwwww, yuck!"

Greatest. Friends. Ever.

Our first Alligator Feeding Show!!
They start playing this music and all the alligators know it's lunch time!!!
Delicious raw-chicken-meat-parts time!!!

Can you tell that Savannah was deathly afraid??
Hah, she had a death grip on Uncle Justin!!!

Pointing to where she's going to send Jon Jon if he doesn't show up for the wedding...

The Mackey McCuties!!

CHOMP!!  You can hear their jaws when they clamp together
 as they go after their chicken!  SCARY!!  

No worries. If we ever have to go back to pioneer days,
 Shan knows how to work a pump.  #skillz

Teaching Vannie how to ring the bell...  probably Savannah's favorite part of the whole day!!
Finally!!  There weren't any gators that wanted to bite off her legs!!!  (Which is what I accidentally told her when we got the alligator farm was going to happen if she got too close to them...  Needless to say, someone had to hold her the ENTIRE time because she was too afraid to get down!!  Hahaha!!  My bad!!)

 Pygmy goats came out to play!!  They were SO friendly!!!

Emory??  Emory, is that YOU?????
Maybe next year??  :)
Hah, Meg, you and Justin will make the CUTEST parents!!!! 
I absolutely LOVE this picture!!

Making friends.

No, really.  She really does make friends everywhere she goes!!!
Shan and the new ring bearer, Ti'yay!!

The second alligator feeding show...  and our last one to see.
SOOO worth every penny paid to watch this!!  
I'm going to try to talk Shan and Jon into doing their rehearsal dinner here.
Gator bites, anyone???  

Ohhhh, yummyyyy!!!
A good Shanny baby for lunch!!!

 My favorite picture of the day!!
We can't wait to go back!!  

July 30 - Annabelle's birthday party!!  A sweet little girl from our church turned 1 and her whole party was based off of the book, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!"  This party was absolutely PRECIOUS with such adorable ideas!!!  Don't worry, I took pictures of everything, but saved them for another day.  However, this cake could not wait.  How. Cute. Is. This???????  Aaaaahhhh!!!

Sooooo cuteeeee!!!

And here is ADORABLE Annabelle!!!

 Rewind a few days to June 21:: 
Andrew had his 6 month check up at the same time that Savannah had her 2 year check up.
Doesn't that sound so smart??
It's not.
Andrew had to get his shots while Savannah had to get a breathing treatment (Hello, BRONCHITIS!!!) and it made our room VERY loud.  Hah, the poor nurses!  It was nuts, but I'm so thankful that both the babies were so well taken care of and I'm happy to say they are both on the mend!  

Bubbaloo started sitting up at about 5-1/2 months 
and on July 29, he said his first word::  MA!!!!
Wade doesn't believe me.
But it's true.
And I heard him say it again today::  MA-MA!!!
It makes me melt every time.  :)

Here's a little tip for all you moms and future moms::
Nail polish remover takes permanent marker off of the dishwasher...
Thank you, Savannah, for these little love notes!
((Now I'm still figuring out how to get it off 
the wall and off her wood chairs!!  Grrrrrr....)

Haa, caught Savannah giving Dolly a breathing treatment.
Future nurse...???  :)

Poor Bubba had to start taking the treatments, too,
 so he wouldn't catch Sissy's sickness.
Poooor babyyyyy!

On June 23, we headed down to Thibodaux 
on our way to Gulf Shores, AL, for the week!!
When we got home, Mom had jambalaya, taco soup, 
homemade chocolate chip cookies,
 and these apple rolls coming out of the oven!!
Mom's kitchen = most delicious place on Earth!!

On our way to the beach with the essentials::
Dolly and Rella

"One of the greatest gifts you can give your child...
is a sibling."

"Hey Grammie!  Where Pops??" 
Due to the HORRIBLE weather, 
our 4 hour drive turned into an almost 6 hour drive.
Needless to say, we were SO thankful to finally see this::

Beach bunnies!!

 Savannah's favorite part of the beach!!  Haaa!

Poor Andrew and Savannah were both pretty sick the whole time we were there, so we didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked and I didn't get many good pictures.  :(  Guess that just means we'll have to go back...??
I'm ready when you are!!!!!!  :)

July 27 - On our way back to Pineville, we just couldn't stand it!!  
We had to see if they had done anything with our lot yet... 
 so we drove straight to our property and there we saw this::

We have a DRIVEWAY!!!!!!  And a house pad!!!!

Soooooooooooo happyyyyyy!!!!!!!

And we have yard stakes which show where our house will be!!!!!!

It's all cleared out!!!!!!

Chasing Savannah down our street!!!!!!

And in case you need a recap so far::
July 21:: Original Lot

July 27 - All cleared out!  
(We are going to take out ALL of those trees in the front yard...  
that should be done sometime this week!!)

July 29 - God made dirt and dirt don't hurt!!!!
LOOOOOOK!!!!  We have DIRT!!!!!
2 days after seeing the lot cleared, we now have DIRT!!  
A REAL house pad!!!
We are going to have a few steps leading up to the front door, so we have to have a significant amount of extra dirt to build the house up... Seeing all that dirt just made it even more of a reality. 
 I'm going to have steps off my front porch...
And I have the dirt to prove it.  :)

It's the small things like this that keep putting me down on my knees, thanking my Jesus for my precious husband who has worked so hard to provide, for my sweet kids that will get to learn about Him on this very lot...
 and for the prettiest dirt I've ever seen in my life that's going to support my very own brick steps!!!!!!!!  :)

To God be the glory!!

Love you all!!!

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