Thursday, July 21, 2011

La Maison de Poole

I never update this often,
but I just can't keep it in until I blog in another month........  

WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in case you didn't get that, 
here it is again!!

WE are BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!  Building a HOUSE!!!!!

Can you believe it??? Hahaaa!!  This is going to be so much fun to keep a record of everything that's going on..  all the updates each week, the new dirt that's been added, the brick color that we pick, the type of shingles that are going to go on the roof...  doesn't that sound like SO MUCH FUN?!?!?!  Haaaa!!
Ok, maybe it's just me.

But I really am SO unbelievably excited!!

We'll have a yard for the kids to run around and get dirty in...
We'll have a fireplace to hang stockings on this Christmas...
We'll have a driveway for the kids to ride their bikes down...
And we'll have a carport to keep the rain off of us
 when we're bringing groceries inside...

Ohhhh, the things you learn to appreciate.

Sooooo, all this to say, 
this is how I'll update the grandparents 
and keep a record for myself
and post posts for my 2 faithful bloggy besties, 
-Meg and Shan-
so you ALL can share in all the fun!!!

So to begin::
July 21, 2011 :: Buy-Sell Agreement is signed!!!!!!!!!
Our current job now is to pick the brick, siding, shingles, and window colors.
Easy like chicken is greasy.
((Sorry - I'm so super giddy!!!!!  Can you tell??))

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!  So glad this process if officially underway!
Keep us in your prayers!!!!!  :)

PROPERTY of the POOLES!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Vannie tromping around OUR lot!!

Our NEW street!!!!

Love you all!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is AMAZING news!!!!!!! How exciting!!!! Wow, I am really so happy for yall!! You deserve it so much! Being a home owner is seriously the most amazing experience and you are right, you learn to appreciate so many wonderful things. Can't wait to read about all the progress, I am obsessed with HGTV and all things home building and decorating so post away!! Please tell Wade congrats for me, all those hours in the nursing books paying off!

  2. MELISSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...please tell me that you did NOT just say "easy like chicken is greasy?" PLEASE?!?!?!?!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I'm literally dying over that.

    Moving on, I'M SO HAPPY FOR Y'ALL!!!!! Where is my room going to be??????

  3. Melissa and Wade, CONGRATULATIONS! I know you have prayed every step of the way for God to lead you and guide you. Won't we have fun landscaping your new home! May your new home resound with laughter, joy, and the love of Jesus! We love you!

    Mom and Dad


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