Saturday, July 9, 2011

Slice of Life

Hey y'all!!
Before my memory card on the camera got completely full, I thought I would upload what I had so far and show you what's been going on these last two weeks! We have been all over Louisiana and Texas for weddings, birthday parties, a mini-vacay to Thibodaux, and a trip to see the newest member of the family, Gavin Dean Brinker!!!! We have been going non-stop... and it's NOT slowing down this month, so I may have more than one blog this month!!!!!

Try not to pass out. :)

These pictures are a little out of order...
but here is the HIGHLIGHT of July so far::
A trip to Leander, TX!!!

About halfway through our 6-1/2 hour car ride there,
we came across a little town called, Crockett...
You guessed it!!
"The town was named after Davy Crockett who reportedly had camped nearby on his way to the Alamo; the site was very near the Old San Antonio Road. A family from Tennessee donated the land for the town and named it after Crockett, whom they had previously known."

Ahhhh!!! So neat!
In the words of Savannah when she shakes someone's hand,
"Nice to meet you!!"

Texas - you rock. ;)

The Davy Crockett Spring!

I love me some history! Love it!!!

Sadly, this was the only town that we got to stop and sight see. However, next trip we make there, I plan on doing some research beforehand and stopping in all the cute little historic towns. (Lucky Wade.) Haha!

When in Texas, do as the Texans do:
Eat barbeque!
Here was Barbeque stop #1.
Texas - 1 Louisiana - 0

While the bbq was excellent...
the bread is what stood out to me!!
It was fried.
In butter.
Is a further explanation even necessary??

Hahaha!! I love my husband and the funny things he does because I ask.
Hubby's have to put up with so much, don't they??
I'm so glad Wadie is such a good sport!
Thanks, bear. :)

So if you can see past the lovely bug juice on the windshield, notice the white truck on the road. Well, kinda on the road. But mostly on the shoulder. Wade and I had the longest discussion about what was the matter with Texas drivers and how come nobody had taught them that the shoulder was NOT a lane??? We thought maybe it was just this one ignorant man... until we noticed everybody doing it!! Texas! You may be bigger, but you are NOT brighter!
Then... we realized what it was all about. Texans drive on the shoulder to let the faster, obnoxious tailgaters (ME!) get around them. Such friendly Texans. My bad.

Barbeque number 2.
And it was faaaaabulous.
And we took home 3 LARGE bottles of their sauce.
Because let's get real. Masterpiece at Walmart just doesn't touch this.

All that hot breath in Texas...

Kurt and Mandy's property!!!
(And it overlooks a ranch!!! With cows!
How cute is that??)

My brother and My bear. :)

I love my Kurtie Boy!

So, there's this grocery store. Called H-E-B.
Never heard of it??
Well, you're welcome then for just changing your life!!
It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
Including this invention::
Heck. Yes.
Texas - 2 Louisiana - 0

Where else can you find cool stuff like this???
(And if you say the Walmart in Pineville,
I'm going to cry.)

Now, this I KNOW is original!
It's FRESH spices!! You can bring your own jars
and fill them up with all fresh and new spices!
How awesome is that???

Salted pb, unsalted pb, honey pb, or almond pb.
"At 7 bucks a pop, you better eat every bite!!!"
Wade got a very SMALL helping of the honey pb, haha!
Again... amazing.

So here is basically a view of the aisle of your dreams.
There is everything...
from chocolate covered anything-you-can-imagine
to unlimited kinds of trail mix and granola's
to any kind of nut/bran/healthy goodness you can dream up.
You simply fill up a bag with as much as you want,
weigh it, a label prints out, you stick it on,
and wah-lah.
Happiness in a bag. :)

The chocolate covered confectioneries.
Dried Fruits/Grains/Beans/Granola
Take it all in.
I know.
It's difficult.
Try being there in person...
Self control goes out the window.

Finally, Andrew was not outnumbered by all the girls!!!
He had FRIENDS! And they were BOYS!!!
He was enthralled by big cousin, Carson.

Boys and their trucks...

Cheetah bed for Hezzy,
Firetruck for Uncle Justin...
And that sweet, sweet face just for Mommy.
Now we just need a long-stemmed
red rose in between those teeth! HAAA!

GAVIN DEAN BRINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could this little boy be any cuter??????
I see Kurt all over this picture, too!

Some sweet shots of Carson that I just had to post::

Totally jealous of those eyelashes!!

Sweet little men.

Look at those strong arms and hands!!
Better to pull Mommy's hair with!!

Sadly, we only got to spend about 24 hours total in Texas.
On our way out of town, we stopped by Kurtie's work!!
(And it was a blast honking the horn, waving like crazy, and screaming, "KURTIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" across the parking lot when he came outside. :) )

30 seconds after leaving Kurt's work,
this guy swerves through 4 lanes to race up behind me
and turns on his dumb lights.
Texas, the cameras on every traffic light
and your unmarked cars are so not cool...
Texas - 2 Louisiana - 1
Thankfully, after seeing the tears in my eyes and hearing it in my voice,
the policeman gave me a warning.
Even though I did have to sign his dumb computer pad saying I had been warned.

Since I was so frazzled from my run-in with the law,
I got on the wrong road.
When I saw the words, "TOLL,"
I should have done a u-turn across the median.
Ughhh, lesson learned.
I went through THREE of these guys. 3!!!!!
There was a toll booth set up at EVERY exit.
And if you didn't have exact change, no worries.
They will simply mail you the bill.
Texas -2 Louisiana - 2

However, I passed this sign on the way home.
And I knew Texas and I could be friends again.

Our only picture together on this road trip! Sad!
And we hurriedly took this at a traffic light.
We'll probably be getting a bill for that, too...
Ha, overall, we had a WONDERFUL time visiting with Kurt and Mandy and their precious babies!!! We can't wait to go back for a longer visit!!!!
And since Texas holds some of our precious family::
Texas - 3 Louisiana -2

Back to JUNE! I know this is all out of order, but I couldn't leave these pics out!
Here is my best friend's little sister's wedding!!
Confused?? Ha!
This is the only decent pic I got of the actual wedding.
Meggie, my bestie, is the matron of honor!
See how perfectly she holds the bouquets???
I trained her well. ;)

On our way to the reception,
there was some hanky-panky going on in the car in front of us.
See the ssssssneaky ssssssnake in the middle???? :)

We. Love. Weddings.
Riiiiight, Wadie??
Haha, I really do love them.
They make me so so so super happy. :)

Beautiful, beautiful besties!!!
I LOVE this picture! And this couple! :)

Do we really need to discuss how my strawberries are in a cup
because I couldn't fit them all on my plate??
Or how this was not my first or second cup of them??
Let's not and say we did. K, thanks, bye.

Hezzy! Shanny Baby! Jon Jon!
What perfect friends to share a perfect night!

Gahhhhh leeee!!!

I LOVE this adorable couple!!!
Can't wait for THEIR wedding!!

Meg, I know you had a picture like this
with everybody working on your dress....
thought you might like to have this one, too!

Shan's goal -
to get the photographer to capture 5 shots of her.
Mission accomplished.
Shan, I hope they all came out as good as this one. ;)

From Cottingham B-Wing to old Married Besties...
couldn't imagine life without my Meg!

Such a sweet couple!

I told you weddings make me happy!
They always remind me of my own wedding and the giddiness, the excitement, the anticipation, the scariness, and all the awesome emotions that are all rolled into one glorious day when you come together in Christ and are forever known as Mr. and Mrs.
The day you get to marry the man you've always dreamed about.
The day you have the honor of taking on his last name.
The day you belong to him. For forever.
Giving your heart away for someone else to hold and take care of.
Scary. Awesome. Perfect.

Shan and Jon's ultimate dance party moves.
Hahaaaa, love it!

Love love love love my sweet friends!!!
There are no others in the world like them!

What a blessing it is
to have such incredible friendships!

Sooo, you remember Jackson Preuett??
Savannah's little friend who turned 2 on June 20??
Here is pictures from his party!!!
Once again... here's pics of the food.
(What is it with me and pictures of food?????)


The cake balls Heather P. made!!
All by herself!!!
I'm in awe.

There was SO much time and effort put into the food and decorations and I absolutely loved EVERY detail!!!! What fabulous ideas!!! Can you tell Heather is a teacher??
Ahhh, love her, loved the party, loved the food.... duh. :)

Daddy and Vannie on the jumper!!!

Dad having himself a good ol' time.... hahaha!!

So proud of my bunny bear.

Here is my sweet Preuett family!!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackson!!!

While in New Orleans, we made a stop at Granny Lou's
...because every day gets brighter when
you have a little Granny Lou in there. :)

So priceless.

July 4 - Happy Fourth of July!!
This is always one of my favorite holidays!!
I have always thought that this would one of the FUNNEST birthdays to have!
(Meg - can we plan this for Emory????) Haaa!
The fireworks, the bbq's, the lemonade, the patriotism, EVERYTHING about it just epitomizes a good ol' USA summer to me. Sadly, Wade was working. So I decided to send a little bit of homemade goodness with him to share with the other nurses who would have to work...
I LOVED how they turned out...
and I'm trying to figure out a way to make them
for EVERY holiday from now on!!

Skinny Minnie Wade LOVED them!!!
(Isn't he just a cutie little firecracker, himself????) ;)

July 7 - Wade has an adventure race in Baton Rouge coming up,
so after he completed his "real" work-out, the whole family packed up and took at stroll at the Fitness Trail at LC. We were there just in time for the sunset and it was absolutely LOVELY! I waited a little too late to start taking pictures, but here are my sweet bears out on the practice football field!
Did I mention that Andrew is sitting up?? HOORAY!!!! :)

How much fun can one little girl have with some plastic cones???

Andrew's smile is SO precious!
I love my boys!

"The father of a righteous child has great joy;
a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him."
Proverbs 23:24

July 8 - Tea Party Time!
Savannah, Cinderella, and Minnie Mouse sat at their table and had "tea,"
right before nap time when Savannah got her pillow and blanket
and made her 2 friends lay down as she sang them to sleep...

Ahhh, my kids make me SO happy!
I am snuggling all these summer memories deep, deep down in my heart
and saving them for another day...

When Cinderella is all boxed up in the attic.
When we're watching Andrew play football on that field.
When they're driving themselves to their friends' birthday parties
and mommies and daddies aren't invited anymore...

I'll take these precious memories out again
and remember how at this moment in time...
life could not have been sweeter.


  1. i love it!! i totally got six pictures from the photographer!! glad to see andrew is making more of an appearance in your blog world? i also believe i had a birthday in july what happened to that? and i came play on 4th of july! #inconsiderate
    but really i did love this bloggy blog of yours!
    and jacksons party was so so cute!!

  2. oh yeah and if you LOVE H-E-B wait until you visit the Central Market in dallas area. Seriously it will CHANGE your life!!!
    and im glad texas won.. texas ALWAYS wins.

  3. Seriously, why is Texas so much better than us??? UGHHHHH! Texas steals every single person. Haha.

    I love love love this blogging every two weeks! WOOHOO!! Jackson's party was absolutely adorable!! I love all the cute names for all the food. You little teachers are SO adorable!!

    Oh, and those last few sentences made me almost cry. NOOOOOOO!! Please don't let them grow up so fast. I am going to faint when Savannah starts driving and dating.

    Emory can definitely be a July 4th baby. Of 2013. ; ) Or maybe sooner?

  4. What a great post!! Such a beautiful family and so many awesome memories. It's so great to see two people like you and Wade who put love and the Lord first in your lives. He is definitely working through the two of you and your family is flourishing because of it! Andrew is growing so fast and is so adorable! Love seeing all of these sweet adventures, esp. the babies with Granny Lou: priceless!

  5. I finally put together that you're Megan's bestie!! I'm so excited to meet you in September (: You are wonderful!! Loved seeing all these pictures (: xoxo Michaela

    ps. YES one thousand gifts by Ann V...something (I forget!) It's so amazing. I'm following her blog now that you told me about it (:


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