Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Three Ladies on I-49...

Megan Mackey, Shannon Smith, and I rode 
on down the bayou to the terrific town of THIBODAUX!!!!
Greatest. Trip. Ever.
Even though we never did get to see the library....

My camera battery was not fully charged 
(why does that ALWAYS happen?!?)
so you'll have to rely mostly on Shan and Meg's blogs for 
the majority of pictures.
But one thing I CAN tell you..
it was FABULOUS!!!!  :)

Heather has officially moved back to Thibodaux...  
where she'll stay until she moves to Ft. Worth 
for the fall semester at Seminary!!  
I called her today to ask if she wanted to go to the walking trail with me...
only to realize she was 180 miles away.  :((((
It made me SO sad to realize she won't be right at LC anymore...
and that I'll have to do my grocery shopping 
like a  big girl. 
All by myself.


However, as miserable as it may make me,
 I am SOOOO excited for Hezzy Baby and this new chapter!
It also helps that Jason already lives there, 
so I know she'll be well taken care of.
Looking forward to going visit her little apartment and 
seeing all the cute and homey nooks she will find around that area...
(And then throwing her in the trunk to bring her back to Pineville.) 
Don't tell.
Here are the flowers we sent to Hez on her last day of work
at Armour Law Firm in Alexandria!
(And how much do you love the lemonade pitcher they came in??) 

My Sunday to keep the nursery at church...
Yes, they're standing in the windowsill.
Please still send your kids to the nursery.
I promise, this doesn't happen EVERY Sunday.

3 little muffins!

There's something SO peaceful about
watching your kids sleep.
The quiet is nice, too.  ;)

Savannah's first time with 
Possibly my most favorite hairstyle on her to date.

Remember how Shanny Baby got engaged???
Guess who is going to be in her wedding????
and Savannah as the FLOWER GIRL!!!!!!!!!
I'm sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!
(Training will be starting IMMEDIATELY!!  Ha!)
Thank you so much, dear Shanny, for letting us be a part of your big day!!
Here is Shanny asking Meggie to be another bridesmaid!!!!!


Nutella cupcakes!!!!
Could this be any more precious??
Ahhh, it's absolutely PERFECT!

Shanny + Lissie = Honey Buns in the Mailbox  ;)

 Wade completed ANOTHER Adventure Race!!
This one was in Baton Rouge and his team had a BLAST!!  
Last race took 6 hours... 
 they finished this one in 4 hours and 20 minutes!
Next race, I'm betting they'll be first!!!
(Or maybe a close second....?? Haaa!)

Man in red shirt = BUSTED checking out the ladies...
Or maybe just wondering where the fresh scent was coming from, 
as everyone else there was dripping with lovely man sweat.

Look who I found!!!!!!!
Our sweet friend, Scarlett!!
She was a CHAMP...  she completed the same adventure race as Wade
and was still just as funny and cute as she always is!
And I love how I captured the green men in the back.. 
These men had TASSELS on their socks...
something Scarlett and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing!!  HA!

Lance Lopez and Nathan Furlow's team came in SECOND!!!!

After this neat little rendezvous at LSU, 
the ladies went shopping.

Shan introduced us to Anthropologie, 
a store that I now have 
a love/hate relationship with. 
 Love the stuff inside.
Hate the prices.
The only thing we walked out of the store with...
was this picture.

We then had a history lesson in Thibodaux...
Laurel Valley!!

"Laurel Valley Village was the site of a 2,000 acre sugar plantation, back in the 1910-1920's. The field hands who worked on the plantation were housed right there, near the huge brick sugar mill. Sugar cane is the major crop in this area and at one time, this plantation processed a tremendous amount of sugar. Not only that but the other side of the sugar mill, from where we stood on the road, there was a portion of the building set aside for making barrels, not only for the sugar, but for the molasses as well. It seems with the onset of progress and more competition in the area, the plantation encountered financial difficulties and went belly up in 1926.
The sugar mill is crumbling away, yet looking at it, we realized it must have been a grand building indeed at the peak time of sugar production. The houses are small with outhouses scattered throughout for the convenience of the residents in those early days. The school building must have served as a church also as a cross remains mounted above the entrance. It was just a one room school that provided education for the many grades of children living in the village at the time. The children learned little English there as the language spoken at the time was French."

It was definitely SO neat to go back and look
 at the old houses with Meg and Shan...
 It was like looking at them for the first time again!
Such a neat nugget of history
snuggled deep down in Thibodaux.
((For MORE precious pictures of our trip in Thibodaux,
check out Megan's post!!!))

When we got home from our trip, 
(and I didn't get stopped ONE time on this road trip!!!  #success)
Daddy was anxiously waiting for his family!!
We had dinner, went for a walk until sundown, 
gave the kids baths, and then they snuggled in
 and watched Mickey Mouse while I baked cookies...  
And right before bed, we had a Strawberry Bar
that both the love bunnies just loved.

What a sweet ending to a PERFECT weekend.
Love you all!!!


  1. love it! love the background! was posting photos so much easier?!?!?!?!

  2. SHAN! Sooooo much easier!! Thanks for showing me how everything works. It seriously took no time at all compared to the other blogger thing. You are AWESOME!! Thanksssss sooooo muchhhhh!!!! :)

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! What a wonderful post!!! I think this one is my favorite for how much I'm included. Haha. : ) Thanks so much for asking me to go, Lis!! It really was so wonderful!! All jokes aside, I really did love learning about Thib!!

  4. To Little Lissie and her family, It was such a joy having your two wonderful friends here with us this weekend and going to church together. We missed Wade, but hopefully will get to see him this coming weekend! What a blessing to have such great friends, Lissie. They love Jesus and so do you!

    Love always, Mom


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