Monday, August 29, 2011

One Perfect Peak

Thought you might all need to see this to help
make your day  week....
because I know it made mine!!!!!  :)

As of Friday, August 26:
Our framing is complete!!!!

The corner of Savannah's room!
(Note:  The window won't look like that.
It will be a normal window..  I hope. :)  )

The side of our room and bathroom!
Remember what I said about those windows!  :)

Our carport!!  

In the living room, looking out the front!

And you simply can't have a post without a before and after picture!  :)

This was July....

But I like August.  :)

Next week, the plumber and electrician will be coming through
and "putting their roughs in..." whatever that means!  Haa!
Today, we went to Lowe's to pick out light fixtures.
After almost 2 hours of looking at ceiling fans and outside wall mounts, we decided to save that task for another day...  a day when grandma was in town to babysit!!  :)

I would love to stay and chat...  but my Pinterest crafts are calling my name!
Magnets, wreaths, candy bouquets, oh my!
Will post pics as soon as I get that new camera!!!  :)

Love you all!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Raise the Roof!

So, my camera is broken.  :(
Thankfully, that birthday money is coming in just in time to go get a new one!!  Yaaayyy!  Now I just have to find the time to go get one...  because, let's be real.  There are just some things you CANNOT do with 2 kids.  And since I clearly cannot post something without a picture, I've been waiting... 

Buuuuut, I can't wait any more!!!!
I'm apologizing in advance for the poor quality of pictures...  they're cell phone pictures that I had my precious brother and sister-in-law e-mail to me from their phones! 

For some reason, I've had this sudden burst of energy this month!  I don't know if it's because we've slowed down a little bit or because it's my birthday month, but I've started setting so many goals for myself!!  One of those is to be sure to send something sweet at least once every month to the ICU nurses that work with Wade!  I love baking and they enjoy eating, so I love that I'm sending those calories off...but still getting to taste new recipes!!  How fun is that??
Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Jumbo's!  YUM!!!!!!!!

 It's hard to recap a whole wonderful trip with just a few cell phone pictures, but I'm going to try!
We spent 3 days in Ft. Worth, Texas, at the Southwestern Seminary to visit with Heather and Jason before they start the new semester!!!  It was amazing and SO neat to see the campus and just that area in general.  Texas = a whole new world!

Here is Savannah and Jesus. 
 My sister in law said she looks like she already has the "fear of the Lord!"  Haha!!

 Here are a few pictures of the office belonging to the President of the Seminary!
He personally killed all of these animals (I think??) and then had them stuffed.
Yuck on stuffed animals.  Yay for educational time! I didn't get to take a picture but there was a giraffe neck and head in his office, too!!  It started at the bottom of the floor and reached to the top of the ceiling!!!!  Very crazyyyy to see and soooo cool!
How neat is this??  

Yes, that's a hippopotamos coming out of the desk.  

Notice the cat on the floor?  
I accidentally stepped on his head!  : /

Wadie Bear takes on a whole new meaning.  :)

Ohhhhh, we've missed our Hezzy and Jasey Jase!!!!!!

For birthday celebration time, I wanted to try Panera Bread!   I had heard several people talk about it, but had never been!  It was wwwwwwonderful!!!!!!!  I had a salad loaded with pecans, pineapples, blueberries, and strawberries...  it pretty much changed my life.

Then, Hez and Jason brought us to downtown Ft. Worth
 to see the Water Gardens!!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!  It was AMAZING!!!!!  

If you can't read this, it basically says that the designer of the Water Gardens wanted to create an experience similar to that of "Alice in Wonderland," where you felt as though you were growing bigger or smaller and never knowing when either would occur.  #jam

You walk in between these giant walls before they suddenly stop
 and you get this view::


Pictures don't do it justice.  It's so hard to really get the depth of this!  You walked down these wide, yet unconnected, steps to finally get to the bottom.  Water is RACING down the steep incline, so by the time you get to the bottom, the roar of the water is SO loud, you can hardly hear each other talk.  
Seriously. Amazing.

Needless to say, the kids were speechless!

At the bottom.  
(Should I mention that 1 adult and 3 children drowned in that pool??  They slipped and the current was too strong.  The water is seriously going that fast.  Okay, I won't mention it.)

View from the top.  Incredible.

This was the "Quiet Pool."
You walk down this staircase and when you turn the corner, you suddenly see this GIGANTIC, yet very shallow, pool of water.  The cypress trees are so grown up and look SO tall, you feel absolutely tiny!!
And who doesn't like to feel tiny??  :)

This is appropriately called, "The Mountain!"

(*DISCLAIMER: Jason has on an undershirt, but it kinda looks like that is his tummy poking out.  And since I kinda think that's the most hilarious thing ever, let's pretend that's what it really is...*)
Seee??  Much funnier that way!!  :)

Paula Deen's Perfect Strawberry Cake!!
My mom and Hez surprised me with this!!!!! 

(Seriously, I'm only 25!!  
Why does it look like we're having a bonfire indoors????)

Shan, you ready for this???  (Jock Jams, anyone??)  Haaa!
Two words::  Central Market.
Simply the best, most glorious grocery store ever created.
You really have to get the full experience, so if you ever see one,
You need to see this.

Be prepared, though.  Everybody knows it's a jam.
This place was PACKED!

Fresh squeezed lime juice from organically-grown limes??  
Don't mind if I do!!
(Mom bought fresh squeezed WATERMELON juice.. 

The options for meat are mind blowing!!!
You have to take a number because there are SO many people and just too many options!!  This was the only shot I could get before being almost trampled and becoming lunch meat my own self!!!!  

Bath Salt Bar!!!!!
Don't you think I need one of these in my bathroom????
I do, tooo!!!!!  Let's tell Wade. 

Ummmm, where has this been my whole life????

 Well, this was at least the prettiest $2.99 I ever spent!!  I accidentally forgot it in the car.  Ughhhh.  And even though the end result still tasted good, I couldn't get over the white/pink mushy puddle appearance and ended up throwing it away.  TRAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day, we went to the Stockyards!!! 
 Like the legit, old-timey, longhorn stampede in the street, 
original Ft. Worth stockyards!!!  

There was even a petting zoo!!  
And now all Savannah can talk about is the baby cows, baby goats, 
and the "llamas, llamas in their pajamas."  :)
Here is Aunt Mandy and Carson meeting some new friends!

This was hilarious!!  On our way home, we saw this::
  Brooms, buckets, crates, chairs, etc...  
why rent a U-Haul when clearly jump ropes can do the trick...??

 We were SO sad to leave.  :(  We got to go to church with Hez and Jason Sunday morning and then left for home.  We are SO excited about this coming year for both of them, though!!  Mom Dad also bought us all Skype so we can talk every. single. night.  ...which sounds totally PERFECT to me!
We miss our family!

And, obviously, as soon as we got back into town Sunday night, we just had to go see everything we had missed!!  #didyouexpectanythingdifferent???  Haaa!  #wearedorks

Sunday, August 21  :: We have WALLS, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 22 - 
See the equal sides of the house with the center in the middle??

On Monday, we also went back to Kinder Paint and finished picking our colors!!  I am SO pleased with everything and look so forward to actually seeing the paint up on the walls!
Can't wait to show you guys!!!

Wednesday, August 24:  Plywood boards are up!

Wade is standing over our sink, 
looking out of our kitchen window and the other open space
 will be where our back double doors will be!

Love love love love my view for when 
I'm washing all those dishes loading the dishwasher!!

I'm on the back porch while Wade is standing on the carport.
See the dirt between the two??
Hopefully, we'll be able to put in a brick deck once we've moved in!

Facing the front!
See my 2 windows with the front door in the middle??

Friday, August 26::  RAISE THE ROOF!!!!!!!!
Ahhhh!!!!  Our center peak is obviously not up yet, but see the sides????
The carport part of the roof is up, too!!  
It makes this precious and perfect peak in the back!  I just love it!

It's hard to believe that 2 months ago, we have come from this:

TO THIS!!!!!!!   Thank you, Jesus!!!!!

Here is a picture of my precious 7 month old little boy who is crawling AND pulling up!!!!
He is constantly trying to stand up...  but Sister makes sure to push him right back down!!  Haha, they are a fun pair to watch!!!  She took a running start and tackled him right into the ground the other day!!!  We had a little "discussion" about that, but honestly, Andrew couldn't have been more delighted!!!  He just laughed and smiled like he ALWAYS does!!!  
He is such a joy.  Ohhh, my kids are my heart.

One last note::
I'm getting crafty.
This wreath is made up of coffee filters and a straw wreath... which cost a whole 5 bucks!!!  I'm SO proud of it!!!  I had the letter already hanging in Savannah's room, so all this wreath really took was a little bit of time!  (And by a little bit, I mean a lot.)  Haaa!!!  What do you think??????
I already have 2 other wreaths in the making...  pics to come as soon as I get that new camera!

 Love to you all!!!

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