Monday, August 29, 2011

One Perfect Peak

Thought you might all need to see this to help
make your day  week....
because I know it made mine!!!!!  :)

As of Friday, August 26:
Our framing is complete!!!!

The corner of Savannah's room!
(Note:  The window won't look like that.
It will be a normal window..  I hope. :)  )

The side of our room and bathroom!
Remember what I said about those windows!  :)

Our carport!!  

In the living room, looking out the front!

And you simply can't have a post without a before and after picture!  :)

This was July....

But I like August.  :)

Next week, the plumber and electrician will be coming through
and "putting their roughs in..." whatever that means!  Haa!
Today, we went to Lowe's to pick out light fixtures.
After almost 2 hours of looking at ceiling fans and outside wall mounts, we decided to save that task for another day...  a day when grandma was in town to babysit!!  :)

I would love to stay and chat...  but my Pinterest crafts are calling my name!
Magnets, wreaths, candy bouquets, oh my!
Will post pics as soon as I get that new camera!!!  :)

Love you all!

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