Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scored FLOOR?? Tell me MORE!!

Whooooooose excited about some concrete!?!?!  

And since I know all of you have lost some serious sleep over not being able to see our slab, I thought I would throw some pictures up on here to hold you over the weekend!!  And since Friday is my birthday, I will probably be having way too much fun to have time to even get on here.
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BUT I am soooo excited about this weekend, not only because I turn the big 2-5, but also because I'm going see my HEZZY BABY and her sweet honey, JASEY JASE!!!!  We are going check our Hez's new apartment and see all the fun places around Ft. Worth, Texas!! 
I really am SO excited and am DYING to see her!!!!!!!!  
Life has not been the same without her and I am so looking forward to just spending time with her and listening to all her plans for this semester!!!

Birthday time is taking a backseat to the joy of quality time with my sister this year!!  :)

On the last night before she moved, Wade and I made this "Dreamy Lemon Cheesecake" for her!!  We brought it out to Jen's and had one last night of family fun all together!! 
Cheesecake by Lissie.  Garnish by Wadie.   

SO excited for our Hezzy...  SO sad for us.  :(

On August 5, Sadie and Rylie were in their very first musical!!!!!!!!  It was "Under God's Sea in 3-D!"  It was the greatest night ever!!  They were absolutely adorable and the cutest jellyfish in the whole world!!  Mom, Dad, and Hez - I videoed their performance for you!! Blogger won't let me upload it, but I can e-mail it to you! It will seriously just make your day.  :)

Going under the sea!!

Jiggling Jellyfish!

Flowers Savannah brought for her cousins, 
the STARS-fish of the show!  :) 

Vanny Baby and Jon Jon - Precious!
(In case you can't tell, the quality of my pictures from here on out are not great...  it was at this part of the program that Savannah dropped my camera on the floor and it hasn't worked correctly since.  Did I mention I just got this camera for Christmas...  I could cry.  :(
#donationsaccepted  #noshamehere)

Uncle Justin practicing for when his son, Remington, comes along!!  :)

Before Shanny left, she taught my kids how to plank.

Telling Bubba he wasn't doing it right...

Double Plank!!!  :)

Oreo Cheesecake Bites, as requested by Meg!! 
 I was SO pleased with how they turned out!!

Aren't they pretty??

August 11 - The slab is poured!!!!
We were beyond ourselves!!!!  It was absolutely thrilling to see the foundation of our house sitting there!!  Every new development is just as exciting as the last and makes us so look forward to the next step!  

Our foundation!

Super thick because of the extra dirt we had to have to build up the steps...
which I love.
This will ultimately become our brick base!

Standing on the carport, looking towards the back of the house.
See our back porch???  Ahhhh, yaaaaaayyyy!!
We'll eventually add on a deck where you see the dirt...

I simply turned around from the above picture...
this is our carport!

August 16 - Our floors are scored!!!!!
We are doing stained concrete throughout the entire house!!  This is the first part of that process - scoring means that the concrete will simply look like giant tiles!  When I walked up to see this, my jaw dropped, my eyes teared up, and I screamed for Wade to RUN to come see!!!!!!  Hahaaaa, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!!!!!!!!  I could not be more excited/pleased/overjoyed/overwhelmed/THANKFUL!!!!  The scoring is perfectly centered to where the front door will be, as well as perfectly centered around the fireplace which is our focal point!   The scoring man and I may possibly be kindred spirits.  :) 

I seriously cried. 
 It's the little things that mean the most.  :)


Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

Right after seeing our floors, 
I glanced over to the side of our lot and saw this::

Ohhhhh, that's just the boards to put up our WALLS!!!!!!!!!!  
And how perfect... 
 they are pink.  :)

We've heard that the walls should be up by this weekend!!!!
  Since we'll be out of town, we will have to wait all the way until Monday to see them, but I really will try to get pictures up quickly!!  I know how much all of you look forward to them.  :)

Oh!  And one last date to remember::

August 16 - Picked out the following::
- Shingles
-Windows (material, color, and grid)
-Front door 
- Back doors
- Siding color and finish
-Wood shutters
-Kitchen sink
-Kitchen and bathroom faucets
-Master bathtub
-Master shower
-Guest tub/shower
-2 wall colors and trim

And it was all done in under an hour.  We win.  

We went to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate all this wonderfulness 
and Bubbalou got to taste his first french fry.  :)

I am already looking for cute ideas to help say big THANK YOU's to all the precious people in Pineville that have helped us during this building process!!  We have had such an amazing experience so far...  everything is going so smoothly and the people that our contractor has working with us are the sweetest, most genuine, incredibly knowledgeable, and most helpful people!!  I can't help but notice how the Lord has gone before us in every aspect of this process and has prepared the way!!  We are still watching His hand guiding us through decisions and it's amazing to see how this is all unfolding so perfectly.  It reminds me of Psalm 127:1 - "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." 

Jesus, may You be glorified in our home...
(and especially on those super cutie floors!!!)  :)

Love to you all!!!  Celebrate a Happy Birthday weekend for me!!!! :)


  1. why am i almost crying over the fact that andrew got his first stinkin french fry? #missingyouvannieandrewwadie

    Love the floor!

    im also going to pretend my chicken tacos were pictured.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, it is amazing!! I absolutely love those floors!! Can't wait to have sleepovers on them. And HAHA to Shan. Melis obviously wasn't a fan of the chicken tacos!!

    I love that we will always know that your house was built with pink wood. #besthouseever

  3. How did I miss this post, this is awesome!!!!! I LOVE stained concrete floors, they are beautiful and will be so easy for you to maintain with little ones. Good choice!!
    And thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, so glad you like the pajama post:) I wish I could publish it so every woman could feel encouraged. Feel free to share it, HA!!! BTW, if your babies get any cuter it really might get out of control! Seriously, they are both gorgeous!!!!!!!


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