Friday, August 12, 2011

Shanny Baby

 So I just discovered that my bestie, Shanny Baby, has a fiance' who can send me all the pictures I take on my phone to my e-mail.  I know this is probably not a new feature, but since I stick with the more simple/generic/CHEAP phones, and the fancy e-mailing option is not so much an option on my phone, this has come in SO handy!!!  Thanks, Jon Jon!!  

Also, mark it on the calendar::  
He also said, "DA!" the same day!!!
((But just as a side note, he said, "MA!" on July 29!!  
That's 9 whole days before he said, 'Da."))  
But really, who's counting???  ;)

How is it that in 2 months,  
they can go from not even sitting up by themselves... planking by themselves in Splurge.  AMAZING!  :)

Sno balls at Splash Pad.
These girls know how to do summer right!!

 First thing to buy when we get in our new house
 with a REAL street:
Bike seats for Van & Andrew.

Mommy's little helper.  
Seriously, she pulls her little chair up and helps me cook EVERYTHING!
From snapping asparagus, to spicing up the meat, to holding the eggs,
Savannah LOVES to be in the kitchen.
I'm praying she stays that way.

 Granny Lou bought Savannah this dress for church 
and I wanted to send her this pic to show her!
Is it not absolutely adorable on Vannie Baby??

YES!  Bubba lou is CRAWLING!!!!
So proud of my little warrior.  :)

Okay, you knew these you were coming!! 
Shanny Baby and Jon Jon ride their bikes. A lot. 
Like 20 miles a day on their short days.
Or something like that.  Haha!
This pic is one day when they rode out to our property!!!  
See the fresh dirt up the driveway??  See the FRAMEWORK??
August 7 - Our first trespassers!

August 8 - Frame is up and pipes will soon be buried!

See the trenches??  There will be pipes in there when they pour the slab, basically so that if something happens to the slab (cracks and the like), they can pour concrete down into the pipes and fill up the gaps.
Again...  something like that.  :)

Crazy to believe that just a month ago, it looked like this:

And now, THIS!!!!!!

And BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!
We are doing the stained concrete throughout our entire house and we met with the floor guy at the beginning of this week to talk about what we wanted!  This is just one picture of his work::
Yes, please!!!!!!!

Yesterday, August 11, our slab was poured!!!  
I don't have a picture yet, but you can bet I will be out there soon, camera in hand!! 
The floor man will be there Monday to score our concrete, which basically means he will make it look like giant tiles!!!!!!!  Don't be surprised if we are camping out Sunday night to watch it happen in action.

And now for real life sad times.
My Shanny  Baby is leaving me today for grad school.

Which makes me especially sad...
not only because she has an epic urban vocabulary..
not only because she is the best babysitter in the world...
not only because I get to diss her taste in music and movies
and she's okay with that...
but because she is my bestie, my little Shanny Baby,
 who loves me, plays with my kids, 
and calls my husband, "Wadie Bear." 
She is so honest, so down-to-earth, and seriously HILARIOUS.
She is an incredible part of my life
and I really don't know what I'll do without her!!
It's kind of like losing a sister...  

Here is a tiny tribute to my Shanny from the last 3 years.

 Love you, Shanny!!!!!! 
 Shine for Jesus at LSU...  in the crazy, random, funny, special, 
totally perfect way that only YOU can.  :)


  1. Andrew planking = AMAZING@@!!! HAHAHA!! Love it!! And yay for all this house progress, how exciting!!

  2. The tribute to Shan for real made me tear up. Don't GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Shanny!!!! Please, don't go!!!!

    Hooray for concrete! I can't wait to see the floor! We can come visit when we go to buy our 22 acres! : )

  3. i love you lissie!!! i will be back soon!! you will just have to come visit me, please! I need to show you my crib!

  4. May God bless you, Shannon, and may you shine like a light for Jesus in grad school!

    Lissie, Soon you will have a new home!! Thanks to Jesus' blessing and Wade's hard work every day! Andrew and Savannah - SO PRECIOUS! LITTLE CHILDREN soon to grow up....We love you all,
    Mom and Dad

  5. LOVE the new dress!! totally my dream to have a little girl to help me in the kitchen :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith


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