Friday, August 5, 2011

She's a BRICK... house!

Warning::  This post is kinda boring.

Buuuuut, it's all part of the building process, 
so I'm posting it! 

August 2 -  We have a front yard!!  
After flagging all the trees we wanted to be removed, 
we came back the very next day to find them ALL gone!!
We wanted a clean look for the front of the house, 
so we took all the trees out and 
plan to put in landscaping with more house-friendly trees. 
Like river birches and crape myrtles.

Here it is!!  Clean front yard and sides!  

 This looks like a pile of fun!!!!!
For someone else.  :)

This is standing in the back, facing the road...
Those trees will be my front view!!
And did I mention that the sun will set through those trees??

 Standing on our future front porch!!  
(I think this pic will be so neat to come back 
and see after the house is all done!!)
This is just so surreal!

Are you sure that we're old enough to be doing this??

Craaaazzzzzyyyyy excited!!!!!!  :)

MY NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 3 - Frame it up!
The boards are up!! 

The greatest part of our days is riding out to the land to see what's happened while we were away.  Our contractor does NOT disappoint!!  Every single day, there is obvious changes!  And it's SO wonderful to see this process in action!  Everything just seems to be happening SO fast!!!

Side view!

View from the back!


 Next step::  Pick your brick.

Wow.  This was eye-opening, to be sure.
My idea of brick shopping was to go into Bradley Brick, look at 20 or 30 samples and within an hour (if it even took THAT long) and know exactly which brick I wanted.  
Umm... that's not quite how it works.

I walk in and she hands me a packet of papers.
It's addresses of local houses that display the different bricks their company offers.
So we load up in the car and start driving, 
making notes of ones we hate, like, and LOVE!

After 2 hours, we return to the brick place!
  We've picked our favorite brick!! 
We had the following conversation::

Me: "Yaaayyy!!  We picked our brick!"
Lady: "Great!!  What is it??"
Me: "Our number 1 pick is called 'Concord!'"
Lady, scanning through her books: "...Oh, no!  That brick is discontinued! We just haven't revised those addresses yet to take those houses off!"
Me:  "Really???  Sad!!  Umm, okay, well, our second favorite was called, 'Nottoway.'"
Lady:  "Dog gone it, that's been discontinued, too!!"
Me: "................"
Lady, handing me 4 more packets of addresses: "Here's more options!!  Go check them out."
Me:  "Oh. My. Gosh."
Random Employee:  "You're saying that now??  You've only just begun."
#niceman     #sike

So there you have it.  
We were back on the road, scouting out more bricks.  
We were even stopped once in a neighborhood 
because we looked suspicious lost. 

The "discontinued" lady also explained to us that the color of the roof, the thickness/color of the mortar, the finishes on the brick, the shutters and columns, even the way the sunlight hits a house can ALL affect the way a brick looks.  Two houses with the same brick on opposite sides of the street can look COMPLETELY different. So you can imagine how super easy this was, right??  Ughhhh.
The. Options. Are. Endless.

Bricks have different textures, too!

And the way the brick is surrounded by the mortar can change its appearance.
The brick and mortar are all rugged and edgy...

Here, the mortar is scraped out between the bricks, 
so the brick is more pronounced.

The mortar and brick are all even and smooth, 
creating one very solid wall.

Now, on to the actual brick!!!

Brunswick::  Too red.

 Oak Alley::  Too light.

Annandale:: Getting closer....

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Here is our brick!!  It's a sister brick to the Annandale, 
called ST. LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!  :) 

Close- up!
Lots of red, blacks, and browns!

 But remember, our roof and shutters will be completely different colors from these.  
Which means our brick will probably look totally different from this.

So there you have it!  We picked our brick!!!!  :)  We've actually already picked out our siding, the siding finish and window colors.  Now... on to picking our stain for the concrete floors.  
Here's to hoping that the options aren't quite so endless. :)


  1. LOVE the brick you picked! It's my favorite, too!! How fun and exciting! My dream is to build a home of my own one day (:

  2. Congrats! We're a month away from finishing our house. We can't wait to finally be in our dream house! Enjoy the building progress!! It's fun!

  3. Hey this is Dad. U R getting so good at picking, maybe you can pick our brick too! Can you stand on the spot that will be the room for mom and me and take a pic to post?

  4. LOVE this!!!! Who knew there was so much involved in picking bricks? Wow, so many decisions, but how fun!! I love the one yall picked, it's perfect!

  5. Love the brick that y'all picked! I have always been partial to the red-ish colored ones!!

  6. gorgeous choice on the brick!! yay for a beautiful new house :)


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