Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Siding, Steps, and Stains... Oh My!

I'm trying not to freak out...  but...

Guessssss whoooo hassss brickkkk stepsssss????
And white siding?????
And stained floors????
And a framed driveway???

Ohhhh myyyy goshhh!!!
Are you overwhelmed???  Ahhhh, meeee toooo!!!! 
Don't worry...  I'll go slow.  :)

And I finally got that new camera!!  After a million trips to a million different stores, I bought one!!  After a huge ordeal of buying one, returning it, finding another one, them being out of it, etc...  I finally got exactly the one I wanted and brought it home.  To open it and find out it was PINK.
Buuut, since I love the camera soooo much, I'm going to keep it!
  And when has pink ever been a bad thing???  Exactly.   :)

I did have to include this one last picture from my old camera....
  How sweeeeeet is this???

Good ol' Pinterest does it again!
Loooook what I made for Jen's house!!
I would put the picture of the original idea, 
but hers looks so much better than mine.
Soooo... here's to having nothing to compare mine to!  :)

Burlap roses...  SO easy!

Wade thinks it's time I learn another skill besides wreaths.
But who doesn't want a new wreath for EVERY month??
He's lucky I'm not making a new one for every DAY.

Ohhh, heyyyy, little lissie girl!  :)

Savannah has recently started saying, "Wait a minute!  Just one minute!!"
It makes Wade and I laugh EVERY time...  
which only makes her that much more serious!  Haha!

Ahhhh, I can't believe it's blurry...
but look who is standing up all by himself at 8 months!!
He hasn't taken a step by himself yet and I'm hoping that when he does, Wade and I will both get to be there to see it, like when Savannah walked!
And I found the blog post that I wrote when she took her first step... this is why I love blogger!! 
 Check it out::  Savannah's First Step
Doesn't it feel like he just started crawling???

Okay, okay, are you ready?????
September 16, 2011::
We have BRICK STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't you already see the pumpkins sitting on these steps????

I think she is just as excited about these steps as I am 
because instead of asking to go see her new house, 
she asks to go see her new steps.  Haha!

I. Am. In. Love.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the house with a REAL camera!

The main room with my main squeeze.  #pahahaaaa

 Sitting in "Mommy's shower." 
{I love how EVERYTHING is Mommy's.  Poor Daddy.}

Looking out Andrew's window..

Andrew's view!!!  Can't wait to get it all cleaned up!

Facing the front..

Master room!!

These were the two floor stains we were most interested in::
Burnished copper on the left, marigold on the right...
can you pick the one that we chose????

Savannah sitting on our siding...

Last picture of the back of the house before the white siding went up!

This was apparently Wade's favorite pose for the day...??  Ha!
This is where our brick patio will eventually be!

Whew.  Building a house is hard work for a 2 year old.

Could not love this picture more.

Picture from across the road!  This is what our neighbors get to look at every day!!!
#luckyneighbors  haha!  Juuuust kiddingggg.  Kind of.  :)

Sorry for the picture overload...
I can't seem to stop myself!!
I am just SO excited!!!!!!  :)))))

See the brick base and the brick steps???
That's just in case you missed the last 25 pics.  :)

One of the greatest parts of the area where we're moving???
We're only 6 miles from SadieRylie's house!!!!

Calli-lily is always VERY happy to see us!  

Does this picture even really look like Savannah??


Bubbba-lou has the sweetest smiles and gives them out regularly!  :)

Monday, September 19::
Our church is blessed to have lots of stay-at-home moms and on Monday, 
we all got together with our kids at the ZOO!
  Seriously... one of our most favorite places in Alexandria!

Feeding the fish!

 Feeding SADIE to the fish...

She did not like that joke,
but she DOES love her Momma!
Sooooo sweeeeet!

Checking things out..

Rylie and the tiger! 

Riding the train for the first time!!

Sweet.  And a little awkward. 

Ireland Rain!  He always looks like a little cherub!

And this is how Andrew enjoyed the zoo!  :)
And as for the small brush burn on his eyelid...  
that is from where he rolled down the steps off of Jen's deck.

On Tuesday, September 20, all the moms got together again to make::
Y'all!!!  It's just shredded soap bars with a few boxes of different cleaning powders...
it cost $20 for all the ingredients and will last for a YEAR!!!!!
That comes out to being pennies a load!!!  
How awesome is that???

Another amazing thing that happened on Sept 20::

We have WHITE SIDING!!!!!!!! 

AND COLUMNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND STAINED FLOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures really don't do it justice... 
 it looks red in these pics, but it's really more of a brown.
And if you called BURNISHED COPPER... you were right.  :)

Framed up driveway!


To this::

And now this!!!!  
The columns still have to be painted and the black shutters will be going up around all of the windows... 
but look how close it is to being finished!!!!

 And to end on a sweet note::
Here is what I made for Wade's co-workers this month!!

You put Rolo's on top of pretzels and bake for 4 min at 250.
Then you put a pecan half on top and put in the freezer for 5 min.
And you're done.  
And ohhhh myyy goshhh, gooooood.

We won't get to drive out to the house for about a week, so I'm sure there'll be lots of changes to report next time!!!  Every single change is SO exciting and I really still want to cry with joy every time we pull up.  
I hope I feel that way forever.  :)

And did I mention that we have officially talked to the bank and they said we will be closing on NOVEMBER 10?!?!?
Keep your schedules open and your work clothes ready.  :)

Love to you all!

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