Friday, September 9, 2011

Doors Galore!

So guess what happened September 6??  My very sweet and precious little boo boo boy waved bye bye!!!!!  :)  How is it that he is already 8 months old???  I guess with all the house building going on and our travelling like crazy this summer, he has slowly been growing up when we weren't looking!  It's amazing to see how as he gets older, the more he and Savannah are enthralled with each other!!  They can finally play together without us constantly telling Vannie, "Be soft!!!  He's just a baby!!"  Andrew has also learned to hold on tight to his paci when Savannah comes around and how to let out a loud, very high-pitched squeal when she takes something away from him!  {I guess that shows he DOES have a little Brinker in him, ehh..??  Haha!}  He is pulling up and even letting go for a few seconds before plopping back down!  I wonder if he is trying to hurry up and walk so he can even out the playing field between him and Savannah!!
He is a smart boy!!! :)

 And I have a funny story!!  The other day, Savannah was singing that old hymn, "There's Something About That Name."  Remember that one???  Well, I thought that would be a good teaching moment, so I decided to ask Savannah some questions!  We had the following conversation::

Me:  "Savannah, who is God?"
Savannah:  "Jesus."
Me:  "Good!!!  And how did he die??"
Savannah:  "On the cross!"
Me: "That's right!!!  And what happened after 3 days??"
... looooong pause.....
Savannah: "Him ride out on a DONKEYYYY!!!!!"
Me:  "Hahahhaha... ummmm, close."

And now to the house::
September 9 - Windows and doors are in!
And so are the bathtubs and showers!
I mean, we could pretty much move in!  ;)

We just went yesterday to pick out the front door handle...
and I am CRAZY about it!!  
Can't wait to show you!

It's funny to see all the colors on the house right now and how different they will really be.
For example, see the all the black across the front??  That will be white, white, white!  The columns will be thicker and white and the front door will be stained!  The windows will keep their white trim and the roof will stay black...  just a more sparkly black!  That's right.  My shingles are sparkly.  :)

Seeeeeee all the SPARKLES???? 
 Okay, maybe not yet.  
But if you rode out to the house, you would!
  Because as of yesterday and today (Sept 8 and 9), 
they have officially busted these open and started nailing our shingles into the roof!!  Yaaaayyyy!

Our master bedroom windows!!

Our back double doors!!!!!

Ahhhhhh!!!  Why, yes!!!!!!  That IS our fireplace!!!!!!  :)

Our kitchen window!!!!!!!

Mommy's Bathtub!!!!!!!
{I have to laugh, though, because when I was calling for Savannah to come see her new tub in HER bathroom, she yelled right back to say she was already looking at her tub!  And this is where I found her.  Looks like I will have to learn how to share!!  Haha!}

Seriously, someone PLEASE make me go get a camera!!!

Oh, heyyyy, new carport beams.  See it?  
I'm guessing that thick wooden beam on the back corner is there to stay!!  :)

10 points for whoever can spot the 2 men putting up the shingles!!!  There were actually 3 men working, but  I was too scared to get out the car and actually go up to take pictures.  #iam12
We haven't been out there in 2 days now, so we're hoping that they are almost all finished!!
Can't wait to see that roof sparkle!!!  :)

Ha, our poor kids have been dragged to every Lowe's and building materials store during this process and have been such little troopers!  They have been so patient with Wade and I as we look up a million different light fixtures, decide between 600 ceiling fans, and spend hours figuring out where we want to put can lights...  I think that will be the most exciting moment for me - when they realize this house is for THEM and not just for Mommy.   :)  When they realize they'll get to climb those trees and run in that yard and ride bikes down that street...  When we'll decorate this front porch with pumpkins for the fall and actually have a fireplace to hang those stockings on for Christmas!  Ohhh myyy goodness, I can't wait!!!!

To know that my babies will grow and learn and love Jesus in this precious house...
well, it makes all the 30 billion trips to Lowe's worth it EVERY time.  :)

We are so thankful to Jesus for ALL His sweet blessings, 
from those sparkly shingles.... right down to that big and beautiful front door handle!  :)

Love to you all!!  Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. It's coming along so fast! I can't wait to see it all when it's finished. You guys may be in before us! LOL! We're at the part now where it's all the little tiny details and it seems to be taking FOREVER, but I know it's worth it! I'm so thankful! Can't wait for the next update!

  2. ahhhh Shut the front door i love it!!!!
    van brings joy to my heart when i hear stories about her and the seeds that are being planted in her life for when she comes to know the Lord.

  3. You home is looking absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine how excited you must be. I sooo love the idea of sparkly shingles. How cool is that? I don't blame Savannah either, I would call dibs on that bathtub too.

    Hope you & your have a great week :)

  4. New follower! Love your house! It looks so good and I know it's not done yet!


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