Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Hiccup, One Patch, One Thankful Heart

So we got an e-mail today.

Seriously, one of the most EXCITING and super scary e-mails ever.
Our contractor's secretary let us know that we: {scary part} need to head to the bank to start talking about taking out the house loan because: {exciting part!} our house is 50% COMPLETE!!!!!!  Y'all!!!  We just signed the buy/sell agreement in late July and a month and a half later, we're HALFWAY done!  I'm SO excited!!!!  That means NOVEMBER should be the big month that all of you come load up your cars with our junk treasures and drive it on down to the Poole House! 
 I promise to buy you Splurge, if you do!  #sealedthedealrightthere

We are so excited, so anxious 
to get to see the finished house and actually get to spend mornings on the porch 
and evenings on the back patio.

Drinking coffee milk.
Watching lightening bugs.
Counting stars.

I never want to forget how this feels - to be SO excited about all the little things that will make this house a HOME.  I'm sure you're all sick to death of hearing about the floors, the shingles, the brick...  but really, I'm so in love with every single part of this whole process.  I heard once that when you build and decorate your home, you should be absolutely CRAZY about every single piece that you use.  And I really am.  So much time and work and effort and prayer and thought have gone into EACH decision... so no matter what the house really turns out to look like, I'll be overjoyed.  I'll be thankful. I'll be in love.  

Here is Vannie and Rella...  
getting ready for church Sunday morning!

 My beautiful baby girl!

Sometimes, church comes a little early....  :)

Eating out with our 2 sweet friends, 

Being new homeowners themselves, 
it has been SO fun to get to experience all these "grown up" things together!

Sitting at the table like a big boy!!!!
Could you not absolutely squeeze those fluffy cheeks and kiss on him ALL day????
Don't worry...  I do.  :)

Our little monkey in his new j's!

September 12 -
Sooooo, remember that FABULOUS door handle I told y'all about???
I am MADLY in love with it!!!!!!!
 Does that make me sound ridiculous??  Probably.
But I'm not kidding you when I say that my heart literally drops every time I see it!!!  
It's just SO perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is good.  All of the time.  Even when things happen that you didn't expect and don't understand...
I just want to remember to be thankful in ALL situations and to know that God is here, God sees, and God is in control.  That truth can be applied to SO many situations in life and I remind myself of it often. I don't want to only be thankful when things go smoothly...  I want to be thankful during the hiccups, too.  

We got a call almost a week ago letting us know that the electrician had forgotten to lay a cable in the slab to run power up and into the island {which is now code!}  Eeks!

We had 3 options::  Cut the concrete... which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but since the concrete IS our floor, they would have to patch it up and then have the floor guy REscore that area...  which could be pretty tricky.  We immediately ruled that out.  

Second -  Get a moveable island.  Since it's not connected to the floor, it would not require electricity.  Right off, I was not crazy about this option...  I was afraid of what might happen if the kids ran into it and I really was looking forward to having an electrical outlet on the island...

Third - Have columns running down out of the ceiling and into our island.  The wires would be in the columns and this way, the electricity could come through the ceiling. After being assured that this could be really pretty, we looked into it at our building materials store and saw what they could offer us as far as columns go...  and I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled.  In fact, I was pretty bummed.  One of the things I am most excited about for this house is the big open floor plan where the kitchen, dining and living rooms are all ONE room. I was afraid the columns would break it up and I really was sad that this one mistake would affect my entire vision for the main room.

So we prayed.
And we were thankful.
Thankful that they had caught this error before it was too late.
Thankful that we would still have an incredible island, no matter what it looked like.
Thankful that we have a sweet Jesus who allows certain things to happen and that we can trust Him to take care of simply EVERYTHING...
We felt like we shouldn't decide anything right away...  our answer was to wait.

A few days later, we were told that they had looked
and looked and looked...
and had found someone who could bore into the concrete on a small scale!!! {This is super hard to find, because the equipment used to bore under concrete is huge and super intense...  like to bore under ROADS and such, not small patches in little houses}. They could drill right under where our island would be and the electricity would run right up into the island!!!!!  No cuts!!  No moveable island!!  No columns!!!!!
See.  I told you.  God is SO good!!!!!!!!!   We just have to be faithful to trust Him!  :)

That little concrete rectangle in the middle of the floor
 = our answer to prayer.  :)

One of the funniest memories that I'll keep and savor about this process is watching Savannah show off her house to our friends stopping by to see it.  Several times now, we have walked through the front door, ready to give the grand tour, when Savannah chimes in and says, "Come look my new room!  And my new bathtub!" and proceeds right into Mommy and Daddy's room and shows off Mommy's bathtub!!  Hahaaa!!  She apparently REALLY does think it's hers.
She is in for a rude awakening.  :)

Sure hope she enjoys sweeping this much when she's a teenager!!  

"Savannah, say 'CHEESE!!!!'"
"Me lay down.  Then me say, "Cheese." - Van

Sitting on the window frame in her FOR REAL room.  :)

Another sweet time:
Tonight, this was Savannah's bedtime prayer:
Dear Jesus.  Thank you for this food. (HAAA!)  Thank you for my new house. And my bathtub. And my window. And my shower. And Andrew's big girl room.  And my big girl room.  And my bathtub. And my window.  And my bathtub. And thank you for my new house. And for Cinderella. Amen."
Hahahahaha, ahhhh, I couldn't love this kid more.

I thought it would be fun for Savannah to take a picture in HER bathtub.  And it was.  Until she saw the dead bug on the bottom.  
Then "Cheese" became "GET ME OUTTTTTT!!!" 
 Hahahaha!!!  #traumatized 
Can I even blame her that she claims MY tub???

My sweet Andrew baby sitting on HIS window frame...
 in his "big girl" room.  :)

Of course, Savannah needed her picture on his frame, too. 

Here are some different pictures for you!!
This is our BACKYARD!!!

We found these EVERYWHERE!
Bambi lives in our backyard!!!!!!
The kids are going to be THRILLED!!!!
So will Daddy.  But for a different reason....  :)

I walked all the way to our back property line for the first time
 and look what I found!!!!!
How pretty!!!

What a gorgeous little pathway!

 I will so appreciate every inch of our land that allows our kids to get outside and
 breathe fresh, beautiful, perfect country air.

 I'll adore the carport that will shield the rain off of 
Wade and I when we carry our groceries inside.
 I'll look forward to driving up in our driveway and not seeing 
painted yellow lines that mark our parking spot.

And I'll thank Jesus every time I'm cooking dinner and happen to catch a glimpse of the trees outside that big kitchen window instead of being closed in by the blank, beige walls that I am now.
Not that I'm not thankful for those beige walls, because I am.  
This rent house has been a good house.
I'm just ready to be HOME.

The only way I can describe what we're feeling is ECSTATIC JOY!!!
The sweetest, purest form of joy that ONLY comes from the Lord...
And I have such an appreciation for my relationship 
with a Savior that loves me so tremendously.
What an  HONOR it is to love, obey, and trust our sweet Father!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!  Wade and I have declared tomorrow, "Day of Fun" for the kids!!  It will include the splash pad, Splurge, SadieRylie's house, and maybe even a quick trip to Sam's to get Mommy that new camera!!!!!  I know that you are all thrilled about that...
 you are welcome for just making YOUR Wednesday.  :)

Love to you all!  


  1. ahhhh yayyy!!! i love itttt!!!!! so so cutieeeee

  2. AH! The fact that the floor looks walkable and has no icky dust, wood or nails on it is AMAZING! SO excited for you guys. Totally love the house!

  3. I swear I get so excited about your house just reading your posts!!! Everything looks great & sounds as if it is coming along quite smoothly. You property is beautiful.

  4. Ummmm, how does mommy getting a new camera tie into "Day of Fun" for the kids?! #sneaky

    I can't wait to come move our camper into the backyard so that we can live with y'all!!!!


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