Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Very Pinteresting... :)

So, I've discovered that I LOVE crafting.
I love the feeling of FINALLY finishing a project up and knowing that I did it all by myself!!  I know I sound 3, but seriously! Two of my greatest friends told me about this crafting site and now I can't get off!  It's called Pinterest and is FULL of amazing decorations/house ideas/party planning tips/thoughtful gifts, etc...
It's a site made. for. me. It's so rewarding to make thoughtful gifts and to see the recipient's reaction when they realize you took the time to handcraft something for them!  

{Plus, I tell Wade that I'm finding cheap do-it-yourself projects that will help to decorate our new house!  I think he's buying it.....  ;)  }

Sooo, I have some things that I finally finished up!  I still haven't gotten that camera...  #lazyandtoocheap.  But I still went ahead and took some shots with my phone because I couldn't wait any longer to put them on here!!

Before I get to that, though...
  Remember this??
Our center peak is all framed up!

Here are the 2 windows in our Master Bedroom!  
The bed will be in the middle and the nightstands will sit under the windows!  
Don't you LOVE the view???

Savannah sitting where the potty will be in her bathroom!

Yes, I realize we need a haircut.
No, I can't do it.
It took toooo long to get that extra fluff, 
how can I cut it off!?!

This has to be the cutest construction worker EVER!  :)

I LOVE this shot!  
I can't wait to look back and see how she was barely bigger 
than the tiny planks of wood used to put up our house...

Our ceiling/roof!  See the plywood boards up top??  It's all closed in!  
Which was PERFECT timing to keep my floors 
cozy and dry during Tropical Storm Lee!

September 2, 2011 -
That's not shingles...  but getting closer!!!

Did I mention every recipe ever written is on Pinterest, as well?? 
It is SO much fun to make out menus for the week because the options are endless!!!
Here is just one example of something I found on there::
Tortilla and Black Bean Pie!
It was WONDERFUL!!!!!

Here is the link!  Meatless Comfort Food

The greatest dessert recipe I've tried off Pinterest yet::
Cinnamon Roll Cake!!!!
Go ahead and mark this one in the books.
Here is a link to the recipe...  Cinnamon Roll Cake
And you will probably already have all the ingredients at home!
Make it tonight!!!  Your hubby will fall in love all over again.  :)

September 2 - 
Callie turned TWO!!!!!
I can't believe I didn't have a camera to take pictures of her at her party (ughhhh!)  But hopefully Jen did and will put up pictures on HER blog...???  Pahhleeeeeaseee!!!
Here are the parfait cups I made for the party!
{After struggling for an average of 5 minutes on each bow for the first 7 bows, I prayed!  "Jesus!  You HAVE to show me how to make a bow 
because it's 2 AM and these are due at 8:30 AM
 and I don't have time to play!!!!!"
And ahhhh, y'all, Jesus is SO precious! 
 He really showed me how to make them!!!!!
I know how to make a PERFECT bow each and every time!!!
It's all in the twisting and direction of your ribbon!!!!!!!!
PLEASE let me show you one day!!!!  It's a revelation!!!
Amen and Amen.}

Callie's cupcakes (created from garbage cans and some kind of spray foam thing found in the hardware section!  How amazing is that???  I didn't make them, but I want to learn how!) and her shiny new pink chair from Aunt Magic!

Fleur de Lis WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!  
This was my birthday present from Jen (the waffle maker, not the waffles.) :)
 How DARLING is that????

When you get this kind of news::

You know that it's time for THIS::
Wade Poole's Fancy 
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

And it's time for crafting!!!
Here are my Pinteresting creations!  :)
Remember this coffee filter wreath??
Look at the 'S' I plan to pin on it!!!!!
Where do you think the S should go??
On the side? In the center? Up top?
As my bestie, Megan, says, 
"This is why I can't craft.  There are too many options!!!!!!!!"
Here is the link!!  Now go make one!!
It's just too easy and absolutely stunning!

Next up:  A Halloween wreath...
This was the original picture I found on Pinterest::

And this is how mine turned out!!
{Sorry for the poor picture quality.  
This has seriously inspired me to go get a dang camera!}
Easy Peasy!!  Here's the link!! 

A pumpkin wreath for Heather's apartment at Seminary!!!!!!! 
 I made this one up and LOVED how it turned out!
I may or may not have even created that bow by myself.
And it may or may not have been my proudest moment EVER.  Hahaa!

Candy bouquet for Nathan's 31st birthday!!!
Here is the original link: Candy Bar Bouquet
What a fun gift!!

My pipe cleaner and balloon wreath for Callie's birthday party!!!
This took about an hour to make and was the absolute FUNNEST wreath to make!! 
       I tried tying several different ribbons onto the 1.  I was never quite please with anything, though, so i left it completely bare... which ended up being my favorite.
  The 1 stood out, clean and crisp, against the party of colors behind it. 
Sometimes, less is more....  but only sometimes.  :)
 And every kid needs a balloon wreath!! Here's the link!!
Now go make it!!!!!

Hope you guys have a great "crafternoon!"  Pahaha!
Seriously.  :)  I'm off to play with burlap!  Hopefully, I'll have something new to show you next time!
Love to you all!


  1. I think, put the 'S' in the centre. I'm all about symmetry though so that's just my OCD opinion :)
    I pin things all the time - its addictive - but I have yet to make anything! You did so well! Inspirational! :)

  2. Seriouslyyyyyyy, there are just too many options!!! And oh my gosh, I hadn't seen the roof all done like that!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  3. Your home is looking fantastic. Making lots of progress! I definitley pinned that cinnamon roll cake (oh yum). Pinterest is one of my fave sites. I've made several recipes from there.

  4. Love it all :) You are so creative! And now I want some cinnamon roll cake.

  5. ill pretend like you have a separate blog planned to document my visit! :)
    but seriously, i enjoyed seeing your house in the terrential downpour! it really does look so good in these photos too!!

  6. I love Pinterest! That will be especially fun for helping with your new house! They also have a ton of DIY and kids crafts and ideas!


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