Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bogue Chitta Adventure Race

Ahhhh, y'all!!!!!! 
 I have SOOOO many pictures for you!!!

I didn't wait to overload you, so maybe I can gradually post them so you're not sitting at the computer and scrolling down for 15 hours.  The weather is just TOO gorgeous to be inside for too long!  We actually bundled up the kids.. {it's 60 degrees today and I literally mean we BUNDLED.  Long sleeves, fleece jackets, sweatshirts on top with sweatpants, socks, tennis shoes, and 2 extra blankets, just in case.  Our Alaskan friends would have laughed at us.  :) }  .. we went to Cottingham Forest at LC and had a family picnic and ohhh myyy goodnesssss.  It was TRULY the best way to start our FALL! 

 PLUS, we have made MAJOR progress on the house... Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!  :)  :)  :)  :)
If you're anything like me, you are ACHING to see them!!  And I am DYING to show you!!!

BUT I am going to save those pics for another day! These come first!  Last weekend, October 14 &15, we loaded up the car and drove down to the Bogue Chitta State Park in LA  {pronounced bow-guh-chit-uh. You're welcome.  Didn't want you to go through the whole post being stressed about that.}  Wade competed in his third adventure race!  They ran 5 miles, canoed 4.5, and biked 10, as well as completed several mystery events, one of which included digging a foot and half into sand to uncover ONE golden coin.

 Luckyyyy them. ;)

The older Sharbonos, the younger Sharbonos, and this Poole party camped out during those 2 days and honestly had.a.blast.  The kids were over the moon, tasting their first smores and playing in the sand and dirt. {Sadly, no pictures of their first taste of a smore...  
Mommy was too busy scarfing them down teaching the kids how to make them.}  
You know it's been a good day when the kids tromp up and their faces, hands, and knees are covered in BLACK.  Ha!  It was absolutely delightful and we are looking forward to our next visit!!!  Maybe some time in April...???  Mark your calendar!!

She has my lollipop....  and my eyes.  :)

My humble warrior.  :)  
Isn't he the sweetest!?!

All packed up and ready to go!!

At the state park!  Our kids ADORE the outside and I LOVE that!

Sadie is always the best helper.  ;)

Ha, so this isn't Savannah or Sadie's best picture ever...  but it IS Rylie's!!
Isn't she beautiful???  

The Bogue Chitta State Park had a SPLASH PAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With this big WATER SLIDE!!!!!

The kids were a little scared at first...

...but they quickly learned to LOVE it!!!!!

Savannah going to the slide by her big-girl self!!!
{Funny story - Nanny and Aunt Jenny had taken the 3 girls on a hike through the woods.  When Savannah got tired of walking, she asked Nanny to carry her.  When Nanny said she needed to walk, Savannah replied with, "But I'm just a little girl!!"  Hahaha!!!!

Poor Drew Baby had to just watch...
maybe next trip he will be old enough to ride!!

What is Mowgli doing at the splash pad????

Bright sun.  Bright son.  {Cheeeeeese. But you know you liked it.}  :)

Probably doing math problems in his head.  Genius.  :)

Our sweet Callie Marie!!!  

Going check out the BEACH area!

Rocky Bottom Beach

Seriously??  How pretty!!!  And all in ol' Louisiana!!!

Jenny was ALL smiles...
until her car got totaled the very next day.  :( 
Here's a tribute to the Tribute!!

Love this view!  ;)

I spy with my little eye::  a BABY!   Haaa!!

The morning of the race!!  
The girls played with babies while the men got prepared!

Here is a map of their grand adventure!!!!  

Here is first time we saw our boys!!
 I see Wade and Alan...  now, where's Mr. Billy???  :)

Gearing up for one of the biking parts!

And they're off again!!

We got to play with some of Scarlett and Damon's friends at the park while the guys were in the woods
and with all the PINK going on, we just had to take a picture!!  
{Poor Bub!  Ha!}

Here is one of the mystery events!!
  The boys had to canoe up to the beach...

...get out of the canoe and walk up to a wall...
{Savannah was SO excited to see Wade, she kept screaming, "DADDY!!!!"  
Wadie just had to find her and send her a sweet wave!!}

... where the staff was continuously wetting the wall down to make it more slippery!!  Once you crossed to the other side, you could no longer help any of your teammates!  Of course, our sweet boys helped all of the other teams across and were the last ones to go over...

True teamwork!

Haa!!  Poor Mr. Billy!!

Done and DONE!

Racing back to the canoe to finish the race!  We brought the kids back to the camper to nap, so we sadly missed the boys crossing the finish line.  :(  It took them 5 hours and 11 minutes to complete and the boys were VERY glad to eat their Winner's Dinner of Caesar Salad and Chicken & Mushroom Pasta!

We were SO proud of our guys!!  Many of the teams dropped out and we overheard one lady say that in 6 years of competing, this was the hardest race she had ever done!  Hooray for Team AB&W for not only completing the race, but for finishing well... and even encouraging and helping out the other teams!!  

Next up for Wade {hopefully!}:: The Half Marathon in Baton Rouge in December! 
 {Shan - I hope you're ready!!!  :)}

House pictures coming up ASAP!!!!  Stay tuned!  :)

Love to you all!!


  1. yess!!! please i hope he does it!!!!!!!!
    we can take pictures together! and you BETTER get us crossing the finish line... and you BETTER have prizes :)

    also this race looked like it was so much funN!!!!!

  2. How come you always miss poor Wadie at the finish line???? Isn't that the most important part?! Hahahaha. This looks like so much fun. I wanna know when Levi and Emory are going to be invited.


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