Monday, October 10, 2011

C is for Cabinets!!!!!!!

I'm going to try to quickly throw some pictures on here.  
For once in their life, both babies are taking naps at the same time, 
so I'm going to thoroughly relish the peace and quiet with a huge cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte. :)

Here is my {almost} 9 month old!!!
He is still pulling up, standing up, and even cruising around by holding onto the furniture!!  He loves the sound of his voice, especially on Sunday mornings during the service.  :)  He is SO active and Wade and I remark all the time on how different he is from how Savannah was at this age!  
He is such a BOY!  
I don't really know how else to explain it!!!  He bypasses all the dolls and dress up clothes to get to the trucks and balls EVERY time.  Forget Barbie, Andrew wants Thomas the Train.  If there is dirt and rocks around, Andrew will need to taste it all.  Instead of being scared of the noise the vacuum makes like Savannah was, Andrew chases after it... which, let's be real, is not that often.  Ha!!  It's such a natural thing!  As obvious as it sounds, God made boys to be boys and girls to be girls!! 
 They are totally different and both completely beautiful!
  It is so neat to see the differences in personality and opinions between my two babies!!! 
They truly make life SO MUCH FUN!!!!
{P.S...  Brother got in a fight with the concrete ledge in our backyard.
Brother - 0  Concrete - 1}

Maybe he should wear this when playing with that concrete ledge....

So we were in for a surprise when we walked into our house last Friday!!
 October 7::
We have CABINETS!!!!!  (Well, sort of!!!)

Our island!!

This is where our oven/stove will go!!

Our sink and dishwasher are beneath the windows...

Cabinets over the washer and dryer!
We also had a pantry made in here...
 can't wait to see it finished!!

Cabinets in the master bathroom with double sinks on top!

Our shoe rack/shelving area that we didn't know
 would be in our master closet... what a great surprise!

Another view of the kitchen...  
I'm guessing the top cabinets will be built and installed sometime next week!!!!

 As we were leaving Friday, 
the men were installing the kids' closet doors!!

Hezzy Girl and Jasey Jase AND Shanny Baby all came into town this weekend!!!!  It was wwwwwwwonderful to see our little grad students!!!!  Of course, my camera battery was dead when I met up with Hez and Jason...  so I didn't get to take pictures of the little fiance's!!!!  BUT, I will be posting an entire post dedicated to these two and their love and their engagement and all their wedding details. 
 (Happy now, Hez and Jase???)  Hahah!!

Shanny Baby came over for dinner Friday night
and Vannie was sooooooo happy to see her!!!!!!

On Saturday, October 8, Jen, Hez, and I and all the kids drove down to Lafayette to meet up with dear old Dad!!  Our first stop::  The Antique Mall.  Dad's first comment when we pulled up::
"Let's find something else to do."  Hahaha!!!  After meeting the nice man in the road, telling us we could park in his driveway the whooooole day for a flat fee of 5 bucks, {Ummm, no, thanks.} we kept driving, found a free spot on the side of the road, walked a mile back to the mall and enjoyed looking through everyone's junk treasures.  I'm not much of an antique-y person... BUT when I found this table, I. fell. in. love.  Now, before you get all excited, I didn't buy it.  Wade thought I should come home and pray about it... ;)  But I think this entry table would be PERFECT for the new house!!!  Don't you agree!!! 
 And all this beauty for $125.  It IS worth it.  Riiiiiiiight?????  

Next up::  Cracker Barrel.  
How sweet is this??

And lastly::  Moore's Park!
This was so neat... there was a pond with a fountain and deck right across the road from a big, fun playground!!!  The kids went crazy.  :)

Mother Goose and her little ducks three.

Cheering for the Tigers already, making their daddy proud.

Love my girls!!

When pouting, find Heather.  
She makes everything better and is always willing to give you ice cream.
Or at least a smile.

 My most favorite picture from our whole day! 
 This was totally spontaneous.. 
 Rylie threw her arms around Pops and they could not have been happier.  :)

Pops in all of his glory!!!!  :)

Sometimes it's nice being the baby!!
Andrew gets loooooots of attention from his big cousins!  :)

Beautiful Hezzy Baby!!!

 Jenny Girl...with the 3 year old version of herself.
So sweet!!!

So Sadie decided that she needed to try on Pops' glasses.
After seeing how funny she looked in them, I knew that we ALL needed a turn.
Enjoy...   :) 







 {We have already decided that this one needs to be shown at the reception.  Sorry, Jase.}  :)

And I'll leave you with my favorite person in Pops' glasses::
Jenny!  HA!

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you have an even BETTER week!!!  :)

Love to you all!


  1. andrew loves boy things... AS he is playing with pink sunglasses hahaha!!!! I love your blogs lissie, even if they are 12 thousand miles long! ha! :)
    thanks for letting me play with your children!

  2. I was JUST thinking about yall and the new house, it is coming together so quickly!! What a blessing! The babies are all so beautiful and, as a lover of all things antique, you MUST go back and get that table!! It's perfect and for only $125?!! Yes! Looks like a perfect day with your Dad, what precious memories!

  3. Hahahaha...go home and pray about it!!!!! Oh, Wade. I'm guessing he wants the answer to your prayer to be no?! I need to come and see the house!! SO MUCH has happened since I saw it last month!!!

  4. Oh Melissa! How precious is this blog!! I so missed being with you all, but hopefully next time!! I love my sweet family!


  5. I love how your cabinets are looking, girl!! And the pictures are so funny! $125 for that antique table?! That's a STEAL!


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