Monday, October 3, 2011

Follow the Little White Road...

...which will lead you to our little white DRIVEWAY
and our little white WALLS!!!!!!!!!  YAAAAYYYYY!!!!

Time for the house update that I know you all have been waiting for!!!  :)

October 1, 2011 - 
Here she is!!!!
See our new sidewalk??  Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Still to do::
Paint columns white, 
install black wooden shutters across the front,
stain the front door, and
mount light fixtures on either side of the door!


And we have walls!!!!!!!!!!!
This is facing the front....

In our great room, facing the fireplace and hallway!

Savannah's room...

The kids' bathroom...

Andrew's room...

 Our room!!!!

Master bath...

 After living in our rent house with close to ZERO closet space, a large closet was one of our main non-negotiables when looking at homes and house plans.  Hence::  our master walk-in closet.  
Quite possibly my most favorite room in the house.  :)

 Handsome hubby coming through our back doors!

Laundry/Mud Room...
Another non-negotiable!!  
Our laundry room now is just a closet in the kitchen, 
so we knew we needed a place to actually walk in and do the laundry!!
Plus, I'd like for it to eventually be lined with cabinets/shelving,
 so that we have plenty of storage space!  
Oh, the things you learn to appreciate!!!!!  :)
And this is my second most favorite room in the house... 
{Even though it probably won't be once I actually have to start doing laundry!!!  Ha!!}

 Facing the back!

The back of our house!!!!!!  
All that's left to do is to paint those columns, 
install a ceiling fan on the back patio, 
and put two lights under the carport!
Oh, and start on that brick patio...  and possibly a brick fire pit...??
Ahhh, I CANNOT wait to finally get to sit back here and watch the kids play!!
It's going to be SO wonderful and I am SO grateful!!!

 Another shot of my beloved steps.  :)

Honey, we're ALMOST home!!!  :)

The view from our bedroom windows!

The view from our driveway...
see the house going up across the street??   
There is a house going up on the other side of us, too!!
I can't wait to visit and bring over "Welcome to the Neighborhood" kits!!!
You know, because we'll be the veterans on the street and all.  Hahaa!

I know the sidewalk looks a million miles long...  but don't worry, it's not.  :)
Don't you love the curve???  And if you look really close, you can see the slab that's already been poured on the lot next to us!!!  I really can't wait to have neighbors!!!  Hopefully, they're nice, don't have wild dogs, like to share their desserts, and don't mind me borrowing a cup of sugar.  Ahhhh, I can't wait!!!!  :)

And as you know, I can't let a post go without adding a picture of food.  :)
Here is what I woke up to this morning that sweet Wadie Boy made for his Lissie Girl::
Bananas Foster French Toast!!!

Sadly, we decided that it wasn't a keeper.
But since it looks pretty and interesting, I thought you should see it!  :)
Taste:  B-  Effort:  A+   
Love you, bear bear!!  :)

We have some sweet friends that live REALLY close to where we're building and they get to occasionally text and call us to give us some updates on the house!!! Since it's about a 15 minute drive from where we live now and because the days are getting shorter, we don't get to drive out every day during daylight hours!!  They called today to let us know that the men have PRIMED the walls!!!!!!!!!!  Which means......
they should start painting this week!!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!
I'm SO nervous, SO anxious, and SO excited to see it painted!!!!  
I keep looking at our color swatches and still LOVE all of the colors...
but you know how everything looks different once it's all over the walls!
Ahhhhh!!  Please pray that they'll be EXACTLY what the Lord has for us!
As silly as that sounds, 
I really AM nervous about it!!  Hopefully, next time I blog...
each room will be painted and I'll get to excitedly tell you that 
each room is absolutely perfect.

Don't forget to pray.  ;)

Love to you all!!!


  1. ahhh i love it!!! Friday we MUST go out to see it!!! yay!!!!!!

  2. It looks SO SO amazing!!!! I'm loving the brick steps and the walls!! WOOHOO!! Now where is my guest room?!


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