Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fort Worth Fun!

Last Wednesday, Mom picked the kids and I up and we headed to Texas to see our favorite Hezzy Girl and Jasey Jase!!!  Oh my goodness, we could not have had a more wonderful time!!!!!!!! I wish you could have all seen Savannah's face just LIGHT UP when she saw Hezzy!  
She is already asking when she can go back to Hezzy's house.
Hopefully, it will be very, very soon!!

Here is Heather at her desk, where she plays Scrabble works!!

Of course, Heather has a tape dispenser in a black stiletto!

The Housing Office "Heather-style."

Bubs is ready to sign up for Seminary!!
{Or so Grammie says.  :) }

While waiting for Hezzy to get off work, we made a fort in her apt!!

We also bought her some fall mums and made her an early birthday cake!
Black Forest Cake...  YUM!!


More, please.  :)

Of course, I brought shorts and tank tops the day it turned 30 degrees in Ft. Worth.
Ughhh.  Thankfully, I had ONE set of warm clothes for the kids!  #smartmom
Here is Vannie, all bundled up, and ready to go to the playground with Aunt Hezzy... 
obviously, after indulging in some cherry filling.  ;)

Jaseeeeeeee and Vannnnnnnnn!!!!!
Isn't this sweeeeeet??
{Side note:: Conversation today after church::
Me:  Savan!  Did you have fun at church today??
Van: "Yes!!!  I played with Luke!!"
Me: "Ohhhhh, is that your little boyfriend??"
Van:  "Nooooo!!!  Jase is my boyfriend!"  Ha!!!}
They are bff.

Seriously, how perfect is this??

How come all the boys get the long eyelashes????

Savannah found Heather's calculator...
and made me use it to call Caillou.
 {That terribly, annoying boy on tv that all children just seem to LOVE!}
This is me telling Caillou that it was time to go to bed.  Immediately.  ;)

Heather telling Caillou all about her RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  :)

Very proud of her noogies.  Take a guess what that is.  HA!!

Hahaha, I wish I had recorded the WHOLE time Savannah was SPITTING all over the cake to blow out the candles!!!! It was HYSTERICAL!!!!  And no worries - we had already eaten our pieces.
Are you sure YOU won't have any...??  ;)

The fresh whipped cream was her favorite part. 

Grammie with her babies and the Seminary in the background!
{Remember how I said I had brought them each ONE warm outfit?? 
Haa!  This is called, "Making Do."}

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  While we were there, we got to see Heather and Jason's potential future house for after they get married!!!!!!!  How darling is this little cottage???
What a PERFECT starter home!  And don't you LOVE the tree in the front yard???
Ahhhh, sooooo cute!!!!

 Beautiful backyard!!

Showing us around!  
Everything is getting repainted, so it will all be fresh and new!

Haha, Andrew looks so gangsta!!!

Hezzy and maybe her new kitchen...??????  :)  :)

I wish this was the view I had from my laundry room!!


Don't they just go together???  I think they even kinda look alike!!!
Is that weird???  ;)

We were sooo excited to get to see everything!!  

This just may be the threshold Jason will carry Heather over...  EEKS!!  :)


I can't tell you how wonderful those few days with them were!  I didn't even stop long enough to get my camera out for most of the time we were there...  I was simply soaking in every minute with these two! We seriously never put down our coffee mugs while we talked about their wedding, their future together and Jesus {hey, mom was there. What did you expect??}  ;)

Heather and Jason are coming in this next weekend for her birthday, so we are seriously ANXIOUSLY awaiting that!!!!  Savannah asks almost everyday when they are going to get here. :)

Ohhh!!  And more exciting news...

Our official date to close on the house isssssssssssss:::::

NOVEMBER 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're totally freaking out, too.
You knowwwww pics are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, Hez/Jason's future possible house is SO stinking cute! What a perfect house to start a life in! Ahhhhhh!! Love it!

    PS: Andrew is getting SO photogenic. He is basically stealing Van's limelight. : ) He loves the camera.


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