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The Last Frontier - Part 1

On Friday, September 23, a group of 4 guys from The Gathering Place Church flew off from Alexandria, LA...  and 24 hours later, landed in Galena, ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!  Wade, Nathan, Carey, and Stephen spent a week there doing mission work, which included::  processing moose, renovating the church's bathroom, chopping firewood, and helping the community prepare for winter!!  

What an experience!!  Hearing Wade talk about the grouse he hunted, the bear meat he ate, the moose he was cleaning...  y'all, he sounded like a little boy on Christmas morning!!  It was definitely a "man's trip!"  They were SO happy to be there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute!!  Serving the Lord in such a unique environment has made such an impact on Wade!!  I wish you could all hear his stories about the trip...  how amazing the landscape was, how precious the people were, and how humbled he was by the simple way of life in "the bush."  It has been such a blessing to see how his heart has grown closer to the Lord's through this mission trip and I look forward to seeing how it motivates him to continue doing the Lord's work here!

Here are just a few of the pictures to help you see all that the trip entailed!!
(And I know it looks like a lot... 
 but compared it to the 449 pictures that Wade came home with,
I think I did a pretty good job!!  Haaa!)
I'll split the pictures into 2 posts so that you're not overwhelmed!!  Here is part ONE!

This cracked me up!!!!!!  
Here is what I found on the dining room table as Wade was packing up to leave::
Can you tell that he was EXCITED?!?!?

Wade, Savannah, and Aurora at the Alexandria Airport!

The four boys checking in!

Checking out the plane that would carry their daddies away
 "Like a bird. In the sky. Tweet! Tweet!"

Checking out his boarding passes!  They flew from Alexandria to Dallas to Los Angeles to Seattle to Fairbanks to Galena!  Did you get all that??  Total traveling time::  24 hours.  Yikes!

Calla-Lilly was very excited about getting to run wild in the airport!

She nearly escaped on an elevator filled with strangers.  True story.

Really, Savannah...???

"Daddy is going WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Kisses goodbye...

Wade and his very manly pillow.
Don't make fun.  It's all we had!!!  Haaa!


See the next sign after JetBlue??  ALASKA!!


Checking in...

Oh, hey, white wolf!

Alaskan airport

I love that Wade recognizes how much I enjoy the little details!
Here are moose prints that were all over the airport floor!!  HOW CUTE!!

I know that this picture won't fit in my allotted white space on the blog page...  but I'm telling my OCD self to just get over it!!  A picture this sweet just has to be full-size!!!

Alaska Grizzly Bear...  ohhh myyy goshhh. 

Puppy dog...  running wild and free in the airport!

Apparently polar bears are extremely ferocious...????
I don't doubt it!  Look at him!


 Alaskan airplane!

This is the plane the boys flew into Fairbanks on....

 And this is the plane the boys flew OUT of Fairbanks on...
it's called a "puddle jumper."  Eeks!

Getting EXCITED!!!

Cock-pit... right in front of everyone for them all to see!

Look at those little seats!  

Wade's first picture in GALENA, AK!!

 Sad that it's kinda blurry, but here is their first view of the Yukon River...

 Here is a fun river fact for you::
The Yukon River originates in the coastal mountains of Canada and flows 1,979 miles in a wide arc to the Bering Sea. The river flows northwest through Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve for 128 miles. The river is silt laden in summer due to glacial runoff, 
and it is completely clear in winter when glaciers are frozen.

 One of their first stops was at the Galena general store...
Look at these prices!

Galena Bible Church!!!!!!  How precious is this??

The Yukon River.  Simply breathtaking.

 First food in Alaska::
Bear snack sticks...

...and Pumpkin Cranberry Bread!!
"with FRESH cranberries picked out of the Alaskan wilderness!"
Haa, I don't know how I'm ever going to beat this!!

So glad to be there!!

In case you were wondering...
this is how you process a moose.  :)

See the leg hanging up in the back??

My beautiful boy "hanging" with the bloody moose.

Working hard!

Future moose burgers.

The missionary that the boys stayed with:: Chris Kopp!
Here he is with a yummy moose heart.

Wadie..  your ribs are showing.  :)

Just one of the missionary's pantries!!  
All stocked up for the winter time!

10 points for the person who can find the 
2 moose that were 50 yards from the back porch!!

 Checking out the Alaskan landscape!

Grass Lake... located behind the church.

This one needs a frame, Stephen!!

Inside Galena Bible Church!

Here is the bathroom that the boys renovated!!  
Part 2 will have the 'after' pics!

Potluck after church!!
It included crock-pot moose heart, salmon chowder, moose ribs, 
lemon cheesecake squares, and 2 cakes from the community cake walk.
I'm totally sold on those last two!!  :)

Nathan and Jen's future.  :)

I'll end part one on this very sweet note::
Wade reading Skippyjon Jones to the missionary kiddos!  
(And how absolutely ADORABLE are they?!?!)
Wade looks totally in his element...  I could cry.  :)

I have 2 of my OWN kiddos hollering at me right now for some lunch,
 but I'll be back with part two asap!!!  :)

Love to you all!!


  1. ahhh i love it!! It really does look like so much fun! Why no girls went on that trip?! hahaha!!! :)
    tell wadie bear im proud of him!

  2. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful!!!! I think next time WE should go...just to play, not to process moose or anything. : )Those babies are SO blonde, I adore them. I hope mine are that blonde!

  3. Thanks to Wade and the crew. They were a great blessing to our church and family. We'll be looking forward to your next visit with your family.

    Keith Ramos

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your boys with us! We were truely blessed! I need copies of these pictures! They turned out great.... even if they were from a pink camera. Hhahahahahaha.


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