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The Last Frontier - Part 2

Okay, so maybe I should have made this into a 3-part post!!
Haa, get ready for a big blast of Alaskan life!
The pictures may seem a bit sporadic, but I hated to take them out of order...
so here you go!

In case you missed it, check out the first part here:: The Last Frontier - Part 1

That's my hubby.... playing with a moose tongue.  

"Lick" at that!!   :)

Measuring out moose ribs to freeze for the winter!

Carey and Nathan looking for firewood!

Moose "scat."  Make Wade explain this.  #boysaregross

Limbs they found to make into firewood...

...and limbs they found to play with!!!

Moosin' around.

Mr. Tumnus!!!! 

Real men use an axe to scratch their back.

Maybe this will stop you from complaining about the gas prices here...  :)

Boats coming in on the last day of moose season!

Walking down the shooting lane!

Fresh berries!!

Magnificent Yukon River!

Yukon River at dusk...  fabulous.

The Fantastic Four.  :)

GIANT cabbage leaves!!  Don't believe me...??

Check this out!

Hanging moose number 2!

Sweet 9 year old, Daniel, and his first moose horns!

This is where the boys stayed during their time in Galena.  Most of the homes there look similar to this...  they are raised off of the ground because of all the snow they get during winter!  Last winter, they had around 96 inches of snow!!  Can you even imagine???
Ha, love Nathan in this pic, too...  He is THAT guy.  :)

 Snow flurries!!

Bag to carry your moose home in!

Working on the church's bathroom...

This is what a lot of Alaskans use instead of bread. 
 It's very crunchy and made for the Alaskan environment where bread is not readily available! 

One of the Christian wildlife agents in town had the boys over for lunch one day.
Here are a few shots from his home!
An African plaque, a muskrat (or otter..??), and a goose!

A lynx!!!  The boys even ate these little guys...  :(

Wade really enjoys his lynx...

Dances with Wolves??  Nahhh, we dance with lynx.  :)

MEOWWWWWWWWWW.  {Pahahaa!!!!}

African Moose Curry that the boys LOVED!

Buffalo head!

 Alaskan license plate...  notice the expiration date!!  HAA!!

The bathroom in progress....

Nathan and Carey's handiwork!

Making moose andouille sausage!


Smoked Salmon Dip!

Smoked bear sausage... Wade says it's one of the best things he ate there!

Moose ribs!

 Homemade chocolate cake!!  Wade's favorite dessert!

Moose ribs, bear sausage, chicken and rice with peas and beans,
 barbecued chicken, and spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette...  
{Hubby knows me so well.  The pictures I'm most fascinated with are the food!  HA!}

 When the snow flurries came, the people there were afraid that winter had come a little early!  They quickly dug these potatoes out so they wouldn't freeze in the ground!!

 Moose leg.

Hunting for GROUSE!!!

This is already printed out and taped to our refrigerator!
I am one proud wifey!!  :)

This is how you clean a grouse.  If you're interested to see more, 
I can send you the video of the skin just tearing right off....
#deeeeeelightful   : /

Haaa, how cute!!!!!

This is seriously how little boys were meant to grow up!!!!!

He looks like he belongs here.  :)

 Stephen and the grouse...  and look at that pretty puppy!!!

Homemade blueberry pancakes with bacon!

Ladies, don't you wish your house looked like this???  Haha!

Alaska loves Ford.  :)

Moose nachos!!!!  Wade LOVED them!!!

Lynx Links!  
(Ha, I don't know if I could haveeaten this, but I do love the name!)  :)

The street the boys stayed on!

Love the fall trees!

 The boys cut up some firewood for this sweet lady who takes care of foster children!
They also placed that gas tank there for her, as well as fixed up her front porch!

More carnage..

Homemade canoe!!!!!!!

Moose killed by an 11 year old...  the boys were jealous.

Turkey fan!

Foxes on the wall in the home of another wildlife agent!!

Cinnamon stage black bear!



Black bear!!

Muskrat, beaver, and otter!

Raccoon and beaver!

Minks!!!!!!!!!!!!  Worth $75 a piece!  Apparently, we need to go set some traps!!!


WOLVERINE!!!!!  #hughjackman

Cutting up more moose...  on the kitchen table.  #hardcore
This is the before...

And this is after!!

The boys are now pros...  
you know, in case you ever come across a moose.  :)

Mammoth molar fossil!!!!!!!

Here is a shot of the lynx links!  Wade says it was great!

Grouse pot!

Grouse pot, bacon-wrapped asparagus and corn!

 Here is that homemade andouille sausage that the boys made after it was smoked!!

Love this pic!!  They look like real mountain men!  :)

Yes!  That's a mountain!!  How incredible is that??

Pilot Mountain!!!  Gorgeous!!!!

More grouse hunting....

Draining the septic tank in that bathroom...  #yummy

 Maneuvering it out the door...

And done!

Battle scar.  :)

The boys with their trophy!!!

Maw Maw's Soup!  
We will definitely be making this one down here in LA!  It looks WONDERFUL!

Cranberry Brown Sugar Scones...  we're going to need this recipe STAT!!  :)
How yummyyyyy!!!

The sink and urinal that the boys put together!!

Notice anything funny....??
Ahhh, the satellite is pointing DOWN to catch the signals from the horizon!!!!

Baked salmon!!!!!  Ohhhh,  I think this would have been my most favorite thing there!!

Raspberry Jello!!!  I can't wait to try this one, too!!!
(Oooh, and I can't wait to play the game, Pit!!!!!  Wade says it is a BLAST!!!!)

Working at night....

New water septic tank!!!

Breakfast on their last day::
Fried eggs, grits, stewed apples, and coconut almond bread!!!

Last lunch:: Homemade bacon moose burgers!!

Saying goodbye!

Wade and Stephen's sheet rock wall!!  I'm so impressed!!  :)

I think this may be the greatest shot from the whole trip...

Our very own TGP missionaries!  :)

The precious Kopp family!!

Last minute souvenir shopping...  HA!

Quizno's...  no moose on the menu there!

Tram in Dallas...  the boys were sad to leave but ready to get home!

We are thanking Jesus that our boys had the opportunity to go on this truly amazing lifetime adventure into "the bush!"  They had safe flights, a wonderful time helping the community of Galena prepare for winter, and an incredible experience of living a genuine Alaskan lifestyle.  We are so appreciate of the sweet missionaries and the Galena Bible Church that took our boys in and made them feel SO welcome and appreciated!!  From our families to yours, thank you a million times over and we look forward to finally meeting you...  especially since our boys are already planning their trip back!!!  :)

Love to you all!


  1. ahhh love these photos! are you gonna let andrew grow up like that in the wilderness? :)
    they look like they had so much fun!!!!

  2. Melissa, Thanks for putting this together. We loved having the guys here, and as we told them, our home is welcome to your family anytime! They just missed the snow too. We got 4 inches two days after they left.

  3. Seriously, Wade really does look like he's at home in those pictures. You ready to move?? Haha. And I was thinking, "good thing they weren't doing the fast when this happened!" They could never have turned down all that meat!

  4. I really need copies of those pictures! They are great. I posted the Cranberry scone recipe on our blog Next time they come you need to come with them! We really enjoyed having them. And you definitely need to try lynx links they are great!


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