Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Umm... warning.
This post is kind of boring.
Unless you love paint and lights.
In which case, you will LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 19, 2011:
We picked out our granite!!! 
 It's called Santa Cecilia and I am CRAZY about it!!  It's got lots of gold, creams, and browns mixed in and I'm dying to see it in the house!  They are scheduled to put it in on November 2... about 1 week before closing!!!  Yaaayyyyy!

Jacobean Stain on our front door!!!   
{Please note this this will be the last time you ever see the door 
without wall mounts on the side!!  Ahhhh!!!  :) }

This was our very first view of our PAINTED walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!?!  Isn't it SPECTACULAR?!?!?!?!

I have to laugh because I was SO worried about the paint colors... 
I told Wade that I wanted us to walk through the house by ourselves the first time we saw the painted walls with absolutely no company.  That way, I could cry if I needed to without making anyone feel awkward or have them try to make me feel better about it.
 When we walked in, OF COURSE, there were about 10 paint men there....  and every last one of them just stared at me when I started SQUEALING!!!!!! I couldn't stop myself...  you all know that big, loud, amazing squeal us Brinker girls have, ha! I think a few of the painters even started laughing!  I seriously was OVERJOYED!!!!!!!!!!!  Even if the rest of the house was terrible....
 This, this was perfect. 

The guest bathroom!!  It's a sage green 
and EXACTLY what I pictured in my mind! 
{Since the electricity was not up yet, it's hard to really capture the true color!
I'll try again when the lights work, but you get the idea!!!}

See how different the paint looks here??  This is the master bathroom!
Don't you love the super dark stain on the cabinets, too???

We kept the same neutral color in our bedroom...
This is with the flash....

...and this is without!

Isn't the tray ceiling wonderful???

{I just realized I didn't have pictures of the kids' rooms, but don't stress!!  I have some later!}

We were sad to leave the house, but very excited that all our light fixtures were sitting on the living room floor, just waiting to be opened up and installed!!!!  It was kind of like Christmas Eve night where you are DYING to open up your presents....  but the waiting just makes Christmas morning SO much better!!!  :)

Wade was off on Thursday, October 20, 
so we packed up the kids and went to LC for a pb&j picnic!
You can see for yourself that Andrew was VERY excited about it!

Our beautiful boy.

Alum Wildcats...  back on campus with our own little wildcats.
{Try to ignore how tired we look.}

Andrew Paul!

This was our view looking up...

..and this was our view looking down!  :)

Sweet Vannie.

Standing up!


Beautiful Pineville!

And this is about the time that I discovered how to work the self-timer...
Enjoy!  I couldn't decide which one to post, so you get them all!!!! 
 Lucky YOUUUU!!  :)


Brother teaching Sister how to crawl again...

Last one, I promise!!!!!!  :)

Thursday, October 20:
Our lights are installed!!!!
See our wall mounts???  Yaaayyyyyy!!!!!

Checking out our ELECTRICITY!!!!!!  

Our new oven!!! 
{With a very necessary 'fingerprint resistant' finish!  
Perfect for homes with small children!!}

Our living room fan!

Light over the dining table!
Don't you  just loooooove it!?!?!

The bathroom lights weren't in yet, but this is what I picked out...
There'll be 2 in the master above each sink and 1 in the guest bathroom!
Don't you think this was the 'bright' choice??  Pahhaha!  :)
Here is Savannah's room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit that I was mostly scared about Van's room...  I picked a soft PINK color that is identical to her baby blanket!  Her furniture is cream and I plan to accessorize the room with pops of hot pink!  What do you think????  It doesn't necessarily flow with the rest of the house, but I think it's exactly right for Savannah.  {And it will probably be my most favorite room, too! Ha!}
Do y'all think it's too much?  Too light?  Or just right??

Andrew's fan!!  I didn't get a shot of his room, but it's the same color as our trim...  his furniture is SUPER dark, so I think that his brown furniture against the cream walls is going to be stunning!!
  Ahhh, Michaela!  I need you!  What do you think??

Our pantry and laundry room!!!!!!
Cabinet doors should be coming in next week!!

Sooo, neat story:
This fan was supposed to be our fan on the back porch.  The contractor was at the house as we walked through, and when I saw this, I thought, "Ohhhhh noooooo!!!!"  Apparently, the light and fan that we had picked out for our bedroom was never ordered!  This fan was too big to fit on our back porch, so they put it in our bedroom and bought a smaller fan for the outside.  The contractor immediately apologized and said he could have the guys take it down and they would order and put up our original fan!

Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!  The more I looked at it, the more I LOVED it!!! 
I instantly loved how wide these blades are and how perfectly they filled that space in!  It is wicker blades, which gives it a different look than a traditional fan!!!  I told the contractor, "Ahhhh!!  Jesus knew!!!!!!!!!!  Jesus knew that THIS was the fan for us!!!!!!!"  Hahaha!!  Y'all, He really did!!!!  It's exactly what our room needed and we didn't even know it!!  Ahhh, Jesus is SO good!  How sweet is that???  {They are ordering a light kit that is similar to our living room light to add to it!}
How wonderful!!!!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!  It's progressing SO quickly and we will be in it within a month!!!!!  Maybe that means we should start packing....????


Hope you guys have a great week! 
 Love to you all!


  1. this is so surreal. I seriously cant believe it! I was JUST getting engaged when they started clearing the land! ahhh!!
    and i love yalls family photos!!! :)

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Melissa is this even for real?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? I absolutely can't believe it!!

    Everything is seriously perfect! Absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMG and the self timer pictures are the cutest things ever!! Seriously!!


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