Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This past weekend, 
between going out to the house and attending birthday parties, 
we found time to do something very important::


Before our yummy fro-yo, 
we did a little shopping with Paw and Nana.  Here we are at the AA Western Store in Alexandria.
Oh my goodness!!  There are ALL KINDS of animals mounted on the walls... deer, turtles, lions, ducks, etc...  Why go to the zoo when you get all this for FREE?!?!  And you can even walk right up and touch them!!!  It's like a free petting zoo!!!  #winning  
Here is Savannie...  ready to go to ALASKA!!!!!

Meg - this is for Uncle Justin!!!  :)

See!!  She gets to hold a sheep and a cow while sitting on a leopard!!
#thezooissevenfifty  #thisisfree  HAA!!

No day is complete without a little Splurge...

Who ate my gummy worm???

OH, there it is!!!!!!  :)

Are you sure that was a gummy worm??

Balukey love the Splurge, too.
{It was actually the very first thing he ever tasted besides milk a few months ago.  
Don't tell.}

Hey, what happened to seconds????

That's what I'm talking about!!!  :)

Full belly.  Full hearts.

Love to you all!

House pics coming asap.  
You may just pass out.  :)


  1. ahhh i love it! Over thanksgiving when i come home we MUST splurge out!! :)

  2. I was thereeee!!!! How fun. Savannah sure loves her fro-yo (:

  3. I miss Splurge. I can't wait to come and eat ittttttttttttttt!!!!! And help y'all move. But we can eat that first, right?! ; )

    Van totally looks at home in her camo and pink. Justin said that is what Emory will look like...24/7. We shall see.


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