Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Little Turkey, One Little Ham!

Rewind back to Thanksgiving Day!! {Happy Birthday, Meggie!!!!} 
And that's where we'll start:

Here is Savannie during lunch time snack time.

Only in Pineville do you follow a dead,
gutted dear into the Walmart parking lot.

Thanksgiving Pig Roast with the Lifegroup!!! 
This was so neat, so gross, and something Wade looooooved getting to do!!
I, personally, enjoyed Jen's Cranberry Streudel-Topped Muffins much more.  :)
{See the tail....EWWWWW!!!!}

Here it is!!!  Our very first FIRE in our very own fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{I know it doesn't look like much,
 but I was too excited to wait to take a picture!}

One little ham...

And one little turkey!!  And there's Savannah, too!!  Haaaa!  :)

Our full-fledged fire.  Perfection.

During Thanksgiving break, two of our favorite Texans came to visit!!  Hezzy picked out the wedding dress of her dreams, but those pictures, obviously, won't be on today's post. 
That will have to wait til May 19, 2012.  :) 
 But I can say this...  it was made for her.  It's beyond perfect. 
She will be the most beautiful bride
and I am sooo incredibly excited about not only her wedding day, but about her marriage to Jasey Jase and having a new brother in the family.  My heart is so happy and I'm so thankful that the original Brinker family of 6 has now turned into a Brinker/Sharbono/Poole/Kees party of 17. 
Our God is so good...

After wedding dress shopping, Heather, Jen, and I went to BB&B to register!!!  I made Hez take us with her so we could help and explain what every engaged-couple-going-register needs to hear...  that you don't need the most expensive toothbrush holder, the nicest plunger, the biggest toaster, or the sheets with the highest threadcount. 
Instead, go more for things you can use...  like shower caddies.  Pahaha!  That one was for you, Jase!

Scanners = cheapest and greatest form of entertainment!!!  :)

Who else would not only go with you, but ENJOY
every second of the 5 hours of wedding planning...  but a sister?? 
We love you soooo much, Hezzy!!

Wedding planning is exhausting.

November 24, 2011:  THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!
For Thanksgiving this year, I made 3 loaves of Pumpkin Bread, Praline Apple Pie, Dutch Apple Pie, and Apple Cherry Cider...  and while my sweet husband wanted to help me cook, once he put white sugar instead of brown sugar on the top of my pie, he was dismissed as chef and got a new job as the photographer. Haa!!   Here is me and my Vannie, patting our homemade crust into the bottom of our pie plate!!  I was soooo happy to have countertops big enough to handle 4 different recipes going at the same time!!  What a huge blessing!  And there was even some extra space for Savannah to sit and help Mommy..  a sight I look forward to seeing for the next 20 years.  :)

Praline Apple Pie.  Recipe by Taste of Home. 
Made with Love by Mom and Van.

Mrs. Dixie's Cornbread...  ohhhh gosh, soooo gooooood.
{Y'all know I have to post pictures of our Thanksgiving menu!  So much work goes into it, I just can't forget a single dish!!  I'm hoping it's not lunch time when you read this...  otherwise, grab a napkin to catch the drool.  :) }

One of my most favorite dishes from the day!  Jen won't answer the phone so I can't ask what the official recipe was called, but it was some sort of Spinach and Bean Salad with a Vinagerette on top.  I'm requesting this for EVERY dinner from now on..  seriously, soooo yuuuum.

Cheesy Baked Potato Mashed Potatoes...  sound good enough??  It was faaaaab.

It's not Thanksgiving without Green Bean Casserole!!!

A new dish using a mixture of yellow and sweet potatoes...  so interesting and truly wonderful!

Wade's PERFECT rice dressing.

Mrs. Dixie's Dressing...  another one of my favorites from the day!!  Dressing is not even something I necessarily love, but this one I am crazyyyyyyy about!!!  Okay, now I'm  drooling.

Do you prefer turkey??  Or ham??  Because BOTH are diiiiiiiiiivine.

Corn!  In honor of the Pilgrims and Indians and the very FIRST Thanksgving.  :)

A loaf of my pumpkin bread!!  It was good...  not my most favorite ever, but pretty good!!

Jen's Pumpkin Whoopie Pies...  Yes, that's Heath bar wrapped around the middle fluff!!! Yes, it was the greatest thing ever!!! Yes, she will be making them for every Thanksgiving from here on out!!!

The other greatest dessert in the world...  a pumpkin roll covered in a thick chocolate ganache.
There are no words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The inside of my Praline Apple Pie with the homemade pie crust...  I was so proud.  :)

A bounty for which we all were truly grateful.  :)

My sweet family with my sweet boo boo boy!!!!

It was Andrew's FIRST Thanksgiving!!!

Who knew lovebirds was on the menu???  Ha. Ha. Ha.  ;)

Andrew Paul is my 2011 blessing, my precious son, my littlest turkey.  This Thanksgiving, he is on the top of my list for things that I am most thankful for....
I love you, Bubs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I'm 2 months late, I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!!! Ha!!

Love to you all!!

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  1. boy... you would think i wasnt even in town over thanksgiving ;)

    cant wait for the Christmas post... i BETTER be in it


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