Friday, February 3, 2012

Blast to the Past...

...and back again!!

I couldn't resist.

 I looked back through some of my past posts and found some pictures from Christmas a few years back...  it's amazing to see how things change from year to year. 

 It reminds me that the only way to slow time down is to fully invest in right now.
So while I may be the only one that actually enjoys this post,
again, I couldn't resist.  :)

December 2009
Seriously??  Where did this little pink bunny go???

Every baby girl needs her own pink Christmas tree!

And 2 years later.  :)

Learning how to sit like a big girl by her tree in '09...

My little big girl in '11.

Christmas 2011 -
Savannah has a new friend to show off her Christmas tree to!

Learning to love Sissy's tree,
especially the shiny bulbs that are the perfect fit for his little fingers to pull on...

Loving his first Christmas.  Even if the tree IS pink.  :)

Getting to go to church with your best friends in the world is pretty much perfect. 
Van's best friends {Besides Jenny! Haaa!}::

And Rylie!!!


Going Christmas Tree Shopping at Lowe's! 
One day, we'll go to a farm and cut down our own tree,
but this works nicely, too.

The most BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree model EVERRRRRRR.

Picking out Van's very first tree in 2009.

Choosing her second Christmas tree in 2010...

... And picking the perfect tree for our family of four in 2011.

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season::
Picking out the tree for our family.
The one we'll decorate, set wrapped presents under, sometimes forget to water, and
inhale the perfect Christmas smell that only a real tree can give.
The first tree in our first home.

15th Christmas together as friends.
10th Christmas together as a couple.
4th Chrismas together as newlyweds.
3rd Christmas together as parents.
1st Christmas together as homeowners.
And a partridge in a pear tree.  Haa!  :)
I treasure Christmases with my Wadie.

And this is why we built our house.
This is the picture I have had in my mind since the beginning.
This is home.

My sweet and precious boy enjoying his first Christmas!

Another family tradition::
Going to LC's 'Follow The Star!"

"Follow the Star" in 2010!

And one year later... 
She's even mastered Lissie Eyes.  Haa!


Love my party of Pooles!!!

FYI: Van calls her boogies, "Noogies."
So if you're sleeping over and she says she has a "noogie," and then you feel something gross roll down your face, you know what it is. As Shan can testify. Hahahaha!!!! :)

Hey, this is a family and we all have to do our part! 
Here is Savannah carrying the branches out of the backyard.
I love her happy/stressed face!!!!!!!!

Our stack of firewood...
 with wood that Wadie chopped and I helped stack
and Savannah sat on and Andrew played with. 
The family that stacks wood together, stays together. 

My mini lumberjack.

Next post:  Christmas!!!
Only 2months late!
We're catching up!! 

Love to you all!

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